WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1

Pregnancy Preferences and Pregnancy Interactions

———————— Pregnancy Preferences ————————–

  • All Sims age young adult – adult are automatically given pregnancy preferences (wants children, neutral, does not want children).
  • Preferences can be changed at any time, for the played Sim in the WooHoo Wellness menu, for any other Sim, by clicking on them and going to “Actions” then “WooHoo Wellness Mod”.
  • Preferences can be given manually to teens. If the teen module is installed and a teen who has no assigned preference gets pregnant they are automatically given the ‘Doesn’t Want Children” preference.
  • Preferences affect reaction to pregnancy (one’s own or a partner’s)
  • Preferences affect all trimester moodlets
  • Preferences determine which of the new interactions of this mod are available or not during pregnancy
  • Preferences determine reactions to the new interactions of this mod
  • Preferences control whether or not certain moodlets should appear during pregnancy and around partners.
  • Preferences affect reactions to paternity test results
  • Preferences will soon affect the relationship with the child (updates in development).
  • Clashing preferences in a couple will cause serious tensions when a pregnancy happens.
  • Matching preferences in a couple will make for a harmonious situation.

————————– Interactions ——————————

  • Go to Birth Class
  • (Ask to) go to Early Parenthood Class
  • Worry about Providing for the Baby
  • Worry about putting on Pregnancy Weight
  • Organise to provide for the baby
  • Go Buy Something for Upcoming Baby
  • Announce Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Bemoan not having used protection
  • Discuss hopelessness about future with baby
  • (Ask to) go to counselling for unwnated pregnancy
  • Discuss terminating the Pregnancy
  • Share Big News
  • Talk about baby room decration
  • Enthuse about pregnancy

Sims who are neutral have only the interactions available to all.

———————— Moodlets During Pregnancy ———————–

Joy or Sadness

Moodlets that can be obtained from using during-pregnancy interactions, being in proximity to a partner or just because of being pregnant vary upon pregnancy preferences. See image gallery for examples.

Mood Swings, Cravings, and more.

See post for Add-On 2 for details http://lumpinoumods.com/2021/04/07/woohoo-wellness-pregnancy-overhaul-add-on-2/

————————– Effects After Birth ——————————

See the “Pregnancy Accepance” module.


47 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1

    1. Feel free to tell me which moodlets and then I could. Not easy to spot every typo when you have 1400 lines of text to look at, and that’s just one mod. It always helps if people point out what I miss, with preferably the moodlet name and the context that gave it out. Typing is always hard for me as I am partially disabled.

    1. There’s a detailed compatibility chart on the download page for the mod, the answer to this is ‘yes 100%’ for some modules, ‘yes somewhat’ for others, and ‘kinda no’ for yet others.

  1. Hello, I’m falling into your mod <3 Could the parents of the pregnant teenager fight with the father of the baby and forbid the teenager from seeing him?

    1. I do like the idea. The teen module needs to be expanded and it’s in the to do list, I don’t know exactly when I’ll do it but I want to up to v3 soon so to update the teen module maybe in May – June

    1. No, it’s for everyone.
      FYI all mods are, by EA rules, obligated to be free for everyone. We are allowed to do early access for subscribers on Patreon, but for no longer than three weeks. So you can rest assured that all ethical creators follow this, and that you can get their mods for free, provided the mod or mod update has finished its early release

      1. Oh sweet! I cant seem to find the download link. it only takes me to an “info page” and patron thing.

      1. Since the new update and patches (August 2nd) the phone was remade in game and now you can’t call the obstetrician. How do I fix it?

  2. I can’t download the mods, I’m wondering what’s going on because I’ve been trying to download the mods for 2 days and nothing is working for me.

  3. Just FYI, I don’t know if this is purposeful or a mistake, but I used your rabbit hole interaction to “find birth gender of baby”. It told me I was having one baby girl, then I had triplets!(one boy, two girls. Does your mod just tell the gender of the first baby, or is this a mistake?

  4. How do I download this? I press the download link which takes me to patreon, but the patreon link takes me back to here??

    1. It’s a matter of being careful to read, on the Patreon post there are banners indicating where download links are and the text in all caps and bold saying where the mod description links are.

      1. It just bounces me around to different posts telling about each module, but doesn’t actually give a link to download the modules. There are only download links for the Overhaul file, the additional file if wicked whims is used, and use fake names for WTDs.

        1. And what are you trying to download? I’m getting confused. You found the links. The first file, the zip file, is the mod with all the modules in it.

  5. This mod has been working so smoothly for me….until now. I was playing in one of my save files when I decided to make a new one. I wanted to make a save file about a teen who got pregnant, but when I click on my teen sim or her boyfriend, I don’t see the “Pregnancy or Family” tab. I went back to the other save file where I was using this mod and it seemed to be working fine. I tried deleting this mod and redownloading it but It had no affect.

    1. Sounds like it is related to these Sims in particular. What’s their relationship and did it develop naturally or through cheats?

  6. is there a way i can download the whole mode quicker other than clicking all the tabs because that would really be helpful thank you.

    1. There’s one download link for the entire mod. On the mod download page, which is not here. This is a website for mod descriptions exclusively, and to simplify finding info it is cut up per module. Downloads however are not. 🙂

  7. Hola tengo un error en mi juego y es que cuando voy a hacer algo que requiera salir de mi casa como ir a ver el sexo del bebe mi sim se resetea, o sea deja de hacer eso que este haciendo y se queda quieto sin hacer nada

  8. Hi may I ask can a sim’s preference to having children change over time or with certain interactions? I don’t want to do it manually but would rather have them change their mind on their own if that makes sense 🙂

    1. One of the options when you go to choose a preference is to choose to have preferences that switch over time. It’s kind of ‘random’ as of now, but eventually it would be nice to have certain events (getting married, getting divorced, buying a house, etc) have a chance of switching preferences temporarily.

  9. Does this Mod currently have any conflicts with other Mods? I have a few other Mods and I am finding that most fo what is offered in your Mod I don’t have options for.

  10. Hey! Just wanted to say I love the idea of this mod and was excited to try it out but I am running into some issues. When I try to “book a family appointment” or “buy something for upcoming baby”. The sims don’t do anything but like reset themselves and do not go anywhere? Could this possibly be because I have the legacy edition of the game? Thanks

  11. hello, could you please put your mods on google drive or somewhere else? I can’t get on patreon so i can’t download them.

  12. Fun story. One of my Sims asked her toddler Wesley if they would like a sibling. I got a pop-up choice and so I chose yes.

    Fast forward a week. Wesley’s dad did the horizontal tango with another woman who lives in the household. So, Wesley did get a sibling, but, because it wasn’t his mom that got pregnant, he reacted to the new sibling and got the ‘Met a Sibling that he didn’t want’ moodlet.

    I guess he’s a really particular toddler!

  13. My sims got pregnant through artificial insemination and took the pregnancy test and it said eating for 2, I was able to announce to my partner and everything was normal. My sims moved and the moodlet went away, as well as any of the normal options (go to birth class, have an abortion, etc). I don’t get any of the pregnancy side effects and no baby bump, but when I go to other pregnancy options like carry a baby for another sim it says I can’t cause the sim is pregnant. I have other cc and mods but have never had a problem with the mod before.

    1. You might be experiencing one of the game problems running around recently that have to do with losing some aspects of progress when going through load screens. Sounds like some of the stuff put on the sim has vanished. Since you have never had issues before, is why I am saying this. In any case, because the pregnancy seems to have vanished, go under ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’ then ‘remove pregnancy markers’

  14. Hi! is this module (pregnancy preferences and pregnancy interactions) still not removable at will? Sorry I’m just confuse because it is said here that any modules are removable at will except this module 1 but in the download site and the zip file, it says that core file is the only can’t be remove. I just want to confirm can I delete the module 1? Thank you very much!

  15. I just want to let you know this mod is amazing it added so many cool things to my games! Thank you 10000000 times <3

  16. Would it be difficult to make an option for wanting/not wanting a baby of specific, like if they want a boy/girl and then get disappointed when they get the other gender?
    You do an amazing work with the mods! 😀

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