Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WooHoo Wellness), module #2

Pregnancy Risk, Protection & Fertility – related features

———————– Fertility and Pregnancy Risk———————–
  • More gameplay revolving around fertility, adressing its causes, fertility issues causing problems in couples, etc.
  • More tweaks and improvements to the cycle system
  • Sims who can impregnate AND sims who can be impregnated have a fertility rate.
  • Fertility is auto-assigned within a range that depends on age, unless you have the extra option file to have it be a default for everyone.
    Auto assignment has 5% chances of making a sim infertile.
  • You can adjust a Sim’s fertility rate at any time.
  • Sims who can be impregnated can have their fertility set to vary cyclically. You can also make it so that they all do by default with an extra option file.
  • If you ever need to re-assign fertility metrics to a Sim (say, if they changed CAS gender options for example), you will be able to do so under ‘family and pregnancy’ then ‘fertility’ then ‘options’.

WooHoo has a chance of causing pregnancy. The chance is a number based on the fertility of each Sim involved and some minor other factors.

Protection (condoms, birth control) can be used. These methods have a 5% failure rate. If they fail, the risk rate as mentionned above will be applied.

“Try for Pregnancy’ can be done only on beds. It is a deliberate attempt at getting pregnant. Chances of pregnancy with it are 50% higher than without.

More details on Try for Pregnancy success chance increase: It takes the base chance for the Sims involved, and increases it by 50% of itself; so, it basically multiplies the chance by 1.5. The result still depends on the sims’ individual rates.
For example, if a sim has 12% fertility, their partner has a 3 out of 5, and they try for pregnancy, ignoring other factors here, it would go 12% x 1.5 = 18.
If a Sim has a fertility of 25, their partner has a 4, it would be 25 x 1.5 x 1.3 = 48%. Etc.

Sims who want children will be happy to do it. Sims who don’t will be likely to refuse, and when doing it won’t be too happy about it. You will see it in their acceptance animation and in a moodlet.

Sims who are indifferent or want children get frustrated after several attempts that don’t lead to a positive pregnancy tst. Down the road I will make interactions for this to cause conflict in the couple.

Drinking a fertility potion will increase chances.

———————– Protection ———————–

Using them: You don’t need to do anything with them; if your Sim has them, they’ll get used, you’ll get a notification saying “Protection was Used” (unless your Sim is WooHooing with someone they agreed to not use condoms with).
If your Sims somehow have no protection and are WooHooing autonomously, or if you made it so that they WooHoo without protection, you will get the following notification, in a different color so that you can intervene and sent them to get an emergency pill if you so wish. 

Checking if a Sim has protection: You can check at any time how many you have in your inventory. Your Sim can ask others if they’re on birth control or have condoms; if they do, then it doesn’t matter whether your Sim has anything or not (for obvious reasons), they’ll both be protected.

Buying them: Condoms can be bought through a Rabbit Hole, and also ordered through the computer game-style (meaning, available immediately), if for whatever reason you want to skip over the realism of going to fetch them and get them instantly instead. You can place them in world, give them to other Sims, etc etc.

How it works: It protects from pregnancy, but not WTDs (WTDs are an optional feature, read ore about them below). Hormonal birth control is time-based. It automatically renews every 7 sim days. To get off of it, your Sim needs to decide to stop, through an interaction.

How to get it: A Sim needs to book a family planning appointment on the computer. After the appointment, the Sim comes home on birth control.   If your Sim is on birth control, a Sim who wants to have children will have the ability to ask them to stop it. This is for those who play relationships with NPCs, so that you have a way to have the result you want without needing to make the other Sim playable.

Side effects: Yes, hormonal birth control has side effects… Moodlets of 1 to 2 points, mostly 1. From being unable to get flirty for a day to spotting, not fogetting headaches and nausea…

  • Ask to Stop Using Condoms: these Sims won’t use condoms together anymore, but would still with other partners
  • WooHoo Without Protection: to skip condoms just once
———————– Sterilization-related Features ———————–

Sims can go have sterilization surgery and procedured to reverse that. After that, they can tell their partners about it (under “WooHoo Wellness”. Reactions depend on pregnancy wish.

There is also an interaction under “Romance” to announce being infertile to new partners with whom a first kiss has already been exchanged.
Sims can ‘Ask about Fertility’ to others with whom they’ve had a first kiss.

———————– Compatibility, Troubleshooting and FAQ———————–

For latest compatibility info, see the latest download page, linked on the download index post.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

For latest compatibility info, see the latest download page, linked on the download index page

No. WW interactions are their own thing and I’ve no business impacting it. WW interactions recognize my birth control and infertile trait, but that’s the extent of integration on that.
If you want, you can turn off pregnancy risk from WW and “Mark Sims as WooHoo’d With – With Pregnancy Risk” in my mod (under ‘actions’) after Sims do WW stuff. This will apply my system – provided that you set WW to let my mod impact the game stuff (check compatibility info on download page for correct settings).


65 thoughts on “Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WooHoo Wellness), module #2

  1. Good evening, I’d like to know one thing, I’d like to test this mod, but there’s one thing that is stopping me from doing so, which is the fact that I use Wicked Whims, and some of the features here are also there one way or another, my question is, are they compatible? Like, do the modules from this mod detect and work with WW own features ( IE: comdoms, the STDs from this mod affect the Sims if they have a WW interaction ) or they work on another “layer” of their own?

  2. How can I use the condoms to prevent getting pregant? I bought almost 10 and my Sims gets pregnant all the time…

  3. I have the wonderfulwhims compatible version. How do I ask my partner not to use protection? I can’t find the interaction in relationship wellness or pregnancy and family. Ive been doing the painful process of selling my protection every time I want my sim to get pregnant.

      1. But I can buy protection using your mod via the relationship wellness menu. I can use your protection system, I just can’t ask my partner to stop using protection.

      2. But I can buy protection using your mod via the relationship wellness menu. I can use your protection system, I just can’t ask my partner to stop using protection.

    1. Yes, that is normal, as wonderful whims recognizes my protection system. The feature to have two Sims stop using condoms together (but still with other partners if any) is a feature of my mod wonderful whims can’t accommodate, so it is removed from the compatibility version

  4. hi I downloaded this mod today and I wanted to use the birth control but I can’t find that option, what have I to do now?

  5. Can you help me? The other actions like “Go buy condoms” “Go see doctors” and actions related to taking taking classes for teen pregnancy wont work. Do you have any idea what’s wrong with it?

      1. Hi, I have the same problem. Then what should I do to can see doctor etc??

  6. Does this mod work with wonderful whims? And if so do I have to use the version that is compatible with wicked whims?

    1. Yes it works with wonderful, Turbodriver and I are making changes to our compatibility this week end to improve it even more so things will be shifting a bit so watch out for updates from the both of us

      1. Thank you for answering my question! And I will defiantly be on the lookout for the updates.

  7. Hey, I don’t know why but my Sim keeps getting pregnant although I use birth control. I have the newest Version of Whonderfull Whims and your Wellness mod installed. The condoms and the birth control pills from Whonderfull Whims nor the condoms from your mod seem to be working. How can I fix this?

      1. Yes exactly. I double checked and reinstalled both but nothing seems to be working. I don’t have any other mods that influence pregnancies.

  8. Hi! With the newest version of WickedWhims, is it possible to use the WTD module and getting WTD from WW interactions, now?
    In this case, is it necessary to have the Risk&Protection module too, even if using WickedWhims protection system?

    1. If you have the very latest WW which is still patron only, you should be able to have WTDs apply without having risk and protection in.

      1. Thanks for the answer! πŸ™‚
        Is it still necessary to add the M2_Risk&Protection(R&P).package file in order to let the WTD module work, if using Wicked Whims for the protection instead?

      2. Sorry, The description on Patreon says that to have WTDs apply after WW sex, I need to manually mark the partner of the sim as woohoo’d with, is it still have to be done manually? I mean this interaction makes any Woohoo mod compatible, so I don’t understand what changes were made in WW. Or it works automatically now? Same with paternity system.

  9. Hi!
    Are the wtd’s compatible with wickedwhims sex? Like if my sim with a wtd has sex via wickedwhims animations with another sim who doesn’t have a wtd will they get it?

  10. Hi! If I have wonderful whims do I have to add the wicked whims file? Or just download the woohoo wellness files?
    Does having both modes normally installed makes them instantly compatible?

    1. I’m pretty confused about exactly what you’re asking. So I’ll just probably give too much information but hopefully your answer is in there somewhere.
      My mod doesn’t need wicked whims nor wonderful whims.
      If you have wonderful whims that’s fine, just use wonderful v14+ and my mod v2. 5.3+ and everything is compatible.
      If you have wicked whims, you need the extra file and you need to look at the compatibility chart for details.

      1. Sorry for the confusion! My question was if I had to download some extra file for your mod to be compatible with the wonderful whims mod, so you already answered haha. Thank you for your reply and for the awesome mods!!

  11. Hi I cant find the mods and a new patron I don’t know how this work can u help me please

  12. Hey. I LOVE this mod and the realism it brings to the game ❀ am I correct in understanding that the new patreon version of wicked whims is more compatible with this? If so do you know what settings I need to have active on wicked whims?

  13. hey I can’t buy condoms and birth control. every time I click them, it get freeze. so my sims get pregnant multiple times and I don’t want that. pls help me what’s wrong why I can’t get condom or go to the doctor mod?

  14. i don’t know if anyone else had this problem but my sim couldn’t use any of the romance options and i went through my mods folder the problem went away when i deleted this mod. i love this mod i used it for like 5 generations of sims but then it suddenly stopped working. I dont have wicked wims or wonderful wims. i have slice of life but i haven’t heard about compatibility issues. i’m just wondering if its the mod or my game? (theres other problems with my game but this mod specifically caused some issues)

    1. This mod is not known to cause any issues like this. There are a few bugs going around regarding romance options disappearing and none of them are due to this mod as far as everyone knows. Some have been associated with cheating relationships ahead and some are weird spontaneous things. For your case, for me to even start the investigation process, please share more info. Who were the Sims involved? When you removed the mod and came back, did you do so to the same household? Was it happening to other Sims?

  15. Hello, I just downloaded this mod for the first time. I don’t have the try for a baby option anymore. Nor can she take pregnancy tests. I have made sure that MC Woohoo is on 0 so that it cant interfere. How do I fix this?

  16. I’ve tried a few times to book a family planning and nothing happens. She sits at the computer and types, then no message shows up

  17. Is there a risk of pregnancy even with the condoms on/ with the pill? If so, what are the percentages? I can see that no condoms = 25%.

  18. Hi! I have Wicked Whims and now added your Woohoo Wellness mod. I’m having an issue trying to have my sim abort. When clicking on the option, nothing happens. When trying to use WW’s method, it says my sim isn’t pregnant. Do you know if there is a setting in WW that I don’t have selected right? Or if I need to remove more than just Risk and Protection and WTDs?

  19. I’ve been using your mod since last year and I absolutely love it! Just got the latest update today, but was a little disappointed to find that using it overwrites the in-game “Try for Baby” interaction to “Try for Pregnancy” instead. Is there some way we could make this optional? I’ve been trying to get used to it, but it feels odd to not have “Try for Baby”.

    I realize I could probably just delete this module, but I don’t want to lose the birth control/protection and new fertility features, if possible.

    1. Hi!
      It doesn’t overwrite the try for baby, it gets rid of it. Then it adds “try for pregnancy” on beds only, to emulate what people do in real life to maximize chances (lay there for a long time after sex, etc). Therefore ‘try for pregnancy’ takes into account fertility rates of both sims and gives it a bonus chance to succeed. If sims try several times and still no pregnancy, they get frustrated moodlets. Sims who don’t want babies hate to try for pregnancy. Etc. It’s different gameplay altogether.
      If you want ‘try for baby’, you’d indeed need to get rid of this module. I removed it because the 80% pregnancy chance just was impossible to reconcile with my various fertility levels given to sims

  20. hello! my *infertile* male sim got pregnant after alien abduction, and i am wondering if this is supposed to happen?
    he also has “can get pregnant” selected in CAS instead of the default in case that is important

  21. Hi, so, I have a male sim who has both “can get pregnant” and “can impregnate” as options for him. I sent him to have his fertility and pregnancy riskiness evaulated and he got two pop-ups that were “you seem to be more fertile than average” and “nothing to indicate your fertility is anything but average.” Am I correct in assuming that this is because of him having both pregnancy options? Since the mod info says “Sims who can impregnate AND sims who can be impregnated have a fertility rate” I’m guessing they’re separate rates? How do I know which is which? When I looked at options for setting fertility rate one was set to 4 out of 5 and the other was 23 out of 100. I assume the 4 is the more fertile than average but I’m not sure whether that’s for his chances of getting pregnant or impregnating someone else. Hope this makes sense πŸ˜… Love your mods, they make my game a million times more fun <3

      1. Yeah, the tooltip explaining it just recently finally popped up after I quit and cleared my cache and then restarted because of lag, sorry for asking a question that already had an answer πŸ’€ Thank you for still answering!

  22. hi, I downloaded your mod and can’t seem to find the protection anywhere. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong as I have downloaded the protection and fertility file and the rest of the mod seems to be working perfectly. Btw, I love your mods, thank you for making the sims so much better πŸ™‚

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