WooHoo Transmitted Diseases

RPO Collection, Mod 3

Description of the WooHoo Transmissible Diseases system

——————– How do the WTDs work? ———————–

– NPC Sims in the world will have a chance to get diseases randomly upon first appearing or upon installing the mod.
 – You can manually give diseases through cheats (in the “Relationship Wellness” menu, then “Sim Status”, then “WTD Cheats”)  

  • – WTDs are caught through Unprotected WooHoo.If a Sim has a WTD and is WooHoo’d with without protection, the other Sim involved in the WooHoo will be getting that same disease, in either symptomatic or asymptomatic version where that applies. UTIs and yeast infections can happen anytime, but the rest will not happen unless the Sim WooHoo’d with has a disease that they can pass on.  
  • – Transmission risk: for the Sim world, out of outbreak herpes is not contagious; yeast and UTI are not either. Everything else can be transmitted.  Risk of diseases being symptomatic or not are based on real-life statistics per gender per disease

– Diseases are either fully asymptomatic, or with gradual symptoms.

If symptomatic, at first, a Sim will be asymptomatic, then symptoms start and increase
For example, a UTI will get worse quickly. If untreated for a long time, not only does it get worse, but kidney failure may happen, which will send your Sim to the hospital and they may suffer permanent consequences. A yeast infection will get worse quickly then stabilize; it won’t go away until treated. Same with symptomatic cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia.

 o If fully asymptomatic: the Sim will not be aware of anything but will be able to transmit the disease. Getting tested will reveal it also.  

– Some of these diseases have extremely similar symptom, for that reason they may share symptoms and moodlets until diagnosed. Because the Sim can’t know which it is! For example, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia share this way

———————– How Sims Get Diagnosed and Cured ———————–


– “Go To the doctor” if experiencing symptoms.
– “Go Get Tested” otherwise.
 – In both cases, if a disease is found, the Sim will get medication in their inventory.

Taking Medication

o Medication is taken automatically. The system used to be either manual or automatic. For the sake of functionality, I changed it to automatic only.

Interactions Available Once Diagnosed with a Disease

Sims will have new interactions (most temporary, some permanent) and moodlets, sometimes traits, depending on the diagnosis.  
o “Announce News Of HIV diagnosis” or “Announce news of herpes diagnosis” for permanent WTDs. 
o “Announce News of Temporary WTD” if another disease. 
o Once that is done, the Sim who was told can “Accuse of Having Caught a WTD by Cheating”. If there was cheating, the moodlet will be different.
 o “Accuse of Having Given a WTDis also a possibility.
o If medication side effects happen, Sims can complain about that. 
 o  Beware, SIMS CAN LIE when “Asked About WTDs”. After asking once you won’t be able to ask again for a few Sim hours.

o Sims with permanent WTDs will forever have the ability to let love interests know; other Sims may react well or not, and that will unlock more things.

———————– General Notes about the WTD Module ———————–
Alternative, Fake Names for Diseases

Each of the diseases ( UTIs, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, AIDS, yeast, trichomoniasis) has a more Sim-fitting equivalent if you use the Fake Names version. The Fake Diseases are a little different, later on there will be additional fake diseases (yes I want a disease to turn Sims pink). The names for the Fakes are these: The Stinks, The Purple Pee Infection, The Bladder Fire, The Yucks, The Foamy Infection, The Mighty Itch, The Parasite Infection, The Outspread Parasite Infection.


Disease Development: HIV / AIDS and Herpes are not exactly fully finished. More to come soon for these! Like, complications from disease from Seasons and whatnot when having HIV. And meds for herpes outbreak. I didn’t want to delay the mod a lot for this so it will be in an update.

Animations: For now there are no animations when taking meds manually except for yeast. I intend to have Sims drink water with pills eventually. With the automatic medication system though I will not be able to have Sims play out an interaction, so they don’t do anything on screen and probably never will in automatic mode.

Infinite thanks to frank over at Discord for his generous help, without him the initial ‘getting diseases into the world’ system would be much less cool.  preparing an awesome language mod for the Sims that I’ll be sure to let you know about.
This WooHoo Transmissible Diseases Mod has been tested by me and 6 others. Many thanks todeww.drp, ToriGamez, Mia16, RavenAstra, Lunasaphira andCelestial.Amethyst over at Discord for their testing and conversation.

Known Issues

There is a KNOWN ISSUE if UTIs go untreated for too long, the SIms go to the shospital BUT they come back immediatly and systems don’t go through. Please use the cheat in the Actions menu for my mod to cure temporary WTDs if this happens.

Other Notes

o  While sick, Sims will be much less inclined to WooHoo autonomously. Symptoms will also remain, albeit in check, until the diagnosed disease is cured.  
o A Sim may have several diseases at once. 
o Herpes and HIV / AIDS are permanent. 
o You can cure your Sim through cheats, found in the “Actions” menu, under “WooHoo Wellness Mod” then “WTD Cheats”. It works ONLY on the active Sim for now.