WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #3

Description of the WooHoo Transmissible Diseases system

——————– How do the WTDs work? ———————–

– NPC Sims in the world will have a chance to get diseases randomly upon first appearing or upon installing the mod.
 – You can manually give diseases through cheats (in the “Relationship Wellness” menu, then “Sim Status”, then “WTD Cheats”)  

  • – WTDs are caught through Unprotected WooHoo.If a Sim has a WTD and is WooHoo’d with without protection, the other Sim involved in the WooHoo will be getting that same disease, in either symptomatic or asymptomatic version where that applies. UTIs and yeast infections can happen anytime, but the rest will not happen unless the Sim WooHoo’d with has a disease that they can pass on.  
  • – Transmission risk: for the Sim world, out of outbreak herpes is not contagious; yeast and UTI are not either. Everything else can be transmitted.  Risk of diseases being symptomatic or not are based on real-life statistics per gender per disease

– Diseases are either fully asymptomatic, or with gradual symptoms.

If symptomatic, at first, a Sim will be asymptomatic, then symptoms start and increase
For example, a UTI will get worse quickly. If untreated for a long time, not only does it get worse, but kidney failure may happen, which will send your Sim to the hospital and they may suffer permanent consequences. A yeast infection will get worse quickly then stabilize; it won’t go away until treated. Same with symptomatic cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia.

 o If fully asymptomatic: the Sim will not be aware of anything but will be able to transmit the disease. Getting tested will reveal it also.  

– Some of these diseases have extremely similar symptom, for that reason they may share symptoms and moodlets until diagnosed. Because the Sim can’t know which it is! For example, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia share this way

———————– How Sims Get Diagnosed and Cured ———————–


– “Go To the doctor” if experiencing symptoms.
– “Go Get Tested” otherwise.
 – In both cases, if a disease is found, the Sim will get medication in their inventory.

Taking Medication

o Medication is taken automatically. The system used to be either manual or automatic. For the sake of functionality, I changed it to automatic only.

Interactions Available Once Diagnosed with a Disease

Sims will have new interactions (most temporary, some permanent) and moodlets, sometimes traits, depending on the diagnosis.  
o “Announce News Of HIV diagnosis” or “Announce news of herpes diagnosis” for permanent WTDs. 
o “Announce News of Temporary WTD” if another disease. 
o Once that is done, the Sim who was told can “Accuse of Having Caught a WTD by Cheating”. If there was cheating, the moodlet will be different.
 o “Accuse of Having Given a WTDis also a possibility.
o If medication side effects happen, Sims can complain about that. 
 o  Beware, SIMS CAN LIE when “Asked About WTDs”. After asking once you won’t be able to ask again for a few Sim hours.

o Sims with permanent WTDs will forever have the ability to let love interests know; other Sims may react well or not, and that will unlock more things.

———————– General Notes about the WTD Module ———————–
Alternative, Fake Names for Diseases

Each of the diseases ( UTIs, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, AIDS, yeast, trichomoniasis) has a more Sim-fitting equivalent if you use the Fake Names version. The Fake Diseases are a little different, later on there will be additional fake diseases (yes I want a disease to turn Sims pink). The names for the Fakes are these: The Stinks, The Purple Pee Infection, The Bladder Fire, The Yucks, The Foamy Infection, The Mighty Itch, The Parasite Infection, The Outspread Parasite Infection.


Disease Development: HIV / AIDS and Herpes are not exactly fully finished. More to come soon for these! Like, complications from disease from Seasons and whatnot when having HIV. And meds for herpes outbreak. I didn’t want to delay the mod a lot for this so it will be in an update.

Animations: For now there are no animations when taking meds manually except for yeast. I intend to have Sims drink water with pills eventually. With the automatic medication system though I will not be able to have Sims play out an interaction, so they don’t do anything on screen and probably never will in automatic mode.

Infinite thanks to frank over at Discord for his generous help, without him the initial ‘getting diseases into the world’ system would be much less cool.  preparing an awesome language mod for the Sims that I’ll be sure to let you know about.
This WooHoo Transmissible Diseases Mod has been tested by me and 6 others. Many thanks todeww.drp, ToriGamez, Mia16, RavenAstra, Lunasaphira andCelestial.Amethyst over at Discord for their testing and conversation.

Known Issues

There is a KNOWN ISSUE if UTIs go untreated for too long, the SIms go to the shospital BUT they come back immediatly and systems don’t go through. Please use the cheat in the Actions menu for my mod to cure temporary WTDs if this happens.

Other Notes

o  While sick, Sims will be much less inclined to WooHoo autonomously. Symptoms will also remain, albeit in check, until the diagnosed disease is cured.  
o A Sim may have several diseases at once. 
o Herpes and HIV / AIDS are permanent. 
o You can cure your Sim through cheats, found in the “Actions” menu, under “WooHoo Wellness Mod” then “WTD Cheats”. It works ONLY on the active Sim for now.


47 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #3

    1. Hi! Look at the site’s menu bar. It says ‘download’. And there, it reminds everyone that this site is only for mod descriptions – files are hosted only on Patreon because I don’t want to waste my time and focus uploading on two platforms at once 😂

  1. Hi! I just downloaded the mod and have been playing for a little while. I noticed some interactions don’t work for me get condoms (when done directly on a sim, it works on the computer), go to the doctor, get tested, go to planned parenthood and similar actions. But everything else works fine, what can I do to fix it?

    PS I downloaded the lastest version to everything and today is Dec 6th, I play on Mac

    Thank you! I have been having a lot of fun

    1. Hi! Sound slike you either play on Legacy edition or haven’t updated your game since October. Rabbit Holes were updated in the game in October. My mod is up to date for these changes. If it doesn’t work it is that your game version is not compatible.

    2. Hi, whenever my sim is diagnosed with something the infection never appears in their inventory, I have the latest version as well

  2. Hi, I’m not sure if it’s an issue, but my sims has been diagnosed with ghonorrea twice (I didn’t learn my lesson and whoohoo’d with an asymptomatic sim haha) and both times my sim did get two buffs, one says “has asymptomatic…”, and the other just says “has…’ Is that normal?

    Srry if I made any mistakes, I’m just learning english

    1. That sounds a little weird, never heard of it doing that! I’d advise just using the cheat to cure everything, in ‘actions’ then ‘Woohoo Wellness mod’ then ‘WTD cheats’ then ‘cure temporary WTDs’. A revamped version of the treatment system will be released this week with simplified processes and hopefully no such glitch.

  3. hi, i have had your mod for a while and i love it, but my sim has been diagnosed with chlamydia and Ive taken the medication and sent them back to the hospital several times. i just tried using the cheat and after i type in the “testing cheats on” i “shift” clicked on the sim and the w,w, & p thing wont come up for me to get rid of the chlamydia.

    1. First thing, the cheats aren’t in the game’s cheat menus, just in a menu of my own. Second thing, sounds like you are on an old version of the mod. Go grab 2.15 in which WTDs are simplified in how they run 🙂

  4. Hi,
    How do I get the Sim-related WTD names to work? I downloaded the file but they’re still coming up as UTI etc.

  5. Any chance you’ll give us back the option to manually take pills against the WTDs? Cause… right now a Sim can never get AIDS if you send him to the doctor to get checked when symptoms appear. He’ll be diagnosed with HIV and take meds and remain in the HIV state. Would be super awesome if it becomes optional again 🙂

    1. There were never physical meds for that one. If your sim has it long enough before it’s diagnosed, it will be at the aids stage. At first it shows no symptoms whatsoever. Then there is a very short period of symptoms, then it goes latent. After two days of that I believe it gets to aids.
      Down the line I do want to make a fully manual version. The issue with the hybrid system (by default automatic with option to do it manually) was that it really tried to do something the game just can’t properly allow for. But if it’s strictly the one or the other then it’s doable in a functional way 🙂

      1. Thank you for replying and giving some insight 🙂 This is one of the best mods out there and please keep up the good work! Totally looking forward to it!

    1. Hi, not as of now, in an update soonisj they’ll be optionally able to die from aids though. I am hoping to have a general previous-module update including this out sometime this spring

  6. Hi my sim has been diagnosed with a UTI and she hasn’t come home with the pills, how am i able to find the pills for this?

    1. Mediation used to be manual in the inventory with a automatic option, but for smooth running of everything no matter the circumstances it was changed to fully automatic. You don’t need to do anything, if the sim went to the doctor the treatment will go on by itself

  7. i downloaded the alternative names add on but i just get the regular names in the game.

  8. Hi! I just want to say I love your mods. 🙂 They add a lot of realism to the Sims, which is what I love, and I especially love your Woohoo Wellness mod. I’m having a little trouble with the “Ask To Go Get Tested” interaction, though. I assume it’s meant for the two Sims to go get tested together, but only my Sim goes to get tested, not the Sim being asked to get tested.

  9. Hey, how much trouble would I face if I kept the Native Pregnancy override on in WW because I really like the percentages I have set and also kept the risky woohoo on because even with protections there is always a certain amount of risks?

    1. This is outdated information, the name of this setting has changed recently, and it’s not really necessary to mess with it anymore, as there have been updates on turbo side for better compatibility with my work

  10. for the transmissible diseases can they catch them on their own or do you have to make them get it?

  11. Whenever my sims get diagnosed with something they never get medication in their inventory i have to cure them with WTD cheats, is it a known issue or is there something wrong with my game?

    1. The medication thing is automatic and not in inventory anymore, it’s been a long time. Also make sure your mod version is up to date as the text has been fixed accordingly too.

  12. I don’t see a version that uses the alternative sims name for the diseases. Was that eventually taken out or is it now part of the Global Settings menu? Either way it might be worth updating to prevent confusion for people installing for the first time.

    1. It’s been written on update notes and such that this is removed for now because it caused for some people to have other text disappearing 🙂

  13. Is there a way for me to turn off the a
    WTDs gameplay of this mod but keep everything else the mod offers? If so how do I do that? I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last hour.

  14. Just downloaded the mod the other day. My sim went to the Dr and got diagnosed with a UTI only I did NOT receive medication in my sims inventory!? What do I do? Or what did I do wrong?

  15. My sim has an WTD when he got tested it said he had none so he didn’t get medicine. There is no option to go to the doctor. How do I fix

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