Paternity Testing & Drama – a Sims 4 Mod

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection, Mod 4

Description of Paternity testing – related features


———————– How the system works ———————–

How the System Works

– Sims must WooHoo / try for baby after the mod is installed. Preexisting pregnancies can’t be recognized.
– Pregnancy triggered through MCCC cheats and such will not trigger it.
– If you use WW interactions or MCCC cheats to start a pregnancy, you must mark Sims as ‘WooHoo’d With’ if you want the paternity system to trigger normally at pregnancy discovery. Do so by clicking on another Sim and going to ‘Actions’ then ‘WooHoo Wellness Settings’.

  • They do not doubt who the father is. Immediately upon discovering pregnancy, the real father will be marked as such.
  • They can, if they want, lie to the father to tell them they’re not actually the father.
  • Fathers can doubt about whom fathered the child and express those doubts. They can request a paternity test.
  • If the Sim’s Official partner is not the dad and was not WooHoo’d with anytime recent, upon the pregnancy being discovered, they will know they were cheated on.

They will doubt who is the father, they can’t know for sure! 
– They can “Admit to Not Knowing Who is The Father”, which is also a confession to having cheated of course – if cheating applies (ie if not in a non-exclusive relationship).
– They can go to a Psychic. After that, they can lie or tell the truth to Sims they woohoo’d with recently.

– Sims who can impregnate can question being the father of a love interest’s child if they WooHoo’d together soon before the pregnancy happened. This will lead the Sim questioned to immediatly say they don’t know if they don’t. If they do know, it will lead them to either tell the truth or lie.

– Sims who can impregnate can also request to do a paternity test no matter what.

———————– Notes on Test Results ———————–

Notes on Test Results

  • The game ALWAYS knows how exactly is the dad. My mod does not make it up, but grab that info from the game. Everything else in the system is added code by me.
  • If there are only 2 possible dads, and the one tested with is the real one, the other one will automatically be marked as not the father, because by this point by elimination the Sim obviously knows who it is, and can be lied to or told the truth.
  • If there are only 2 possible dads, and the one tested with is not the real one, the other one will automatically be marked as the father, also as logic dictates, and can be lied to or told the truth.
  • If there are 3+ possible dads and the one tested with / about is the real dad, all others will be marked as not the dad. If the one tested with is not the real dad, he’ll be marked as not the dad, but since there’s still 2+ possibilities, the Sim still doesn’t know who is the real dad.
  • When a Sim figures out who fathered their child, be it by elimination or by testing with the right one, they’ll get a certificate in their inventory. It’s not doing much of anything for now, I’ll add more to it later. It’s a souvenir for now.
  • As mentioinned previously, once a Sim know who is the father, they can say it, trtuh or lies.
  • If the mother has already found out who is the other parent, potential fathers can’t ask to go do a test but instead will be able to ask for proof of who is the father. This will tell them the truth just like doing the test would have.
  • If a Sim is told they’re the father, or have found out they are, they and the other Sim can ask each other to “marry because of having a child together”. It might be accepted or rejected. Relationship preferences impact the result.

———————– Reactions to Finding Things Out ———————–

Different relationship configurations and pregnancy wishes give different reactions.

More Info

A fling of a night will be happy to hear they’re not the dad, but a husband certainly may not.
Therefore, Moodlets from the paternity test and some other interactions (most notably, being told that they are / are not / may not be the father) depend on whether the test is positive or negative, and on whether the relationship is: Non-Exclusive Official with a partner who wants children, Non-Exclusive official with a partner who does not want children, Non-Official, or Exclusive Official.

———————– After Discovering The Truth ———————–

After Discovering the Truth

With this mod, sims are marked for having cheated and if the cheating is revealed, their partner also marks them as cheaters in the relationship panel. My Cheating module will also be activated if you have it. (There is an interaction under the ‘Actions’ menu to remove that marker  from a specific Sim clicked on or from all Sims known to your current Sim if you’d like).

A Sim learning they’re not the father in an official exclusive relationship will have jealousy triggered, so if you use cheating mods that base off of that such as my cheating module and othe cheating-oriented mods by other modders, then you get to ‘benefit’ from that as well.

They can deny being the father if told they are:

They can outright tell the other Sim that they reject the child, or accept it.

Sims can Admit Getting Another Pregnant (if they were told or know for sure they’re the dad of an extramaritally-caused pregnancy)

Fathers who accept the child but aren’t the biological parent will be able to till the child that they’re not biologically related. There will be more interactions!!

———– Timeframes and System Reset ————-

Long story short: The system is in place until the next pregnancy.

More Info under the Cut

The next pregnancy resets it, to the exception of  knowing they’ve been cheated on (seen in the rel panel with their partner, which will unlock interactions in the rest of pt3 of this mod) and knowing the child is not theirs / is theirs (visible in the rel panel with the child, will also unlock stuff) – beware, this one will only happen if not being the father is discovered during pregnancy (I’m adding in a way for the mother to admit later on to her child and / or partner and all this having effect).These facts remain.  

What this means: Testing and interactions can be performed during pregnancy and after birth.

There are some small procedural differences but overall it’s almost the same. Just be aware:

The moment your Sim finds out about being pregnant again with a new child, the system resets to apply to the new pregnancy.

What if a pregnancy is terminated through another Mod?

If your Sim gets a termination of pregnancy from another mod and not mine, I advise doing the following right after: go the the ‘actions’ menu, then WooHoo Wellness Settings, then click ‘Remove All Paternity Testing Markers’

———– Impact on Children & Family Dynamics ————-

More things planned to be added on this, in addition to what is already described on this page.

———– Notes, Issues, Limitations ————-

The game spoils who’s the father at birth. Your Sim will still be clueless, but if you wanted to not know, that’s ruined. I may change that too.