WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #5

Teen Pregnancy Module

How previous features of the mod apply to teens:

– Teens do not get pregnancy wishes by default; you can assign them manually. BUT If a Teen who doesn’t have a wish finds out they’re pregnant, it will by default assign the ‘Does Not Want a Pregnancy’ wish and reaction to both the pregnant Sim and the father.

– Paternity testing, pregnancy preference effects, etc etc, all works with teens the same as with adults.

Teen Pregnancy Specific Elements

– When parents are told about a teen pregnancy, this happens for them to decide how to react (ignore old typo on screenshot):

If they are supportive, they can do the following:

If they are not supportive, they can do the following:

A teen who told their parents about a pregnancy can use those interactions with the parents:

Reactions and results for ‘Ask for advice and ‘Ask for money’ depend on whether the parent is supportive or not.
a teen finding out they’re pregnant will get an extra moodlet 

upon announcing it to another teen Sim who may be the dad / is the dad, there is also an extra moodlet, which is worse if the sims don’t have a strong romantic relationship.

The Sim who told a partner or parents about being pregnant may get angry texts or supportive ones from others who’ve heard about the pregnancy (as of now, there is only 1 possible angry text and 1 possible nice one. I will add more).

If the parents have both been told about the pregnancy recently, they can worry about it together:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon entering labor, the ability for parents and their pregnant teen child to do all this disappears. This is because the pregnancy is going to end. These are for the time of the pregnancy only. 

Note: IF the Sim gets an abortion through my mod, these will also go away. If it’s through another mod, you need to use the following interactions in the settings / cheat menu from my mod hidden under the “Actions” menu (when the teen Sim is the active Sim): ‘Remove Parent Reactions to Teen Pregnancy” and “Remove Paternity Markers” if you have the paternity testing module installed.

More examples of moodlets from this module in the gallery at the top of the page.
I’ll let you discover the rest in game! 🙂

  • Teens will not be able to get pregnant through this module if you use Wicked Whims or Wonderful Whims or have McWooHoo with risk above 0. The rest will work. Soon, my module will be updated for full compatibility with Wonderful Whims.


20 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #5

      1. I have a household where the parents were not supportive of the teen’s pregnancy but the “kick out” option didnt appear. How do I fix that? Because in another household where the parents weren’t supportive of this other teen’s pregnancy I had that option.


  1. Hi! My teen got pregnant and when she told her dad no moodlet appeared or the choice to be supportive or not. the dad also doesn’t have anything to say to his daughter about the pregnancy. What did I do wrong?


  2. So, Everytime I click the link it takes me here… instead of downloading. Then I look for the patreon link for me to download the mod, and it’s broken link. Do i really need to scroll all the way down to download one mod?


    1. Patreon links are always at the bottom of the Patreon post. It says in big bold letters that the links at the top are towards the description/instructions pages and that downloads are at the bottom of the Patreon post.
      Patreon was glitching out yesterday and downloads therefore acted up.


    1. If you have the normal version of my mod – it works the same way as with adults, there’s a 25% chance of pregnancy at Woohoo, you can increase / decrease chance for specific Sims in ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘sim status’.


  3. Hiya! I love your mods and I have the Wonderful Whims-compatible version of Woohoo Wellness (I play with all your modules except 2 and 3 and my Wonderful Whims is set up with menstrual cycle deactivated). Since I updated to 2.22 and also the latest update (v11) of Wonderful Whims, my teens can’t get pregnant, even with the Wonderful Whims settings up to 100% pregnancy chance and no birth control in either sim’s inventory. The Sim can take a pregnancy test but it always comes up negative. When I went back to my old versions (v2.15 Woohoo and v9 Wonderful) to test it out the teens were able to get pregnant. So then I tried it with 2.22 but the old v9 version of Wonderful and they were also able to get pregnant (all of this testing was done without any other mods installed). So I think the trouble here is with the compatibility of your mod with specifically v11 of Wonderful Whims! If I’ve missed something please let me know but I just wanted to alert you just in case!


    1. Thank you for the detailed tests! It sounds like you are right and there is some conflict from wonderful onto this. Thankfully that should be possible to bypass in the same way that I bypass that problem for alternative pregnancies. More separate files and more of a mess for me but if this is indeed the issue it’s at least something I can work around on my end. Will see about that and update if needed. I don’t use wonderful whims so I don’t know about these adverse effects of that mod onto mine until told.


    1. So long as you don’t have WW or Wonderful Whims, the default chance is 25%, and it can be customized on a sim by sim basis under “relationship wellness” and then “status”.


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