WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #6

Pregnancy Acceptance

Unwanted Pregnancy Acceptance Process

This is a tough topic, and although I tried my best to remain sensitive about it, I am aware it may be of an upsetting nature to some people. If it is upsetting for you, and you believe I handled the topic poorly, please contact me as I would like to hear you out.


This plays out in two ways.First, there is a process during pregnancy, which can lead to acceptance. Then, if no acceptance happens during pregnancy, the baby is born as unwanted, but another process can then take place to grow to love the baby.

1. During pregnancy acceptance possibilities

Interactions such as counseling, birth classes, etc, as well as discussing pregnancy with partners who see it in a more happy way, all have the ability to make a Sim closer to be able to be at peace with the pregnancy in question. There are a few new interactions as well, which I won’t list for now so I’m not spoiling everything.
Sims will NOT autonomously accept a pregnancy; once they are ready to do so, it still comes to the player to decide. Because I don’t want to take the storytelling power out of your hands.

(text will be improved; this Sim was engaged in various activities that helped them make the baby more real and pre-bond with it and therefore can try to make peace with their unwanted pregnancy).

If peace is made during the pregnancy, things will change. 

Pregnancy moodlets will show that this is an accepted pregnancy STARTING AT THE NEXT TRIMESTER (I don’t think I can safely change them in the middle of a trimester, I will try once everything else is fully finished, but I’d rather tell you it will be at the next trimester so that if I find out I can’t, you won’t be disappointed).  

The Sim will not anymore get pangs of sadness about being pregnant. They will also gain the ability to do some interactions that were reserved to neutral and happy pregnancies. 

If pregnancy is accepted pre-birth, a sentiment is gained towards the baby at birth:

2. Post pregnancy acceptance possibilities

Could be that your Sim didn’t manage to make peace with the pregnancy. What then? 

The baby gets born with a negative sentiment… This sentiment will not budge until it is replaced with a happy sentiment or until acceptance has happened – happier sentiments won’t be able to be added until the child is at least of toddler age. 

The Sim will struggle to interact with the baby. Doing so will give moodlets always during and after sometimes  after the interaction.

This moodlet is also the one that will appear from time to time near a toddler or child with the “Unwanted Child” sentiment.

Sometimes, for an hour or two after having interacted with the baby, the Sim will not be able to be directed to do so again, except to feed the baby and change diaper, which are necessary things to do.

(I use a cheat included in the mod to trigger giving birth and my Sim happened to be in the bathroom, which is why the bassinet is in this awkward place; sorry!)

At this point, there still remains a path to acceptance.

“Attempt to Bond” will have the Sim interact with the baby. There is a chance that this interaction may create acceptance, in which case the negative sentiment will leave. 

This interaction is NOT autonomous, as once again, I wish to leave storytelling power in your hands. So, yes, a Sim still can never grow to accept a pregnancy / birth if that’s what the story is. Such things happen in life…

Toddler age and beyond

If the negative sentiment is still there by toddler age, it will have impact there too. If no peace is made and the toddler grows to be a child, there too should be an impact. 

This is the part that I am yet to do – toddler age and beyond. 



11 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #6

  1. hey!! i just had a sim give birth to what should have been an unwanted child but the “unwanted” sentiment never showed up 🙁 i got the tense moodlet but no sentiment and the baby interactions are all normal. she had the baby at the hospital if that makes a difference.

  2. Hey, I had a couple of questions:
    I saw a “cheat – make ready to accept partner’s pregnancy” on my Sim’s partner, but didn’t find it again. Also, one of the photos shows a percentage on how much more work the player has to do to till Acceptance. To me, it would be helpful to add that!
    My Sim reassured her partner about 50 times now, they went to countless counseling classes together (I was working on the partner accepting the pregnancy pretty much every moment for two Sim days), and I don’t see any improvement as player. Thus, I slowly got bored from always doing the same interactions to help the partner with accepting the unborn and contemplated just giving up on it. To me, that seems like a pity.
    I think that seeing progress would help, and I am curious how long it normally takes to get a partner to accept the pregnancy. The partner has the traits Goofball and Active, so nothing that should mess with it, and they are engaged. Is it a bug that it just wouldn’t work, or do I have to keep doing the interactions?
    Also, my Sim got pregnant through insemination (she’s lesbian) and her partner is the genetic other parent, but can’t go to counseling or anything alone (i.e. while my Sim is at work) the way a father could. Is it possible to add that?

    Thank you for a great mod!

  3. Hi! I keep trying to make my teen sim pregnant but keep getting negative tests…i dont have wicked or wonderful whims installed and was just wondering where i could be going wrong?

  4. Hi! I’m in love with your mod, but when I try to tell my teen sims mother about her pregnancy, “tell mother about pregnancy,” or whatever it is supposed to say is not there. Am I supposed to wait until my sim accepts her own pregnancy?

  5. I’ve played the same game several times (without saving) and I can’t get the teen father to accept the unwanted pregnancy and this after clicking the cheat to get him to accept.

    1. Hm, that worked for me… But where is the Cheat? :O
      I searched for it a lot but didn’t find it.. 😀

  6. hello! i wanted to ask about a bug that’s going on with my game. so my sim got pregnant and i finally was able to get her to accept her unwanted pregnancy but after she did she lost her bump and cannot go to the OBGYN or call the obstetrician (from other mods). im very confused why and wanted to know if there’s anything i can do to fix this

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