What’s New in WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul v2

Improvements are coming to the WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul Mod in v2! 

Here’s the run-down on what’s new and what’s changed:

Pregnancy Risk is now fully customizable, on an individual basis (meaning, each Sim that can be impregnated can have a different setting).

– Sims can Finally have pregnancy wishes that change over time.

Every few sim days, Sims with this preference will see their wishes have a chance to change.

– Condoms can now be purchased in any number you wish from the computer.
If using the Rabbit Hole interaction, the Sim will now get a pack of 8 instead of 20. 

Abortions will NOT glitch anymore and now work 100% of the time. Not only that, but they won’t either get that occasional bug where it required to travel to another lot or reload for Sims to be able to Try for Baby again. Fully functional abortions, Finally!

– Re-designed menus

As the mod grows, the menus become cluttered, and their titles, not that great. The mod now has two menus (three counting the hidden menu in “Actions”).

PREGNANCY AND FAMILY: for paternity testing, individual fertility and pregnancy risk, pregnancy interactions and wishes, abortions, and later (to come) insemination, separated parenting, and adoption.

RELATIONSHIP WELLNESS: for anything relative to protection, WTDs, and upcoming: cheating, trust, etc 

Each of these has a sub-menu with settings and cheats

NOTE: for cheats when clicking on another Sim, find them under “Actions” then “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy”

– Re-designed WTD treatment system

My WTD treatment system was too ambitious, because it tried to allow for automatic medication as well as manual medication. That meant having meds in Sim’s inventories. The issue is that the game sometimes cannot access Sim’s inventory. Especially, this matter made it basically impossible for NPCs to get cured properly.
Had the system been fully manual, that wouldn’t have been that much of a deal. But it was by default automatic, and I don’t want to impose a fully manual system on players as that may get tedious.

This led me to a big decision. I want the system to be more reliable and smoother, hence the following changes:

– The system no longer has medication objects.
– Treatment can no longer fail.
– Treatment goes through even off screen (ie when playing other families).

The WTD system is otherwise left unchanged.

Minor fixes:

– Sims who got divorced after having a baby at some point won’t see ‘Admit getting another pregnant” with their new spouses anymore. Because that made no sense!


Last but not least: Addition of new modules (see module list!)



8 thoughts on “What’s New in WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul v2

  1. Hi would like to say awesome work

    I’m one of your early release subscribers and I’m still new to mods. I basically been learning basically to delate old and put in new but is it the case with your update, so my question is do I have to delete woohoo wellness version1.3 and put in v2 or just put in v2 in the mods folder with v1.3?

    1. Hi, with any new version of a mod, you must delete all previous versions and put in the new one instead. This is also true for when we do bug fixes and what not. So yes, delete all the v1. 3 and put in only v2 🙂

  2. Hello, so my sim is currently dating Candy Behr and recently she’s been showing up with the “very uncomfortable” moodlet which I think it’s because of the wtd. Is there a way to bring her to the doctor? I tried using the “ask to go get checked” interaction but Candy doesn’t tag along. Also, do condoms prevent wtd like irl?

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