Cheating (Infidelity) & Jealousy Expansion & Overhaul – a Sims 4 mod

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul, Mod 7

a. Jealousy Tweaks:

I. Individual jealousy characteristics / settings (per Sim)

II. Choose if romance interactions trigger jealousy before being significant others or not

Note: for open relationships, side partners, trouples, see my mod “Open Love Life”.

b. Infidelity Expansion & Overhaul

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A. Replacing the Game Sentiment System for Cheating

The Four Cheating Sentiments, and Explanations

In vanilla game, a Sim witnessing flirting will get the exact same sentiment as a Sim witnessing WooHoo. There are two possible ones the game will choose from in any of those cases, “Betrayed by Cheating” or “Furious about Cheating”.
Would it not make more sense if the reaction depended on what was seen?

So, I changed the system. Now, those two game sentiments will be given exclusively when WooHoo has been witnessed or confessed to (through this mod). The rest of the time, custom sentiments fitting the situation are given,see them below:

More Changes to Jealousy Sentiment Reactions

Now, I have further developed this system, as I have found more things in the game that in my opinion needed tweaking. Details below.

 A. Expanding Sentiment situations. The vanilla game does not give cheating sentiments to Sims if the Sim cheating is doing it with a boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse, because of the technical conundrum that is the jealousy system of the game. It took me till now to figure that out since I was doing all my tests between married couples. The mod now changes the vanilla game behavior, so if a Sim has two girlfriends in secret and one catches him with the other, they’ll be able to get the cheating sentiments – and the cheating-related interactions.

B. Expanding who can get a sentiment from witnessing kissing and flirting – therefore expanding who gets interactions from the cheating module. 

In the vanilla game, Sims who are Soulmates but NOT gf / bf / spouse seeing their soulmate flirt / kiss another will not get a sentiment. Now they will get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

In the vanilla game, Sims who are under the Soulmate level but have a positive romance bar, and are not married, may get no sentiment from witnessing flirting. Now they can get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

Sims between 30 and 50 romance still have a good chance of not getting a cheating sentiment upon witnessing flirting as they just don’t care enough for that.

C. Changed duration of cheating sentiments. I left the game ones alone – but shortened the ‘flirting’ one from my cheating module, as well as the ‘kissing’ one (longer that the ‘flirting’ one still). Both of those are shorter than the game’s cheating sentiments. This makes sense to me because the faults are different levels of betrayal.

B. Interactions and Other Features

When Flirting / Kissing Is Witnessed

Here is a video showing what happens when it’s flirting that has occurred.Screenshots below if you’re short on time.

When WooHoo is Witnessed or Confessed To

Here is a video about what happens when WooHoo occured as cheating. Screenshots below if you’re short on time.

And What Else?: Confessions, choices and Pop-Ups

Sims can also always “Confess to Loving Another” (if love exists but WooHoo did not happen) and “Confess  to Having Cheated With” (if WooHoo occurred, with or without love). This leads to Pop-Up windows where Sims need to decide to stay or leave (unless you turn off the pop up window, which you can!)

Confessions impact the Sim who cheated, the Sim they cheated with, and the Sim confessed to, in terms of friendship / romance bars and of sentiments.

Sims can also decide to end affairs via text by themselves, and partners may ask them to do that after learning of cheating.

NOTE: SIMS CAN LIE when another expresses suspicions about closeness with someone, OR can admit to cheating right there.

Note about Optional Choice Pop-Up Windows

Those are Optional, meaning, you can turn them off for specific Sims or Households, and then the outcome will be chosen by chance. This is also true of the window that pops up when a teen announces a pregnancy to their parents.


The Cheating Module has no known ompatibility concerns with any mod.