WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #8

Alternative Pregnancy: Artificial inseminations & Surrogacy

———————– 1. Artificial Inseminations ———————–

Discussing with partners, if any
  • If your Sim is in an official relationship, it’s advised to discuss this with them first.
    They will either say they’re on board or not (through a choice pop-up window, unless pop-ups are turned off, then the game will decide). Moodlets given depend on pregnancy preference. Acceptance will work for one pregnancy but no more. We agree about one child at a time, don’t you think?
The Artificial Insemination Process, & Consequences
  • To get artificially inseminated, your sim must choose ‘Attempt Artificial Inseination’, under “Pregnancy and Family” and then “Alternative Pregnancy”.
  • Chances of success are 50%.
    If it succeeded, pregnancy starts. If a partner exists and didn’t agree to the process, they will be angry. Partners who agreed will have other reactions.
  • Sims can tell others that they have tried this process, and can tell others when they have failed. Reaction to failure, if the partner is the one told, depend on pregnancy wish.
  • Pregnancy will go on normally. Once of teen age, children can be told about how they were conceived.
  • NOTE: Family tree represents genetic truth. Sim Profile represents actual relationships independently of blood ties.

——————– 2. Hiring NPC to carry played Sim’s baby —————–

Discussing with Partners, if Any
  • Your Sim must have their partner’s agreement to do this, if they have a partner. This because I picture them having to sign something regarding financial responsibility or whatever. Asking triggers a choice pop-up window, unless pop-ups are turned off, then the game will decide. Acceptance will work for one pregnancy but no more. We agree about one child at a time, don’t you think?
Starting the Process
  • Have a Baby through a Surrogate” is available in “Family and Pregnancy” and then “Alternative Pregnancy”.
  • Your Sim will call the Agency of Surrogate Mothers and then can choose amongst the available surrogate mothers.
On Genetics and NPC Surrogate Impregnation Source
  • For the artificial insemination of the surrogate:
    – If your Sim can impregnate, they will father the child.
    – If your Sim cannot impregnate but they have a partner who can, the partner will father the child.
    – If your Sim does not have a partner who can impregnate and cannot impregnate, the lab will pick a sample to get the surrogate’s pregnancy started.
    I couldn’t (at least as of now) take the genetics of two different sims and ‘skip’ the genetics of the carrier themselves, – you can imagine the game isn’t built to do that, so it is complicated; but it is something I am working towards, to see if there’s a way to do it – can’t make promises though. For now, it is as described above.
    NOTE: Family tree represents genetic truth. Sim Profile represents actual relationships independently of blood ties.
During the NPC’s Pregnancy
  • Soon after calling to get the process started, your Sim will get a phone call from the surrogate to introduce themselves.
  • Your Sim can invite the surrogate any time, to feel the baby and hang out in general.
  • Later, your Sim will get another phone call offering to reveal the baby’s birth gender. Your Sim can also ask the surrogate about that anytime when inviting them.
  • If you don’t want to wait the 2 days of the NPC’s pregnancy, you can make them ready to give birth instantly, under “Pregnancy and Family” then “Status” when clicking on the SIm who started the NPC surrogacy process.
The birth, and After
  • Your Sim will be notified once the surrogate is close to giving birth. From there on, you have two options:
    • Option 1: Invite them over soon so that they give birth on lot: in this case, your Sim will invite the surrogate and then see the option “Ask about Pregnancy Progress (Ready to Give Birth)”. Using that interaction, the surrogate will give birth and join the household for the time of the birth then leave it. This MUST be done on your Sim’s home lot. Once the baby is born, your Sim MUST “Welcome New Baby” (interaction with the baby).

    • Option 2: Wait a day or so longer so that the surrogate gives birth off-screen, then invite them so that they transfer the baby over: if you don’t invite the surrogate before they give birth, no worries, you can still get the baby! Invite them and if when talking to them you see the option “Ask about Pregnancy Progress (Already Gave Birth)”, they’ve already had the baby. Use this interaction to have the surrogate ‘bring over’ the baby. There is no need to do anything else.
Important Notes

NOTE 1: There is a NEW (since the latest update) GAME bug (ie not a mod bug but an EA bug) that causes baby icons to look a different skin tone from the actual baby. This may happen to the babies your Sim gets from surrogates and carries for others. Here’s an EA bug report page about it for example, if you want to read more.

NOTE 2: Deliberately in the mod design, your Sims cannot start an NPC surrogate process if their partner has already started one. Yet the interaction may still appear (bug) as available for them, in which case if you click it, it will do nothing.

Note 3: NPC Surrogate pregnancy is set to last 2 days because it’s less waiting around for the player. The NPC pregnancy will not move for this time. Once the time is over, the NPC will give birth whenever your Sim invites them and asks them about pregnancy progress. This is to avoid conflicts of this module with custom pregnancy durations set by other mods, and to allow your Sim to not lose their chance to have the baby if they’re busy when the pregnancy of the NPC is over. The way I built the mod, there is no risk of that.

———– 2.5. Hiring Playable Sim to carry Active Sim’s baby —————-
For Advanced Users Only


(NOT the Recommended Option!! I recommend asking a NPC to carry a baby for a played Sim.)
(This is for ADVANCED USERS)

This is yet another option. Compared to the NPC sim carrying for a Played Sim, there are some differences and limitations, due to the game’s mechanics regarding who can give birth where.The Playable Sim B who will carry for your played Sim A will not be able to give birth on your Sim A’s home lot. They will give birth off screen, or if you play them when they’re giving birth they can give birth on screen in their own home. If they give birth off screen, you won’t be able to name the baby.

– You can play either of the Sims involved (the one who asked for surrogacy in the first place, or the one who is a surrogate for another played Sim) yet I RECOMMEND playing only the Sim who asked another to surrogate until the birth is over.

WARNING: If the playable Sim carrying for your active Sim has multiple offspring, it is likely that they will be ‘stuck’ with the babies that don’t get transfered over if any and having to keep them. Be aware of this possibility before using this “hiring Playable Sim to carry played Sim’s baby” option. If this happens, you can shift + click on the unplanned extra babies and click on the option that doesn’t show text. That cheat will cause the baby to be taken away. Alternatively, you can age them up to toddler, and use the adoption cheat under “Pregnancy and Family” then “Sim Status”.

WARNING 2: There may occur issues with markers not being cleared properly from the Playable sim used as a Surrogate by a Played Sim depending on what happens in game. In which case this would be solved by playing the playable Sim who was used as surrogate and doing “Remove Pregnancy Type and Paternity Markers” under “Pregnancy and Family” then “Status”.

———— 3. Active Sim carrying baby for other Sim —————–

Discussing with Partners, if Any
  • Your Sim preferably should discuss this process with their partner if they have one. The partner may be favorable or not. Of course, your Sim can go through with it either way. Asking triggers a choice pop-up window, unless pop-ups are turned off, then the game will decide.
Getting Started
  • Your Sim can decide to “Carry a Baby for Other” (under “Pregnancy and Family” and then “Alternative Pregnancies”), which will lead to a phone call to the Agency of Surrogate Mothers and a visit to the lab for insemination.
During the Played Sim Surrogate Pregnancy
  • Once pregnant, the Sim will have special trimester moodlets to reflect the nature of this pregnancy. Many interactions from this mod usually available at pregnancy will not be, because this is a special pregnancy. Pregnancy wish will be IGNORED and have no effect since this child is not for the Sim carrying it.
  • The Sim can text the baby’s future parents and invite them over so that they can feel the baby.
After Birth & Sending the Baby to its Parents
  • Once the Sim has given birth, the Sim must send the child to its parents, clicking on the child and finding the “Pregnancy and Family” and then “Alternative Pregnancy” menu.
Registering with the Agency of Surrogate Mothers
  • Your Sim can sign up with the Agency so that they will call from time to time asking your Sim to carry a baby for someone else.
Important Notes

NOTE: There is a NEW (since the latest update) GAME bug (ie not a mod bug but an EA bug) that causes baby icons to look a different skin tone from the actual baby. This may happen to the babies your Sim gets from surrogates and carries for others. Here’s an EA bug report page about it for example, if you want to read more.

  • If you have Wicked Whims: this module is compatible ONLY if ‘Native Pregnancy Override’ is OFF in WW’s settings. (You can turn it off just before you start an alternative pregnancy and turn it back on when it is offer if you would rather)
  • If you have Mc WooHoo: this module is compatible ONLY if WooHoo Risk in Mc WooHoo is set to default (which is 0).
  • Some people have certain non-identified configurations that make interactions to send surrogate babies to their parents not show up. In those cases, the player must use an alternative interaction which is under another menu – no big deal! 🙂
  • There are no other compatibility concerns.


130 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #8

    1. Yes, because he is the genetic parent, however in sim profile he does not, because he is not the life parent, if that makes sense. That’s my logic there

      1. I had downloaded this a while ago to test it out and my sim is a surrogate mother. I gave birth but when i tried giving the baby to the parents all i got were the adoption tab and option(s). And whenever i click another sim your mod tab doesn’t appear, even after resetting. I have SoL and Mcc but i turned off the risky woohoo like your notes said.

      2. If this happens, check under “Known issues and limitations” on the download post, it will tell you what to do

  1. My sim isn’t going through the artificial insemination after browsing through the portraits. Does it only work randomly?

    1. They should absolutely be going. Try another household and see what happens – and if it’s not going through even with another household, try without other mods installed

      1. I’m having the same issue. I tried another household and tried it with no other mods installed and nothing happens after I select a portrait. Not sure what to do :/

      2. The recent update. on a Mac, on PC

      3. I’m having the same issue. I tried another household and with no other mods installed and nothing would happen after I selected a portrait. Not sure what to do :/

      4. Does the Sim live in an apartment?
        Also, you can try playing another household for a bit then coming back and trying again and see if it works and / or just try with another household, to see where the problem is at

      5. I believe my game auto updated to the recent patch. on Mac

      6. Not sure why but my comments are posting with 2 usernames. breatheweird and alissaharris.02 are the same people lol. I’ve tried using the feature with different households and get the same results. Doing nothing after selecting a portrait. Been a few days since I tired using the feature though so I could try again.

  2. I can’t seem to be able to get the baby after the surrogate mother had it. I invite her over and ask about the pregnancy and it says she had the baby, but i get no option to get the baby myself..

    1. Sounds like you have a mod conflict that prevented her from being pregnant. Maybe WW with native pregnancy override on or Mc Woohoo with risk above 0. Sounds right?

  3. Maybe this is the wrong place, how do some sims being infertile work? Also do played sim surrogate mothers get paid for carrying the baby?

    1. Yes they get 8000 at the end. And infertile means Sims won’t get pregnant from Woohoo if you have risk and protection. I haven’t touched try for baby though and I am realizing right now that I completely forgot to block pregnancy from try for baby for infertile Sims. Will do that though, it’s no biggie and pretty necessary ; for the rest I like to leave try for baby as it smis so far, for when players really want a pregnancy to happen, but that’s also something I’ve been thinking of changing. So, whatever I’m saying right now may be different in a month honestly

      1. What I mean is, are some sims “born infertile”? Like there’s nothing you can do to make them have children biologically with just woohoo

  4. As of now not yet but it’s one of the additions that I hope to do soon. This month probably I will review the risk and protection module and finally add something like that in. Been meaning to for months 🙂

  5. I’m having issues getting my baby. My surrogate gave birth. And my sim invited her over and asked about the baby. All it says is the baby is ready to join the house

    1. Sounds like you have a mod conflict which made it that no baby was ever created. Do you have either WW with native pregnancy override on, or Mc Woohoo with risk above 0? Each of these settings conflict with the alternative pregnancy module.

      1. I’ve checked this and all the settings are as you said but still no baby

  6. My active sims carried a npc family’s baby and she gave the baby back already but the baby is coming up as her child in the family tree panel.
    Is this supposed to happen or is there anyway to remove the baby from my sim’s family tree? I think with the baby, technically, apart of my active sims family and not living with me, I would have to pay child support(with SNB Bills mod) for this baby regardless because it technically is mine.

    1. Yes it stays in the tree because it’s genetically there. Think of it in terms of what ancestry services look for. They would put it in the tree because it’s a genetic link. This is something I use in my upcoming thing for looking for birth parents. I could do it all differently, yes, but considering how tricky it is to work with the family tree (and that’s why so very few mods ever do) I don’t know that I want to start that mess. Removing them should be much doable but putting them back when necessary may prove messy. As for whether or not other mods only test for genealogy and don’t also test for actual relationships as established in life (ie the father / child relationship status), that is not something I’m much aware of, and even less in control of…
      What I am thinking of is putting together a cheat to remove them from the tree for whomever wants that, but then happens what may if the sim looks for his biological history. Since things are still in development on the latter’ s end, I can’t tell you a permanent answer regarding the question ‘will I make them removable’. I hope that makes sense 🙂

  7. I tried my sims to be a surrogate and registered but have not had a baby. whenever I try to click on “Carry a Baby for Other” it says I need to give the one I had previously. how can I fix it?

    1. If the pregnancy test came negative for surrogacy, you extremely likely have a mod conflict (another mod’s specific settings blocking this one). Please check the ‘compatibility’ section’ of the download post. Once the conflxt is resolved you can have your sim try again after clearing pregnancy markers under ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’.

      1. I deleted the miscarriage mod from Little Ms Sam and the surrogate option works now. thank you so much!

      2. Hi. Like others, I’m having trouble giving away my surrogate children to their parents. I have access to the alternate options to “debug- send surrogate child to parents”. However, the only children available to send are my sim’s own biological children. I previously removed all markers, set MC woohoo to 0 etc. I’m not sure what else to. I’ll age them up and try again on another sim/household but it’s happened 3x, my house is now full and I can’t get rid of these extra babies…

      3. Removing the markers before trying to send the kids away is why they don’t show up in the debug interaction. Have you tried sending them out before that? Once markers are removed, the receiving parents aren’t marked as such, and the baby isn’t marked either for having to go to another family.
        As for this issue in itself – it doesn’t happen to me, it happens only in some games, I don’t know what does it so I can’t do anything about it – assuming that I could in any case as if it’s due to something else that interferes, I would not have control over that ‘something else’. Some people found out it was their mccc settings. Like some settings of mccc ocult and / or trait inheritance. Others find that it happens to them only when sending the sim to the hospital and going with. For myself and my testers, no matter how hard we tried, we didn’t get this to happen and it worked 100% normal 100% of the time. I haven’t had anybody who has the issue willing to truly investigate what would stop if from happening, by testing without some other mods and with different configuration ms, so, we’re still at the same point.

  8. I’m trying to get my sims to carry a baby for another sim, she was successful once, but hasn’t been since then. How do we increase the chances of successful surrogacy?

    1. Chances are 100%. If it doesn’t go through, it sounds like you have a mod conflict. Either WW with native pregnancy override on or Mc Woohoo with risk above 0. Sounds right?

  9. Hello! What alternate menu do I need to use to send the baby to its surrogate parents? It’s not coming up under pregnancy when I click on the baby. Thank you for this amazing mod!!!

      1. I can’t find it under there either :/ is there another place it could be?

  10. I have two active sims which are trying to be surrogate mothers for NPCs, but they can’t seem to get pregnant. I looked through the comments and made sure I didn’t have the same problems as someone else so you don’t have to repeat yourself. I don’t have the native pregnancy thing on (wickedwhims) or the miscarriage mod or mc wooho. I have littlesams pregnancy overhaul, mood swings from zafisims, scumbumbo pregnancy megamod, woohoowellness and some stuff for vampire pregnancies which don’t apply for my humans. Are you able to tell me if these odd would have any problems with the surrogate part of your mod?

    1. Hi and thanks for providing all this info that always helps when trying to troubleshoot! I am not familiar with Scumbumbo’s pregnancy mod so I will have to check. These two Sims, do they share a household?

      1. My sims successful given birth through surrogacy however, at the hospital when I click on the baby, go to “pregnancy & family” then “alternative pregnancy” then “send surrogate child to its parents”. I can’t click it because it says “This parent is at work” so my sim went home and the baby too. I invited the parent to my sims house to give it to them but, “adoption” pops up along “call adoption agency to look for host family”. What do I do?

      2. I’m not really sure what you have been trying to do.
        You are supposed to send the child to them when at home. You should be seeing ‘alternative pregnancy’ menu on the baby. If not, check the download page, under ‘issues and limitations’ there’s an explanation of what to do.

  11. I started a surrogacy process but decided to cancel it, so I cleared her pregnancy in MCCC but my sim is still getting moodlets as if he’s getting ready for a baby from his surrogate. I also removed the “Surrogate Mother” relationship bit from the mother. I also can’t start another surrogacy process because the game still thinks one is happening. What would you recommend I do?

    1. Hi there. In cases like that, you must use my mod’s system to remove the pregnancy / turn it into a normal pregnancy /etc. Other mods don’t impact my mod’s processes. And visible things like the relationship bit are only a part of the iceberg so you can’t really just remove it manually like that.
      There is a ‘cheat’ interaction on pregnant Sims under ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’ to immediately terminate pregnancy without moodlets etc that come with the ‘normal’ option to terminate. This clears out everything of my mod.
      If you remove a pregnancy with another mod, you nerd to do ‘clear pregnancy markers’ under ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’.
      So, this is what you need to do on your sim.
      Enjoy the game,

  12. Quick question, I just downloaded this mod and I was wondering how it works with same-sex couples. In this playthrough, it’s two men. I was wondering if I wanted Sim 2 (for example) to father the child then does it mean I need to go to the “Have a Baby through a Surrogate” option through that sim? And vice versa, go through Sim 1 if I want Sim 1 to father?

    Sorry, I hope this is clear!!

    1. Hi!
      If Sims ask a surrogate to carry a baby for them, regardless of gender, it is the sim who gets the process started that will be the one to be in contact with the surrogate mother and all that. (In an update soon I will add that partners can have the same interactions, initially I keep thingd dimple to make sure everything works haha, which it does.)
      At the end of the process, once the baby I s welcomed (through a specific interaction), both the sim who started the process and their partner are listed as father or mother in the baby’s relationship profile and vice versa.
      For family tree, the surrogate mother remains on there. In the next update there will be the option to not have her in the tree.
      I hope that somewhere in this ramble there is the answer to your question

  13. my sim was carrying a baby for another sim but the option of giving the baby to its parents never showed up, so i gues now i have triplets ._.

  14. Hey, I cannot get my sim to carry a surrogate for the life of me. I have tried 4 times and each time negative then I read thru all these comments and i turned off my mcc risky woohoo and now when i try to do a surrogate pregnancy it says i have to give avay the current surrogate baby I have now but she is not pregnant. I don’t know what to do now.

    1. Remove pregnancy markers under ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’.
      If your Mc Woohoo settings were other than 0, that caused the issue. Start again now after clearing markers and it should go.

  15. Welp idk how to delete my comment but i saved and exited then reopened and it worked so???

  16. Hi Lumpinou! I love your mod, it’s amazing 🙂 the only thing is that I’m running into an issue after the surrogate mother has had her child, the only option under the menu is for adoption and there isn’t anything for surrogacy. I don’t think there’s a mod conflict, though I do have Wonderful Whims and followed all of the exception settings in your Patreon post. Any ideas? Or would that option complete the surrogacy?

    1. Check the download post under ‘issues and limitations’, it will tell you what to do in the case something is causing that interaction on the baby to not show 🙂

  17. When i click alternative pregnancies, all that shows up are discussion options, even though they’ve already discussed. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Loving the mod so far! I have a bit of a problem, though. I decided to try a surrogate mom version of the 100 baby challenge, but on two separate saves, the biological parent doesn’t match who the mod is saying is the parent. In my first save, Travis Scott contacted me to be a surrogate, but Geoffry Landgrab was the biological father. In my second save, Clara Bjergsen contacted me to be her surrogate, but instead of Bjorn being the biological father, Tyree Graff (homeless landlord in San Myshuno) is the bio-dad.

    In my first save, I invited Travis to the hospital when I gave birth and didn’t realize at first why it said the parent couldn’t accept the baby because they were at work when that clearly wasn’t the case. I can move the baby in with Travis by transferring household and having him adopt as care dependant after aging her up to a toddler, but the only option once I got the baby home was to put the baby up for adoption.

    MCCC has a change partner option under pregnancy, but it doesn’t do anything from what I can tell.

    Help, please! (Wicked option is unchecked and MCCC is set to 0)

    1. It generally depends on who can impregnate and who can’t, and on how the surrogacy is started. If there is a sim who can’t impregnate who wants a surrogate, if they have a partner he’ll be the bio dad, otherwise it’ll be a random sim. But there are some limitations to this in certain cases, for example when starting a surrogacy via phone it may be different. I don’t remember exactly what is where so I’ll have to re check and I’ll give you the detailed run down of what goes on and why

  19. my sim is a surrogate and in her third semester. however, she doesn’t have her third semester moodlet anymore nor any pregnancy side effects. it’s been a while and she still hasn’t given birth.

  20. Hi, I’ve only had this mod for about 2 weeks and i’m trying out all the options, but i’m having some difficulty using the artificial insemination part of the mod. I know that the chances of success are set to 50%, however I have tried about 6 times with the same sim and i’ve had no success. Do I have to wait for the moodlet to expire before taking the test or is something conflicting that I don’t know about? Or is this just the way its supposed to happen?

      1. I’m having the same issue. I set my MC WooHoo to 0 again and cleared markers but it still doesn’t work

  21. I had a sim carry a baby for other sims. It was twins, but i was only able to send one of them to the surrogate parents. I selected both of them in the menu when i was prompted, but only one of them left the household. After that one left, I no longer had an option to send the second child to the surrogate parents and my sim has the moodlet saying surrogacy is over and was paid the 8000 simoleons but I’m stuck with the second baby 🙁 do you know what could be causing this?

    1. You should have been able to send both, successively.
      You’re not on a very old mod version, yes?
      Check in ‘family and Pregnancy’ then ‘status’ to see if you still have the debug interaction there to send the baby away

      1. My active sim was a surrogate for an npc family. my sim was in labor and i went to the hospital to have the baby and i have no option to send it to the surrogate family. I thought it was a conflict with the crib mod so i closed the game and removed that mod, and now i lost the surrogate moodlet that said the surrogacy is almost done. I went to the debug interaction to send the baby through there but the baby isnt showing up there, only my own sims kids.

  22. Ok so my other comment isn’t showing up here. I had my active sim become a surrogate for an NPC family. My sim had the baby at the hospital and I dont have the option to send the baby to the parents. I did have the crib mod by Kiolometro and i thought that was the issue so i removed it from my game. I went back on the game and noticed the surrogacy moodlets where gone. I tried the debug interaction to send the baby to parents but it only showed up my sims actual kids. I decided to age up the surrogate to toddler and tried the debug and it worked. Im wondering if this is a conflict with that mod?

    1. Hi, comments don’t show until approvzd by me, and upon approval I immediately answer. This system so that I don’t miss any comments, and accessorily to avoid weird spam 🙂
      So, for what causes this issue, it’s unclear. Some crib mods have been found to do it, some mccc settings like Mc occult appartently, but very weirdly it’s not always the same in all games. Some people reported changing one Mc setting in one category caused it to start and changing it back caused it to not happen anymore. For me, for all that I tried messing with all mccc settings it never happened at all. Not even once have I had that issue and I’ve tested dozens upon dozens of times with various mods in. It’s still unclear what is / can be responsible. But using the debug is the solution currently available.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  23. My family had their baby through surrogacy but when i go and click to receive the baby, all it says is that they’re ready to be brought to the family and doesn’t give me a baby. I read other comments with the Wicked Whims mod conflicting with it so I removed it from my mod folder but that hasn’t done anything to fix it.

    1. If you had WW with native pregnancy override on, the surrogate never got pregnant, it’s too late to remove it now. You need to clear markers on your sim under ‘pregnancy and family’ then ‘status’ (remove pregnancy markers). You can have WW in, just make sure you turn off native pregnancy override before doing a surrogacy and turn it back l’ afterwards if you want. With the currently in early acces version of WW, this should not matter anymore, but with the public version that’s what it is. It’s important to read the compatibility info and chart on the download page to avoid compatibility issues like this proactively.

  24. Hi! I downloaded your mod yesterday and I HAD wicked whims and life tragedy’s and SOL but I deleted it once I realized that when i click on “pregnancy and family” it comes up with go buy condoms, get sterilization surgery, define pregnancy preference and nothing else(like it doesn’t even say alternative pregnancy) . (other mods I have installed are now are base mental drugs mc command center not mc woohoo, passionate romance, and a couple of poses.) I tried restarting my game and I’ve enable all custom content and mods in my game in settings so I don’ t know what it could be and why those are the only options showing it also does not mention surrogacy or anything. Thank you!!

    1. So, you have 2.5.3, with all module files in? Your sim is not somehow infertile. What’s their cas gender settings and are they in a relationship?
      And by the way you can put back in sol and life tragedy and WW and whatever else, these mods can’t prevent my menus from showing. WW can do other issues as of now but not that.

      1. yes i have the latest update of your mod she had AIDs from wicked whims but i got rid of it in my game, so she shouldn’t have it anymore and she is married and she’s a female and says that she can get pregnant she just had her 3rd kid. And thank you!!

    2. Aids is from my mod, not WW. The only reason I can think of why adoption would not show is having old files still in or the Sims not having discussed it with their partner first

      1. there is no option for her to discuss it, that’s what i ment. like she doesn’t have that option i will try to take out the files and reput them in and restart my game.

  25. I am trying to be a surrogate for Brent and Brant Hecking. I’ve been a surrogate for one of them, now it won’t let me be one for the other.

  26. I’m hoping for help with the surrogacy feature. I tried to do it, surrogate gave birth off lot. Now my only options are to invite over surrogate mother (baby is ready) but she shows up alone and I can ask about the baby to which she responds that it’s ready to join my household but I have no further options and the baby never joins. I can’t click advanced as it’s greyed out and says my sim has not yet finished the NPC surrogacy progress he has started prior. When I click on my sim’s status the only option is “cheat – make surrogate ready to give birth” which doesn’t do anything either. I have wicked whims not set to override native pregnancy and mc woohoo at 0. I saw another comment about littlemssam’s miscarriage mod interfering so I deleted it. I’ve cleared my cache and I’ve deleted the mod and reinstalled but nothing works. Any suggestions please?

    1. It sounds like she didn’t get pregnant at all. You didn’t have any conflicting mod or setting at the time of asking her to be a surrogate?

      1. How do you fix it? Cause this is the same problem I am having. She was clearly pregnant when she came over my house.

      2. She may look like she is, but if there’s a conflict she actually isn’t. You can’t trust her surface elements to be truthful to what is actually going on in the background

  27. Hello there, love your mod! However i found an issue with the artifical insemination, where the child doesn’t show up as the other parent’s child. I had a lesbian couple try Artificial insemination. On the Family Tree it shows the genetic parents of course, however the not biological mother doesn’t recognize the baby as hers even in the sim profile! Did i do something wrong?

  28. Hello, I love your mod! However, i tried to artificial inseminate a woman from a same-sex marriage, but her partner now considers it cheating and an out of relationship-child. What can I do? I don’t want one of them to think the other cheated

    1. This is a glitch, I’m not sure why it happened but you can fix it by going into the actions menu when clicking on the partner and then finding the menu for my mod there and then use the ‘remove relationship bit’ interaction

  29. Hi ! i recently downloaded this mod and am facing a few issues with the surrogacy aspect. I’ve read through the “known limitations” page as well as this one and am still unable to resolve them. My sim applied to be a surrogate, and would go to the appointments and not get pregnant (this happened 3 or 4 times). My sim then tried for baby with her partner and fell pregnant, and this counted as the “surrogacy pregnancy” and I was able to contact the surrogate family I was assigned (even though my sim and her partner were the biological parents, not the surrogates). Once the pregnancy was over and the child was born, I saw an option at the hospital on the baby for “pregnancy and wellness” which I clicked and the “send child to surrogate family” option was unavailable because the “sim was at work”. I then took my sim and the child home and this “pregnancy and wellness” option on the child disappeared. I then clicked my sim’s “pregnancy and wellness” option to look for the debug items you added “send surrogate child to parent” but these options were not there. What should i do ??

    1. There is 100% risk of pregnancy when doing the surrogacy system, just to simplify things in the background. If she didn’t get pregnant, you have a mod conflict that prevented her from getting pregnant and got the system stuck, which is also why for her next natural pregnancy it counted as a surrogate pregnancy.

  30. You said for the players who’s sims can’t get the baby from the surrogate have to do it through another menu, but you never said what menu. My sims surrogate gave birth 3 days ago and I can’t get my baby. What do I do???

  31. The option to have a surrogacy doesn’t show up even though my sims have discussed it? How do I fix this.

  32. Hi I’m really enjoying the mod but the I can’t figure out how to get the surrogate mother to not appear as the biological parent in the family tree and in mc command centre (surrogate has one additional child). The baby was given to its mother by my sim who was the surrogate.

  33. Hi! I need some help with artificial insemination, I’ve tried doing it about 20 times and each time it fails. I do have wicked whims, but i couldn’t find anything called “native pregnancy override”, what I did was wicked – settings – pregnancy settings – disable pregnancy. Am i doing something wrong? Thank you!

  34. My sim got pregnant via her husband but it shows in her moodlets that it’s a surrogacy pregnancy. How should I go about this? Like she is registered at the agency but this pregnancy has nothing to do with surrogacy.

    1. Was she actively suurogating for anybody beforehand? It sounds like the special marker for that got stuck on her, you should be able to remove it through cheats

  35. Hi! New mod user here… My sim was carrying a baby for Bob Pancakes, had the baby in the hospital, got home and it will not give me the option to send the baby to its parents. I downloaded MCCC in the middle of the pregnancy and whilst playing with the mod used this to speed the pregnancy up… will this have had an effect on being able to send the baby to bob? Any helpful tips for me to send the baby on?

    1. It is best to not mess with the duration of surrogate pregnancies. If you do, things should still be fine; if you look at the download page under “known issues”, you will notice a part that talks about a debug option for cases where the normal interaction to send away the baby is not appearing.

  36. Hi! I wanted my sim to be a surrogate but she has trouble getting pregnant. I tried multiple times both through “carry a baby for another sim” and by registering to the agency. I also tried to do it with lots of other sims as the parents (both male and female if it makes any difference) but it’s still not working. I know that my sims can get pregnant because she already had one baby on her own. My woohoo risk in MCCC is set for 100% and so is pregnancy risk in WW. Is there anything that I can do about it? Other than that I love this mod. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  37. Is it possible for surrogate mother to give a birth to twins ot triplets? thanks!

  38. Hi, my sim just went through a surrogacy pregnancy, and there’s no option for me to send away the baby to it’s parents. I scrolled down the comments and found how to get the debug option under the sim who gave birth. However, it only lets me send away my sims own biological child, whereas the surrogate baby doesn’t show up. How do I send the baby away?

    1. check debug listed on download page under ‘limitations’. To actually use the debug, the baby must be a toddler at least

  39. Hi, I can’t use artificial insemination at all. I get as far as looking through profile pictures and it cancels off. Are then any mods that could conflict with this option, please?

      1. I tried another household and it didn’t work. I did remove a recently installed mod and now it works fine.

  40. I’m not getting the option to carry a baby for another sim. Wanted my sim to be a surrigate and can’t. Tried removing all other mods to see if it was conflicting but even when this was th only mod I don’t get the option.

  41. hey! so i had a surrogate used for my infertile wives save and i brought the surrogate over and clicked on her for the status which said she had already given birth but after that nothing happened, there were no updates from the surrogate either at any of the situations that i invited her over. any suggestions? I didn’t save the game but i can recreate the simulation should that be necessary

    thanks so much

  42. is it possible to add an interaction for sims to ask close friends to be surrogates for them? i’d like to be able to ask my sim’s best friend to carry a baby for him and his husband, but i don’t want to sign her up for the agency because she wouldn’t do it for anyone else (and it’s a little complicated to sign her up, have her surrogate, and then pull her out of the agency again).

    thank you for this mod it’s VERY good

  43. My sims used a surrogate (one cis male and one cis female both of which are fertile) and the surrogate it the child’s biological mother. Is there a way to change this? I wanted to create a specific narrative for my legacy family and it’s all messed up now.

    1. Hi,
      The description explains that this is how it works, so, there was no mystery there 🙂

      For v3 I’m having it changed to take the genetics of the parents for whom the surrogacy is for, but v3 is in development, not the release version.

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