Stuff still to be added to WooHoo Wellness Module 10 In December 2021

I have added: Custody system (amicable discussions or court decisions) and visit system (sims leave and then come back automatically)


Unfortunately this list is bigger than I wished… The visit system ate up a lot of my time and sanity.
HERE IS WHAT IS STILL MISSING FROM THE MODULE. These are thankfully not impossible things to do and should go much faster than the tricky things did. (Long story short: the ‘system’ is done, the ‘storytelling-focused’ aspects are still missing.)

* If unamicable separation, “Ask for a visit” / “ask to take the kids on a visit” can either have a decent reaction and agree, on in rare cases get displeased and refuse.

* Ability to call to extend visit, which may be accepted or rejected.

* Children will have reactions to custody decision (a general one due to the situation and another reaction which depends on what parent they went with depending on relationship with parent)

* Parents will get reactions to sending children to visit. Relieved to get a break, worried that a despised ex be not taking good care of the child or slandering the Sim, that kind of thing.

* When a Sim picks up / drops of a child, they will stay for 30 min to an hour then leave (right now they either leave immediately or stay an undetermined amount of time)

* Cycle auto visits: child goes to other parent for a day every 4-5 day. For now this is unavailable as one piece of the puzzle is still missing for lack of time. Very close to done.

* Social interactions!!! Enthuse / complain about court decision, talk to a visiting child about their school, friends, and life in the other home. Children when angry might tell a parent they prefer the other one.

* Should children be able to ask to go on a visit? If so, I can do that. I just want to see if it makes sense to you, first.

* Texts and Phone calls!! Those are the ones I have planned out: Asking for a visit, asking for money for child’s school trip, asking to not pay support this time because of financial duress, call to discuss child’s good / bad grades / behavior (resulting in available conversation option with the child).

* Pets!! ‘Custody’ discussions and visits for our fluffy friends, too. Not finished yet for lack of time but well started.

* The Financial Decisions! Amicable separations will discuss splitting of finances. Unamicable situations will have court decide if more funds need to be moved around or not. Criteria are each household’s wealth, who has custody (if children exist), and careers.

* The Child Support thing. I was not planning to go crazy in depth on that as other mods have that feature, but you know, your basic ‘must give x amount of money every x period of time’, so I went simple. But. I want to make it so that some parents can fail / refuse to pay because unfortunately these things happen. If I do that, I also need to add consequences, etc. So. This piece needs a lot more time so I can figure out exactly how crazy or not crazy to go with it and implement in consequence. If other mods already have these aspects etc, let me know and I will stick to simple.

* And of course, the doable stuff that higher tiers are suggesting in the dedicated post.

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