RPO: ‘Quality of Life’ – type update (May 30 patrons; June 10 public)

*  New options under ‘General Management’ to Send Sim to Other Household or Bring Sim into Current Household.

* New cheat under ‘Reproductive health’ to easily & quickly switch impregnation attributes. Lots of people in mod support seemed in need of something like that.

* Fixes for grandchildren preferences, which weren’t working or showing moodlets.

* Fix for infants unable to return normally from custody visits

* Fix for all household transfers: for those who have “Growing Together”, sending a sim to another household (for custody visit for example) will mark the other household as ‘Played’ if not already, so your Sim doesn’t loose their milestones. Also, babies already in correct household at custody decision should not try to leave.

* WTD Cheats: improved and now also available on other Sims, not just the active one.


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