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Wonder when one of my mod was last updated, and what for? You’ll find all your answers here!

January 2021

WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul v2.15

January 17:
  • Fixed an error that would occur for people who didn’t keep the cheating module.

January 9:

– Fixed an issue with cheating confessions of all sorts not going through properly for users who didn’t have Open Love Life Installed. This was a weird bug that took a while to figure out but it’s all good now.

January 7:
Blocked or limited some interactions from showing up as a suggestion on the front page of pie menus (such as “Ask to Not use Condoms” etc.)
– Added a little system for Sims to be able to “Confess to Kissing Another” – if kissing happened but no WooHoo.

January 3:

Fixed an ISSUE that started with v2, in which Sims with the Family Oriented or Hate Children traits would possibly end up with 2 pregnancy wishes.
If this happened to one of your Sims – just re assign them a pregnancy wish manually, it will fix it.
Also: fixed a missing text + fixed “Make Sim Infertile” that was now appearing in the wrong place.

January 2:

  • Fixed family leave not showing

December 2020

WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul


Improved and expanded the cheating sentiment system of the cheating module. 

Remember, the cheating module changed the game’s system for heating sentiments, making it so that Sim don’t get the same sentiment from witnessing WooHoo or witnessing flirting.

Now, I have further developed this system, as I have found more things in the game that in my opinion needed tweaking. Details below.

 A. Expanding Sentiment situations. The vanilla game does not give cheating sentiments to Sims if the Sim cheating is doing it with a boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse, because of the technical conundrum that is the jealousy system of the game. It took me till now to figure that out since I was doing all my tests between married couples. The mod now changes the vanilla game behavior, so if a Sim has two girlfriends in secret and one catches him with the other, they’ll be able to get the cheating sentiments – and the cheating-related interactions.

B. Expanding who can get a sentiment from witnessing kissing and flirting – therefore expanding who gets interactions from the cheating module. 

In the vanilla game, Sims who are Soulmates but NOT gf / bf / spouse seeing their soulmate flirt / kiss another will not get a sentiment. Now they will get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

In the vanilla game, Sims who are under the Soulmate level but have a positive romance bar, and are not married, may get no sentiment from witnessing flirting. Now they can get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

Sims between 30 and 50 romance still have a good chance of not getting a cheating sentiment upon witnessing flirting as they just don’t care enough for that.

C. Changed duration of cheating sentiments. I left the game ones alone – but shortened the ‘flirting’ one from my cheating module, as well as the ‘kissing’ one (longer that the ‘flirting’ one still). Both of those are shorter than the game’s cheating sentiments. This makes sense to me because the faults are different levels of betrayal.


Added 5 possible cheating reasons to the list. Also, Sims for whom choice pop ups are turned off will not get the cheating reasons pop-up when ‘Asked about Reasons for Cheating”, but rather the Sim will pick one by themselves.

NOTE that some cheating reasons are available only when contextually relevant. For example, only Sims who have been cheated on first will be able to say they cheated out of revenge. Or, only Sims who have had only one partner in life will be able to say that they cheated out of curiosity of ever sleeping with someone else.

WW users will now see that when they ‘mark a Sim as WooHoo’d With Recently’ with my cheat, it will also now be taken into account by the Cheating Module.

Updated the mod to support as much as possible the new relationship types added to Open Love Life today.


BUG FIX FOR ‘Pregnancy Wishes Changing Over Time’:
I accidentally left the ‘changing pregnancy wish’ option on debug mode which made it re-calcuate wishes every minute or so. If you use that feature please grab the mod again. So sorry!

Announcement 1: There MAY be a MOD CONFLICT between something and my cheating module. If it’s not working for you, try the game without mods other than mine and test cheating. It should work fine. Exit without saving, put mods back in, see if it still works or not. Feel free to report to me for any findings or any issues. I am happy to reply to everyone and always trying to help.

Some Sims weren’t getting the stuff from the new cheating module, now everyone will have everything!

DECEMBER 26: Added the cheating module.

Read all about it here 🙂 

DELETE the cheating module from Contextual Social Interactions if you have it; this takes over.

DECEMBER 23: Very Important Fix for Time-Changing Wishes


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