Paternity Testing & Drama – a Sims 4 Mod

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection, Mod 4

Description of Paternity testing – related features


———————– How the system works ———————–

How the System Works

Requirements for the Paternity System to Trigger

If a pregnant Sim WooHoo’d with only one other recently:

If a pregnant Sim recently WooHoo’d with several who can impregnate:

What the lovers of the pregnant Sim can do, prior to knowing for sure

———————– Notes on Test Results ———————–

Notes on Test Results

Finding Out by Elimination Processes

New Possibilities After the Test


———————– Reactions to Finding Things Out ———————–

Different relationship configurations and pregnancy wishes give different reactions.

More Info

A fling of a night will be happy to hear they’re not the dad, but a husband certainly may not.
Therefore, Moodlets from the paternity test and some other interactions (most notably, being told that they are / are not / may not be the father) depend on whether the test is positive or negative, and on whether the relationship is: Non-Exclusive Official with a partner who wants children, Non-Exclusive official with a partner who does not want children, Non-Official, or Exclusive Official.

———————– After Discovering The Truth ———————–

After Discovering the Truth

Jealousy and Cheating

Sims who impregnated may accept or reject being a parent to the child

“Admit getting another Pregnant” and “Tell Sim you got their spouse pregnant”

Interactions relating to the children

———– Timeframes and System Reset ————-

Long story short: The system is in place until the next pregnancy.

More Info under the Cut

The next pregnancy resets it, to the exception of  knowing they’ve been cheated on (seen in the rel panel with their partner, which will unlock interactions in the rest of pt3 of this mod) and knowing the child is not theirs / is theirs (visible in the rel panel with the child, will also unlock stuff) – beware, this one will only happen if not being the father is discovered during pregnancy (I’m adding in a way for the mother to admit later on to her child and / or partner and all this having effect).These facts remain.  

What this means: Testing and interactions can be performed during pregnancy and after birth.

There are some small procedural differences but overall it’s almost the same. Just be aware:

The moment your Sim finds out about being pregnant again with a new child, the system resets to apply to the new pregnancy.

What if a pregnancy is terminated through another Mod?

If your Sim gets a termination of pregnancy from another mod and not mine, I advise doing the following right after: go the the ‘actions’ menu, then WooHoo Wellness Settings, then click ‘Remove All Paternity Testing Markers’

———– Impact on Children & Family Dynamics ————-

More things planned to be added on this, in addition to what is already described on this page.

———– Notes, Issues, Limitations ————-

The game spoils who’s the father at birth. Your Sim will still be clueless, but if you wanted to not know, that’s ruined. I may change that too.