WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, Module #9

—- Sim Puts child for adoption —-

For babies, toddlers and children.

  • Ask partner, if any, about putting child for adoption,
  • reaction chosen by the player if pop-ups are on, by preferences and chance otherwise.
  • Put child for adoption (you choose which family they go to).
  • Reactions depending on pregnancy wish.

Sims who want children will react more strongly.

The parents will get a choice of 3  moodlets related to this for 2+ days afterwards, at random, as they think back on it.


Choice to give child to Foster System or Sim World Agency for Adoption. The former doesn’t give the adoptive family any info regarding the birth parents, and doesn’t let them choose to whom the child should go. The Agency, however, lets the player choose where the child will go, and allows for contact.

—- Sim Adopts a Child —-

Discuss with partner if any.

Adopt, either through Foster (less choice, much cheaper and no selection – basically instant like the game’s system, to leave people an ‘out’) or Sim World Agency for Adoption (selective, includes application process and assessment on various things, includes a home visit; at the end, chooses a child for you, but lets you pick yourself if you would rather).

During the visit, your Sim gets assessed on wealth, housing, household, career, social links, outfit. 

You are supposed to go through the options when prompted. 

The Adoption Agent should stick close to your Sim’s mailbox and return there shortly after going other places, so they’re always easy to locate. 

Once you’ve completed the event objectives, you can keep chatting or end the even by closing it 🙂

Your Sim will get buffs depending on the Adoption Agent assessment of their situation for each criteria. 

Once the visit is over, the wait begins.

I think it’s easy enough to get accepted.

NOT READY YET: Interactions to enable bio parents to stay in touch with adopting family and reveal themselves to the child later if family agrees. Interactions to tell family / friends about adopting away your child and sentiment reactions.

Looking for one’s biological parents

Sims adopted at baby and toddler age will not know they’re adopted until their parents tell them. Sims adopted at ‘Child’ age will know.

Later in life, if told about their adoptee status, Sims can decide to interact or not with birth parents. If the biological parent put them for adoption through the Sim World Agency for Adoption, the Sim’s adoptive parent has all the info needed to contact the biological parent and the adopted Sim simply will have to ask their parent. If the Sim was given to the Sim Foster System however, that information won’t be available. The Sim will be able to engage in procedures to try to find their biological parents regardless but might fail.

If a Sim has found info about their biological parent, they can contact them and decide to meet in person, in a ‘social event’ of sorts in which the Sim will be able to ask why they were given for adoption and all that.

Similarly, if a parent wishes to find their child whom they gave for adoption, the same process will apply. Parents who gave their child for adoption with the Sim World Agency for Adoption can contact the adopting family at any time to ask for news and ask if the child has been told they’ve been adopted. If yes, the parent can ask for a visit. The child will either accept or not, if they do, the same process of meeting and explaining themselves as is available to the grown-up adopted children will be available.

The Adoption module does not have any compatibility concerns. It is compatible with every mod under the sun.

50 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, Module #9

  1. I know you said that this is compatible with every mod under the sun, so sorry if this is a crazy question but is the fostering compatible with the LittleMsSam foster mod? Also when do you think it will be released publicly?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is compatible, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be, my module just adds alternative ways to adopt, doesn’t touch any game stuff, it’s just new added tuning.
      It goes public around the 20th of April


      1. When will this module be fully finished by chance?
        (Sorry if it’s an annoying question)


  2. Where do I click on to adopt? I don’t see it. I see an advance wheel that says you must discuss with your partner, but it is grayed out and I can’t select anything.


  3. Hello, Lumpinou

    I wanted to knows, when is the module get release for the public ?

    Thanks you have a nice day 😘


    1. Translations totally depend on translators, I have no control over that. If someone wants to translate, they do. I haven’t had anyone reach out with a Czech translation yet :/


  4. does the bio parents search work with adopted children from the phone? or did the kids have to be adopted through the mod?


  5. My sims and their partner agreed to give their child up for adoption before the child was born. It seems now that the child is born, I am not given the option to do so. May you assist?


    1. Whether born or not doesn’t impact that agreement. Clicking on the child, you should see the adoption menu, unless another child was adopted away in the meantime…


    1. How old is the parent? If teen, re download the mod. If adult – make sure the bassinet is accessible, even just walk the sim close to it first and then try


    1. Yes it would be under ‘family and Pregnancy’, on your sim and on other Sims depending on what option you are looking for. What is it that you are trying to do?


  6. I had an idea with your mod. Perhaps in the future you will be able to do this. The father left the family, and the mother died. One of the adult children wants to give up his younger brothers for adoption. Is it possible to do this with your mod? Or do you need to part with them in the old fashioned way? And another thought. If the father is gone, is it possible to think of a mechanism for finding him as a search for biological parents? I’m sorry for my awful english


  7. If my sim is a young adult, makes a good amount of money, lives by herself, as a house valued at 130000 simpletons, has good skills, but not a lot of money (only 3k) , does she have a good chance of getting approved for sim world adoption?


      1. She has two good friends from uni, and has good relationships with her 3 sisters, two brothers, and her mom and dad. Aside from that, she has many acquaintances, and no enemy’s or disliked people. She hasn’t gotten a job yet, but she is about to attend her graduation ceremony for a normal degree in psychology, after the ceremony she will become employed in the education career (professor branch).


  8. Also how can “I dress to impress” for the in-home visit? Is there a certain style I should go for?


  9. I’m unable to tell my sim they are adopted. I’ve reuploaded it multiple times but I don’t see a pregnancy and wellness option when clicking on adopted child.


  10. For storytelling purposed, is it possible to say a sim that is teen and older is adopted? my sims have already grown up before I even found out about this mod 😦


    1. I will add ways to do this kind of thing soon, to some extent; it’ll still be a manual process but with instructions it won’t be hard for people to use


      1. Thanks! My teen sim will almost grow up, he has two dads but he didn’t “really” adopt him in game, I made all three of them in CAS but I want the kid to know that he’s adopted (which is pretty obvious bc he has 2 dads I know) but I still would love that he knows he has biological parents somewhere (which Im planning on creating in CAS and putting them in the world)

        Sorry for my english and I hope I make sense!


  11. Hi, I adopted a child through foster. Told him he was adopted when he was a teen. where can i find the options to search for his birth parents? I saw in the discription for this module that he can do research to find them? 🙂


  12. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is conflicting with another mod but my sim doesn’t have the option to reveal their child is adopted. The child in question is of teen age. Any idea what going on?


  13. Love this mod, but I’m having an issue with something. My Sim was adopted as a baby via the Foster system and told as a teen she was adopted, but there are no options for her to look for her birth parents that I can see. I’ve looked at her own menu’s but there’s no option relating to her own adoption


    1. Maybe the parent died and therefore the hale can’t find them. This is a situation I will need a way to offset in a future update but as if now it may happen thus way…


      1. Hi! First of all I love your mod it’s wonderful! I just had a question about adopted children/teens: I adopted a child and when I click on “contact birth parents” nothing happens, is it normal?


    2. If this happens all the time even if you cheat test by aging up the child then please let me know as that would translate some other issue. Thanks


  14. Hello! I just downloaded this mod bc I wanted to give my sims baby up for adoption and have that whole interaction with Baby’s father. The adoption options/menu are not showing up when clicking on sims or infant babies. I had the baby whisked away to a family in game bc I have Whicked Whims on. Is there anything I need to do to get this mod to work? Thank you!


      1. Thank you for your reply! I read back over the directions and realized I deleted the core files. Thank you for being responsive and an awesome creator?

        One question, your Adoption Module 9 mod will not work on babies born through WW interactions only base game woohoo interactions?

        Thank you!


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