Adoption Expansion & Overhaul – a Sims 4 Mod

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul, Mod #9


—- Option 1: Sim Puts child for adoption —-

For babies, toddlers and children.

  • Ask partner, if any, about putting child for adoption,
  • reaction chosen by the player if pop-ups are on, by preferences and chance otherwise.
  • Put child for adoption (you choose which family they go to).
  • Reactions depending on pregnancy wish.

Sims who want children will react more strongly.

The parents will get a choice of 3  moodlets related to this for 2+ days afterwards, at random, as they think back on it.


Choice to give child to Foster System or Sim World Agency for Adoption. The former doesn’t give the adoptive family any info regarding the birth parents, and doesn’t let them choose to whom the child should go. The Agency, however, lets the player choose where the child will go, and allows for contact.


—- Option 2: Sim Adopts a Child —-

Discuss with partner if any.

Adopt, either through Foster (less choice, much cheaper and no selection – basically instant like the game’s system, to leave people an ‘out’) or Sim World Agency for Adoption (selective, includes application process and assessment on various things, includes a home visit; at the end, chooses a child for you, but lets you pick yourself if you would rather).

During the visit, your Sim gets assessed on wealth, housing, household, career, social links, outfit

You are supposed to go through the options when prompted. 

The Adoption Agent should stick close to your Sim’s mailbox and return there shortly after going other places, so they’re always easy to locate. 

Once you’ve completed the event objectives, you can keep chatting or end the even by closing it 🙂

Your Sim will get buffs depending on the Adoption Agent assessment of their situation for each criteria. 

Once the visit is over, the wait begins.

I think it’s easy enough to get accepted.


Looking for one’s biological parents

Sims adopted at baby and toddler age will not know they’re adopted until their parents tell them. Sims adopted at ‘Child’ age will know.

Later in life, if told about their adoptee status, Sims can decide to interact or not with birth parents. If the biological parent put them for adoption through the Sim World Agency for Adoption, the Sim’s adoptive parent has all the info needed to contact the biological parent and the adopted Sim simply will have to ask their parent. If the Sim was given to the Sim Foster System however, that information won’t be available. The Sim will be able to engage in procedures to try to find their biological parents regardless but might fail.

If a Sim has found info about their biological parent, they can contact them and decide to meet in person, in a ‘social event’ of sorts in which the Sim will be able to ask why they were given for adoption and all that.

Similarly, if a parent wishes to find their child whom they gave for adoption, the same process will apply. Parents who gave their child for adoption with the Sim World Agency for Adoption can contact the adopting family at any time to ask for news and ask if the child has been told they’ve been adopted. If yes, the parent can ask for a visit. The child will either accept or not, if they do, the same process of meeting and explaining themselves as is available to the grown-up adopted children will be available.

The Adoption module does not have any compatibility concerns. It is compatible with every mod under the sun.