WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, Module #10


This post is a rough description of the features in development.


——–  II. Module 10: Make Up and Break Up ——–

The big lines:

– ‘Separated’ status in between full on broken-up / divorced and being in a couple.
Sims under that status will have high failure of any romantic attempt; they’re taking a break, taking their distances hoping to either find how to fix their relationship, or find the clarity that it needs to be left behind. More about what they can do below.

Custody, visiting rights, child support, in case of permanent separations

Splitting of estate / funds, in case of permanent separations

Co-Parenting Elements

Amicable or non-amicable permanent separations

Trying to make up, to save relationships

– Adding impact of the 5 love languages in trying to fix a relationship

The detail of what’s in development:

‘Separated’ status in between full on broken-up / divorced and being in a couple

o Sims can agree (or impose) to separate  / take a break

o Upon this happening, the Sim asking for the separation will explain why.

o Separated Sims are keeping track of what happens during the separation; they each have a feeling about each other that will improve or worsen depending on what happens during the separation, guiding whether they should eventually make up or break up.

o One of the Sims can decide to (or be asked to) go stay somewhere else temporarily, or to outright move out, to make the separation easier, as there may be negative sentiments in the air that will participate in wrecking the relationship further…

o Separated Sims can contact each other – either nicely or not

o They can also meet in person and use various interactions to try to work through their issues (try to discuss issues peacefully, say something nice about each other, try to change, apologize, etc etc). Each of these interactions can have more or less successful results.

o They can focus on learning each other’s love language and try to communicate with each other better.

o Separated Sims will often think about the state of their relationship and try to figure out what to do

o Separated Sims can consult counselors and psychics to try and figure out what to do

o Separated Sims can talk to family and friends about this and gather advice

o Separated Sims can also explain to their children what is happening. Children who have a good relationship with their parent’s partner will be sad, angry or shocked; if they don’t have a good relaitonship (like with a stepmother for example), it won’t impact them as much.

They can, once ready decide to try to patch up / stay together, or decide to simply end the relationship permanently.

Even if they eventually decide to stay together, Sims may decide to refuse to move back in if they feel it is too soon.

Custody battles, visiting rights, court rulings about splitting possessions, all that

o Upon divorcing or taking a permanent separation, Sims can demand custody, which may be accepted or may lead to a court hearing.

– They can also offer to amicably share custody if this is an amicable separation.

o Court decides who should have custody based on various criteria such as employment, housing, etc.

o Visiting rights may be granted, in which case sims can ask to see their children / take the children to their other parent whenever wanted. This is less awkward if the relationship ended amicably 😊

When visiting another parent, children may be happy or annoyed (sometimes they just want to be ‘at home’) – annoyance being more likely for teens.

o There are a few secret options reserved for Evil / mean Sims 😉 should they be available for everyone? These sims may go to extreme lengths to get what they want, such as getting a spouse to feed a cowplant hoping the plant will be in a bad mood that day, trying to go visit Sixam together and leaving them behind, and other terrible schemes.

Co-Parenting Elements

o In addition to being able to have the child go to the other parent, there are occasional phone calls / happenings to / from the other parent regarding the children, asking to take action or just giving information. For example, there is a school trip for one of the kids, and the other parent is asked for a bit of money to help cover the costs of the school trip. Or, the sim must work extra and wonders if the other parent can take the kids that night.

o Child Support and similar monetary concerns. Separated Sims will participate towards the financial charge of their growing children.

Amicable or non-amicable divorces

o Break-Ups and divorces can be attempted amicably. If one of the parties involved is against the divorce, it may still go sour, but there is a good chance that the amicable approach makes things easier for both sims involved. They can this way stay in good terms and have special interactions.

– In case of amicable separations, no bad sentiments will come.
Sims who divorced amicably and maintain very high levels of friendship can later on (after an initial period of ‘absolutely no chance at all for any sort of romance whatsoever’) wonder about what would have happened had they not divorced, offer each other to WooHoo for good old days’ sake, or even offer to re-marry.

Trying to make up and save relationships

o Sims who are under the ‘separated’ status have the opportunity to save their relationship before it moves to full-on break up or divorce!

– Adding impact of the 5 love languages

o For each Sim, you can choose a dominant love language. These are also auto generated. Sims can of course ask each other about those etc.

– The love languages may be an asset for Sims trying to save their relationship, or further drown the relationship.

o At first, the love languages will apply only when trying to reconquer someone in the current module. This feature will be expanded to be taken into account throughout the game later on and become its own mini-module aka Add-On 😊 Add-Ons are going to be parts of the mod smaller than full Modules but still with a far reaching impact game-wise. The Romantic Trust module, I think I will also end up calling an add-on; and the Teen Pregnancy module is to be expanded and will be soon, otherwise I’d also maybe have shifted it to that category.

Other little things:

– Sims will now be able to ask love interests about past love experiences and if the sim has had a divorce / broke up with someone, they will be able to talk about it and say how it went.

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