Relationship& Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WooHoo Wellness), Module #10


——–  II. Module 10: Separations ——–

– ‘Separated’ status in between full on broken-up / divorced and being in a couple.
Sims under that status will have high failure of any romantic attempt; they’re taking a break, taking their distances hoping to either find how to fix their relationship, or find the clarity that it needs to be left behind. More about what they can do below.

Custody, visiting rights, child support, in case of permanent separations

Splitting of estate / funds, in case of permanent separations

Co-Parenting Elements (upcoming)

Amicable or non-amicable permanent separation

‘Separated’ status in between full on broken-up / divorced and being in a couple

o Sims can agree (or impose) to separate  / take a break


o Separated Sims are keeping track of what happens during the separation; they each have a feeling about each other that will improve or worsen depending on what happens during the separation, guiding whether they should eventually make up or break up.

o One of the Sims can decide to (or be asked to) go stay somewhere else temporarily, or to outright move out, to make the separation easier, as there may be negative sentiments in the air that will participate in wrecking the relationship further…

o Separated Sims can contact each other – either nicely or not, with resulting random dialogs.

o They can also meet in person and use various interactions to try to work through their issues (try to discuss issues peacefully, say something nice about each other, try to change, apologize, etc etc). Each of these interactions can have more or less successful results.

o Once the “Love Languages” module of this modis out, they will be able to focus on learning each other’s love language and try to communicate with each other better.

o Separated Sims will often think about the state of their relationship and try to figure out what to do

o Separated Sims can talk to family and friends about this and gather advice

o Separated Sims can also explain to their children what is happening. Children who have a good relationship with their parent’s partner will be sad, angry or shocked; if they don’t have a good relaitonship (like with a stepmother for example), it won’t impact them as much.

Couple’s counselling for separated sims is still planned and will likely replace Road to Romance’s counselling function, adding more depth to it etc.

They can, once ready decide to try to patch up / stay together, or decide to simply end the relationship permanently.

Even if they eventually decide to stay together, Sims may decide to refuse to move back in if they feel it is too soon.


for half a day after entering the separated status, the Sim in question won’t be able to engage in any romantic interaction with each other. They just split up they’re not going to be lovey are they?!! After that time, they will be able to again if wanted.

– During that time period, these two sims should also be much less likely to autonomously decide to interact with each other.

– when the temporary separation is instated, the Sims will lose their most positive moodlets (the happy mood for example will jump out the window) because this is a SAD time!!

– The Sims will not be able to ask each other to get back together again until they have reached about 25 points in the common ‘reconciliation’ metric.

The result of asking to get back together depends on this metric, which is shared by both systems, but also on another metric which is individual and different between the two.

– If a Sim he decides to go stay somewhere else, and he decides to make them return home before the separated status is removed, they must use the ‘send home from vacation’ interaction.

o Break-Ups and divorces can be attempted amicably. If one of the parties involved is against the divorce, it may still go sour, but there is a good chance that the amicable approach makes things easier for both sims involved. They can this way stay in good terms and have special interactions.

– In case of amicable separations, no bad sentiments will come.

Upon divorcing, the Sim asking for the separation will explain why.

o NOT READY YET: In future updates, tying in to another mod I am developping (Law and Disorder), there will be a few secret options reserved for Evil / mean Sims 😉 should they be available for everyone? These sims may go to extreme lengths to get what they want, such as getting a spouse to feed a cowplant hoping the plant will be in a bad mood that day, trying to go visit Sixam together and leaving them behind, and other terrible schemes.

If the separation is AMICABLE: Sims will discuss custody and the player will decide it.

If the separations is NOT AMICABLE: sims will go to court and custody will be decided on factors such as income, housing, child’s preference, and a bit of chance.

NOTE: if you want to decide outcomes for a not amicable separation, or have random outcomes for an amicable one – use the interactions under “Actions” which let you do that by using “Go to court” if amicable, or “Discuss Custody” if not amicable.

NOTE 2: You can cancel custody arrangements (and then later re-do them from the “actions” menu) under ‘custody’ when clicking your own played sim.

NOTE 3: Auto removal of custody: Normally, once a child ages up to Young Adult, custody for them should be automatically removed. If Sims re-marry their ex, permanent separation and custody will also be removed.

NOTE 4: Custody availability: available to married sims, Significant Others, and any Sim separating through my system, directly under the normal menus. For other cases (parents with no relationship, etc), so long as they had a child together after this mod was installed, they should have the options under ‘Actions’ instead of under the normal menus.

o When visiting another parent, children may be happy or annoyed (sometimes they just want to be ‘at home’) – annoyance being more likely for teens.

General note about custody visits: Many things in the game may happen to make it so that a child will not transfer back exactly at the planned time, because the process could not happen right then. Don’t panic, there are plenty of fail-safe systems built in so that the transfer will be attempted again until it goes through.

– more detail on custody visit (timed): timed one-time visits are extremely effective at sending the child back to its starting household. If a sim is at work or something else at the time of transfer, and prevents the transfer from happening, no worries! Invite on lot the other parent and the child will transfer back. You could also travel, reload household, etc, the kid will transfer no problem. There is also an interaction to ‘send child back early’ or ‘get child back early‘ which can also be used for that, if you don’t want to invite sims or reload etc.

more detail on custody visits (cyclical / shared custody): those might fail to send the kid back right away a bit more often. If a child on shared custody / cyclical visit is not getting sent back / coming back right at the end of the visit, just either invite the other parent / the child on lot, reload your household or load the household with the child. This should bring the child back to its family of origin. You can also use an interaction to ‘end scheduled visit early‘ by clicking on the custody parent, or on the visiting child, depending on which household you are playing.

If using this system, you must accept and understand that delays may happen and the time frames indicated are minimums and will be used if the game can let processes through, but visits may pan out over longer if the game failed to apply transfer processes at the scheduled time.

Child Support

  • If you don’t remove the ‘Child Support Trigger’ file, child support will be determined upon ‘Settling Estate’ during a separation.
  • It is based on who has custody.
  • You can cancel child support for a child at any time from the “custody” menu.
  • Upon age-up to Young Adult, it should cancel automatically.

o Child Support and similar monetary concerns. Separated Sims will participate towards the financial charge of their growing children.

(UPCOMING) Co-Parenting Elements

o NOT READY YET: this bit is not released yet. In addition to being able to have the child go to the other parent, there are occasional phone calls / happenings to / from the other parent regarding the children, asking to take action or just giving information. For example, there is a school trip for one of the kids, and the other parent is asked for a bit of money to help cover the costs of the school trip. Or, the sim must work extra and wonders if the other parent can take the kids that night.

  • You can remove custody arrangements or child support for any child under ‘family and pregnancy’ then ‘custody’. (you can then re-do custody under ‘actions’ when clicking on the ex if you want).
  • You can switch permanent separation mood (amicable or angry) by clicking on the ex, going under ‘actions’ then ‘woohoo wellness mod’.
  • You can remove a permanent separation by clicking on the ex, going under ‘actions’ then ‘woohoo wellness mod’.

38 thoughts on “Relationship& Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WooHoo Wellness), Module #10

  1. This is amazing. I have been waiting for a mod like this for a long time, your a genius. all we need now is a househusband and housewife mod to compliment the woohoo wellness.

  2. Does the child support payment conflict with MCCC child support or is it enough to just turn that one just off?

  3. SO excited for this. Your mod is truly a life saver honestly. Thank you so much for all the hard work, I’m gonna keep checking back for updates!!!

      1. Excuse me, I have a question is this a separate mod or it’s part of woohoo-wellness- pregnancy overhaul.

  4. love love love your Mod!!! Is there a release date for the module with courts yet?

  5. This says that it would be released by the end of May. Is there a new release time for it. I’m so excited and this would be perfect for one of my families.

    1. There’s delays and I don’t know when it’ll be out. The separated / get back together or not part is very advanced and will come out first separately but I can’t say when exactly

  6. I absolutely love your mods, as i’ve mentioned before. I’m sooo soo looking forward to this, I absolutely cannot wait I keep checking if its available lol. I understand taking a break, I appreciate all your mods and hard work! Take the time you need <3

  7. I hope things are going alright I love your mod a lot it really helps my sims out.

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  10. I am very new to using mods but I absolutely love yours. I am “patiently” waiting for the new module to come out! HAHA!! Thank you for making The Sims a more realistic and fun experience.

  11. when i settle the estate it just moves a lump sum and i have no options for child support. is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong?

  12. i love your mod! it’s really enjoyable and making the game a lot more realistic. but i have one question about funds – how exactly are they divided between partners before divorce?

  13. I’ve been loving this mod so far!! I only have one issue– my Sim recently divorced and got custody of her kids, but when the kids ask to go visit their father, nothing happens after I click that she should arrange a visit?

      1. Whenever I go to the mom, it only shows “reset custody”, no option to schedule a visit :/

  14. hi. my only problem so far is for the divorce options they’re all blank for me. like i cant see any of the options. i didnt know if you knew why this was happening. thank you!

    1. You either have an older version of the mod still somewhere in your Mods Folder, or you are using a translation and it is outdated 🙂

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