Temporary Separations – a Sims 4 Mod

RPO Collection Mod 6 – Temporary Separations
Have your Sims take a relationship break and try to figure things out before fully breaking up or reconciling.


Temporary Separation

‘Separated’ status in between full on broken-up / divorced and being in a couple

o Sims can agree (or impose) to separate  / take a break

During the “Temporary” Separation

o Separated Sims are keeping track of what happens during the separation; they each have a feeling about each other that will improve or worsen depending on what happens during the separation, guiding whether they should eventually make up or break up.

o One of the Sims can decide to (or be asked to) go stay somewhere else temporarily, or to outright move out, to make the separation easier, as there may be negative sentiments in the air that will participate in wrecking the relationship further…

o Separated Sims can contact each other – either nicely or not, with resulting random dialogs.

o They can also meet in person and use various interactions to try to work through their issues (try to discuss issues peacefully, say something nice about each other, try to change, apologize, etc etc). Each of these interactions can have more or less successful results.

o Once the “Love Languages” module of this modis out, they will be able to focus on learning each other’s love language and try to communicate with each other better.

o Separated Sims will often think about the state of their relationship and try to figure out what to do

o Separated Sims can talk to family and friends about this and gather advice

o Separated Sims can also explain to their children what is happening. Children who have a good relationship with their parent’s partner will be sad, angry or shocked; if they don’t have a good relaitonship (like with a stepmother for example), it won’t impact them as much.

Couple’s counselling for separated sims is still planned and will likely replace Road to Romance’s counselling function, adding more depth to it etc.


They can, once ready decide to try to patch up / stay together, or decide to simply end the relationship permanently.

Even if they eventually decide to stay together, Sims may decide to refuse to move back in if they feel it is too soon.


for half a day after entering the separated status, the Sim in question won’t be able to engage in any romantic interaction with each other. They just split up they’re not going to be lovey are they?!! After that time, they will be able to again if wanted.

– During that time period, these two sims should also be much less likely to autonomously decide to interact with each other.

– when the temporary separation is instated, the Sims will lose their most positive moodlets (the happy mood for example will jump out the window) because this is a SAD time!!

– The Sims will not be able to ask each other to get back together again until they have reached about 25 points in the common ‘reconciliation’ metric.

The result of asking to get back together depends on this metric, which is shared by both systems, but also on another metric which is individual and different between the two.

– If a Sim he decides to go stay somewhere else, and he decides to make them return home before the separated status is removed, they must use the ‘send home from vacation’ interaction.




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