Law and Disorder: A Sims 4 mod for a Maxis-Match Justice System

(January 2023: I’m back to working on this)

(ideas below might be subject to change!)

Sims go about doing all sorts of illegal or misdemeanor-like things without anything happening in consequence and it is time for that to change! With this mod, Sims will have reasons to think twice about doing whatever they’re planning to do before they do it as they could get in trouble for it.

  • Possible judiciary consequences for various actions in game (be they outright crime or just indecency) such as: stealing, bribing, blackmailing, running around naked, harming property or others (spellcasters, I see you), spying the observatory to spy on neighbors, wooohooing or peeing in public, fighting, claiming to be a criminal mastermind, being in the criminal career, etc etc. Basically anything and everything that I can find in game that could have repercussions!
  • New criminal actions (in Sim-style, so, no over-realistic violence or anything such)
  • Justice System: court, varied results to complaints & trials, etc. All in a silly maxis-match vibe
  • Criminal Records: Not only may Sims face trouble if they are reported for something or caught doing something reprehensible – but they will have a record.

These are the activities / categories that I want to be tracked, be able to file complaints about or be caught and get in trouble for.

Note 2: remember, this mod is going for a “Maxis-Match” tone. It isn’t going to be deadly serious. It likely could be a little more serious than shown below in the end, though. I’ll see and adjust as I go.

-Note 3: I do intend for this mod to be customizable in various ways.

-Note 4: gameplay should have not only getting in trouble and getting others in trouble, but also some special lot traits, community service and outreach and other such. 

But once again, I don’t want to make this a hyper-realistic work at all. No matter who you ask, just about everyone agrees that justice systems can be very flawed; I’m not here to represent any existing reality.
  I just think it could be a fun addition to the game to have Sims take each other to court over silly things they do, face Sim-like and Sim-appropriate consequences, and have Sims try to wipe that away from their history with other actions. Something of that vibe.
  Some aspects may sound a bit more real (if a baby is vanished away by the sim-cps, adoption through RPO for that same sim may be more likely to fail, for example), but overall I’m not feeling the hyper-realism vibe on that one.

25 thoughts on “Law and Disorder: A Sims 4 mod for a Maxis-Match Justice System

  1. Please tell me you can put in some kind of repercussion – even just a social one – for random sims walking up to your lot and knocking all your trash over. I literally lock my trashcan in a tiny fence every game to prevent this.

  2. Oh man Law and disorder is going to be awesome! It’s be cool to include some of the other adult mods in ways to get in trouble

  3. OMG that sounds so appealing, can’t wait for your new mod ! Take care of yourself and thank u for your hard sim work 😉

  4. First of all, you are my favourite modder. I don’t know what I would do without your mods, thank you so much for all of your hard work. Your work is truly amazing please continue. Also, I’m sorry about your hand injury, no pressure but I am constantly checking here for updates about this particular mod. Can’t wait! Take your time and get better first though 🙂

  5. Hey there. I’m very interested on this one and been following for a while for any news on this one. is this mod still a WIP?

  6. I love your work, This a suggestion, you could add a lawsuit part to it. Where you can sue any sim and have different reasons

  7. Excited for this. Your mods make the game soo much better, I can’t imagine playing without Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul anymore, EVER.

  8. ooh, i cant wait until this is a reality. you come up with the best mods to make our games more realistic. thank you so much for all your hard work.

  9. im hella hyped for this!!! especially since this is the only mod of that genre i’ve heard of! have u started yet? is it a difficult mod to make? i have no idea how to mod so i admire u for taking on such a task <3

  10. This mod is going to add so much to my gameplay and the stories I can tell in the sims when it’s done! I’m glad to hear it hasn’t been scrapped, and I hope your arm heals quickly! 😀 I’ve got ideas for mods focused around prison/jail (mostly that would be helpful to me in making my own stories) so if ideas around that are welcome/needed, I could send them. I’m just not sure how complicated they would be to implement, or if they’d even be possible, lol

    1. Early previews and news etc are on patreon – only 🙂
      This site is for descriptions of mods that are released, and has some place holder pages but I don’t update those until release

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