Law and Disorder: A mod for a Maxis-Match Justice System

(Mod expected around late fall – winter 2021 – experiencing delays due to arm injuries!)

Sims go about doing all sorts of illegal or misdemeanor-like things without anything happening in consequence and it is time for that to change! With this mod, Sims will have reasons to think twice about doing whatever they’re planning to do before they do it as they could get in trouble for it.

  • Possible judiciary consequences for various actions in game (be they outright crime or just indecency) such as: stealing, bribing, blackmailing, running around naked, harming property or others (spellcasters, I see you), spying the observatory to spy on neighbors, wooohooing or peeing in public, fighting, claiming to be a criminal mastermind, being in the criminal career, etc etc. Basically anything and everything that I can find in game that could have repercussions!
  • New criminal actions (in Sim-style, so, no over-realistic violence or anything such)
  • Justice System: court, varied results to complaints & trials, etc. Invitations for jury duty.
  • Prison / jail time, visiting and calling Sims in jail, probation, releases on bail.
  • Criminal Records: Not only may Sims face trouble if they are reported for something or caught doing something reprehensible – but they will have a record. This will play in their favor or against them in future troubles and if they themselves take someone to trial; it will also have consequences on other mods of mine (such as when a Sim is filling an adoption application, or when a Sim is trying to get custody of children in a divorce).
  • Adding a form of home burglary because I do miss the burglars from previous games. It won’t be the same but there’s something I can do 🙂
  • More detailed description and feature list to come soon!

5 thoughts on “Law and Disorder: A mod for a Maxis-Match Justice System

  1. Please tell me you can put in some kind of repercussion – even just a social one – for random sims walking up to your lot and knocking all your trash over. I literally lock my trashcan in a tiny fence every game to prevent this.

  2. Oh man Law and disorder is going to be awesome! It’s be cool to include some of the other adult mods in ways to get in trouble

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