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For mod support, the fastest & most efficient way to get a response is to join my Discord Server or if you are a Patron / have a Patreon account, to leave a comment on the Patreon post for the mod concerned.

If you prefer, you can also contact me through the form below, or by leaving a comment. I will see your support request when I next check my email.

I normally reply to everyone!


Note: For the ‘Name’ box, you can use a nickname / internet username if you wish of course!

4 thoughts on “Mod Support

  1. I just wanted to say that you are a rude inconsiderate bitch. I mean…who the fuck do you think you are that you can treat people like shit just because they asked a question about your crappy mods? You may want to climb down off your high horse because, in reality, you are nothing more than an insecure psychotic moron that makes mods for a game. You are not superior to ANYONE, so stop acting as though you are working on the cure for cancer. Take a good look around. There are hundreds of people who do what you do and do it a hell of a lot better than you do. Your mods are buggy as shit. But if sitting around and pretending that you are some kind of badass, talking shit to people while you sit in the comfort of your home, because you know that your ass is safe from being kicked, I guess get your jollies where you can.

    1. Hello there,

      Some context there about where I have been rude and to whom would be really helpful.
      I don’t always put smileys and ‘how are you’ s in my posts (keeping things a little short more often than not is necessary to still have time to work on creating features) but that doesn’t mean my tone is negative or mean or condescending.
      Context would help greatly and if I was rude to someone in an unwarranted manner, I am more than willing to admit it and apologize.

      As for the rest – no, I don’t think I’m a badass in fact. I don’t think either I have the cure for cancer. I’m just making mods for a game, exactly as you said.

      Anyways, I’m sorry you seem to be having a negative experience here, and would love to know what caused it so things can improve in the future.

  2. Everything related to the realistic teen pregnancy is gone. I tried to uninstall the mods and reinstall it, but never actually found where to install anything. I just got into a loop where you go from description to being told to go to patreon, to description to being told to go to patreon and back. I know I did it once, and it used to work fine, but now it’s kind of useless for the story I want to play. There’s no paternity tests either and when I just search paternity tests I get the same damned loop. I was able to restore the busted download, but I’d really like this to work.

    1. Hi!

      A. There is no loop if you slow down a tiny bit, lemme explain. The downloads are on Patreon. That info is plastered everywhere on this site, and once on the Patreon index and then the mod’s post, there are huge banners in several parts of the post, including at the very top, indicating that the downloads are at the bottom of the post. On the Patreon posts, the links to this website scream in bold capital letters that the website has mod descriptions only and that the links are on the Patreon post currently being read.
      Yes the system of splitting the posts is not super practical for anyone, but the mod descriptions are so long they would be completely unnavigable on Patreon.

      As for the mod, it works the same way it has ever. So, you probably have an installation problem. Here are some things to check up:

      0. Is your **game up to date**? *My mods work properly only on the Most Recent versions of the game.*
      1. Are all .package and / or .TS4SCRIPT files for this mod **extracted from archive files?** *(no .zip or .rar in mods folder)*
      2. Are all files **directly in the mods folder OR in one subfolder** in it, but no deeper?
      3. Are **cc mods AND script mods both enabled** in game settings? (must check BOTH) – *in game, in options, under ‘other settings’*
      4. Do you have only **ONE version** of the mod installed at a time and is that version compatible with your game version?

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