RPO Core Library / General Info

(Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod – M0 – core library)

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The RPO Collection mods have many cheats & debug options to help you!

A. Cheats about & on the active Sim

They are in several places. 

– General ones are under ‘General Debug’

– Cheats relating to a particular mod of RPO or function are arranged thematically AND appear only when contextually relevant AND to avoid breaking immersion, are generally not called ‘Cheats’ but ‘Sim’s Status’.

For an example, the ‘Pregnancy’ cheat menu, located under the main ‘pregnancy’ menu:

When Pregnant:

VS when Not Pregnant:

B. Cheats on and about other Sims

They’re located under ‘Actions‘ then ‘RPO Special Actions‘, when clicking another Sim.