Talents & Weaknesses – a Sims 4 Mod

To mark my 1st year modding anniversary, here comes:

A mod for making Sims struggle, shine or stagnate at specific skills

DISCLAIMER: This Mod is NOT about saying a Sim can or cannot learn this or that. It is about saying ‘we’re all different, we don’t all learn the same things at the same speed or with the same amount of effort. We all have our place to shine but not all the same one, or we don’t take the same path to it’. I firmly believe that our differences make the world interesting. I also believe that ‘natural talent’ is just a boost, and that it won’t take you far without actual work and practice; similarly, someone without that extra boost can, by putting in the time and effort, learn and become good and better than a naturally gifted individual who didn’t work as hard. Also, we all have different learning speeds for different things and that’s totally OK! And there are some skills we may never quite acquire, because it just really doesn’t fit how our brain / body works, or because of some limitation we unfortunately have to deal with, but that doesn’t diminish us, and we’ll have some strengths elsewhere. It’s a path of finding ourselves!  

Ever think it odd that your Lazy Sims would easily develop top-level fitness skill? Or your Good Sims becoming masters of Mischief? Want your aspiring professional musician to overcome some difficulty in learning their craft instead of having an easy path to stardom?Not everyone has an easy time learning all skills, not to mention some of us simply stay away from skills that don’t match our personality, and this mod is here to show that in the Sims!

  • Have talents and weaknesses optionally autoassigned to your Sims if wanted;
  • Manually assign and remove weaknesses and talents;
  • Manually disable skill gain for specific Sims & Skills, for more customized personalities!
  • UPCOMING: Optionally prevent Sims from performing some interactions related to a skill whose progress you turned off for them (currently release for Mischief, and in beta for the other BG skills.)
  • UPCOMING: Talent / weakness dichotomy to be added to expansion skills. For now, BG skills + parenting, acting, singing and Dancing have the talent / weakness dichotomy. All skills from all expansions already have the skill gain bock option.


5 thoughts on “Talents & Weaknesses – a Sims 4 Mod

  1. Hi! I have this installed and my sims have been autoassigned strengths/weaknesses, but I don’t have an option on my pie menus to select or change them. Any help?

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