WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1

Pregnancy Preferences and Pregnancy Interactions

———————— Pregnancy Preferences ————————–

Assignment of Pregnancy Preferences
  • All Sims age young adult – adult are automatically given pregnancy preferences (wants children, neutral, does not want children).
  • Preferences can be changed at any time, for the played Sim in the WooHoo Wellness menu, for any other Sim, by clicking on them and going to “Actions” then “WooHoo Wellness Mod”.
  • Preferences can be given manually to teens. If the teen module is installed and a teen who has no assigned preference gets pregnant they are automatically given the ‘Doesn’t Want Children” preference.
Effects of Pregnancy Preferences
  • Preferences affect reaction to pregnancy (one’s own or a partner’s)
  • Preferences affect all trimester moodlets
  • Preferences determine which of the new interactions of this mod are available or not during pregnancy
  • Preferences determine reactions to the new interactions of this mod
  • Preferences control whether or not certain moodlets should appear during pregnancy and around partners.
  • Preferences affect reactions to paternity test results
  • Preferences will soon affect the relationship with the child (updates in development).
  • Clashing preferences in a couple will cause serious tensions when a pregnancy happens.
  • Matching preferences in a couple will make for a harmonious situation.

————————– Interactions ——————————

Pregnancy Interactions for all Sims, no matter preferences
  • Go to Birth Class
  • (Ask to) go to Early Parenthood Class
  • Worry about Providing for the Baby
  • Worry about putting on Pregnancy Weight
  • Organise to provide for the baby
  • Go Buy Something for Upcoming Baby
Additional Interactions for Sims Who don’t want children
  • Announce Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Bemoan not having used protection
  • Discuss hopelessness about future with baby
  • (Ask to) go to counselling for unwnated pregnancy
  • Discuss terminating the Pregnancy
Additional Interactions for Sims who want children
  • Share Big News
  • Talk about baby room decration
  • Enthuse about pregnancy

Sims who are neutral have only the interactions available to all.

———————— Moodlets During Pregnancy ———————–

Joy or Sadness

Moodlets that can be obtained from using during-pregnancy interactions, being in proximity to a partner or just because of being pregnant vary upon pregnancy preferences. See image gallery for examples.

Mood Swings, Cravings, and more.

Pregnant Sims will occasionally get mood swings, cravings, and back pain. When this happens, new interactions unlock (Complain about back pain – partners can ‘Offer massage for Pregnancy Back Pain‘ -, Apologize for Crankiness, Complain about mood swings, Ask for Craved Food, Go get craved Food). The ‘mood swing’ moodlets increase the intensity of sad and angry moodlets overall. NOTE: This can be turned off for individual SIms, under ‘Actions’ then ‘WooHoo Wellness Mod’

————————– Effects After Birth ——————————

See the “Pregnancy Accepance” module.


2 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1

    1. Feel free to tell me which moodlets and then I could. Not easy to spot every typo when you have 1400 lines of text to look at, and that’s just one mod. It always helps if people point out what I miss, with preferably the moodlet name and the context that gave it out. Typing is always hard for me as I am partially disabled.


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