Milestones Expanded – a Sims 4 Mod

Over 50 possible Custom Milestones, plus Moodlets that vary depending on if it’s the first time or not something happens; and social bunny posts.


This is the Description Post. The Download Post is Here.

Some of these are packaged separately as optional.

Became National Leader
Befriended Dolphin
Befriended Toilet
Born In [world] indicator
Came Out
Carried Baby For Another
Child Taken Social Service
Composed Lyrics
Composed Song
Death of a Pet
Death Of Best Friend
Death Of Child
Death Of Grandparent
Death Of Parent
Death Of Pet
Death Of SO
Death Of Sibling
Diagnosed With Permanent WTD
Did Gender Transition Steps
Dropped Out University
Enrolled in University (not ready)
First Kiss (firsts)
First Kiss with someone new
First Messing Around
First Messing Around with Someone New
Gave Child For Adoption
Got Kicked Out By Parents
Got New Sibling
Got divorced
Got Sterilization Surgery (not ready)
Had Alien Baby (not ready)
Had Abortion
Had Teen Pregnancy (not ready)
Had Unwanted pregnancy (not ready)
Had cryptic pregnancy (not ready)
Had out of relationship pregnancy (not ready)
Had Grandchildren
Had Science Baby (not ready)
Had Miscarriage
Had Wedding Ceremony (not ready)
Introduced Self To a Celebrity
Joined Religion
Left Religion
Lost Custody
Made Video Game
Mastered An Instrument
Moved Worlds
Online Dating Profile
Owned Business
Parents Separated
Published Book
Scuba Diving
Sold Masterpiece
Took Vacation Other World
Won Custody
WooHoo with someone new
Won Gaming Competition
Won Star Accolade
Wrote Book

This mod adds:

  • World and lot of birth to the ‘Born’ milestones
  • Lot and World to the “First WooHoo” milestone actually not safe to do, breaks household if mod is removed and requires marking them as “unplayed” to then proceed with them again. I instead put that in my custom ‘first woohoo with sim’ milestone.
  • Lot and World to the ‘got married’ milestone;
  • Separates between breaking up and divorcing: EA uses the same milestone for both. This mod uses EA’s milestone for break ups, and a custom one for Divorce.
  • (optional) adds Moodlets and social bunny posts to EA milestones too (see below for more info)

3. Sims might react differently to things happening for the first time VS later in life.

This translates as additional moodlets & social bunny postsfor example, a Sim will get a different moodlet for being fired the first time and for being fire one more time.

  • There are social bunny posts, for those who have High School Years (the pack is NOT a requirement for this mod, but if you don’t have it, of course you won’t have the social bunny posts).
  • When a Sim woohoo’s for the 1st time in their life, or kisses someone for the fits time, they will have a special additional status with that sim. The first born child also gets a special status.
  • There is a Social Interaction to ask other Sims about their memories / milestones. Depending on friendship, you’ll get a displeased answer, a partial answer, or a full answer.

See my mod “Milestone Cheats” for cheats.