Memory Panel: a Sims 4 Mod for Lifelong Memories

Lifelong Memory/Milestones interface, with moodlets and more! : D

It records the First Times your sims experience something big, and remains for their entire life. Think of it as a ‘list of major things Sim has ever done / lived‘ that can also show with whom, grant special moodlets and relationship statuses, and a bit more!


BASE-GAME COMPATIBLE (as all my mods).
If you have the Growing Together EP, you can use my mod Milestones Expanded instead.


I. Memory Panel & Memory-Related Features

0. Your Sims will acquire memories / milestones when they experience something marking for the very first time ever.

A little ‘click’ and special effect plays when a memory is acquired. A special moodlet will also show.

You can also cheat-add memories.

SOME memories can also be retroactively added by the mod on first launch.

1. You are able to open your sim’s memory profile to quickly visualize what marking ‘first time’ events have happened in their life.
The memories of those ‘first times’ appear in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

Only the ‘first time’ appears in the panel. But the panel holds information about subsequent happenings too, and who things happened with, including who was first, etc. More on this below.

2. Through the panel, by clicking on an item you are able to quickly visualize what Sims your Sim has ever had specific relations or rapport with.

Highlight works only for memories acquired after mod install and not retroactively.

When in that window, clicking a Sim will give you some choices:


3. Sims might react differently to things happening for the first time VS later in life.

At the moment, this translates as additional moodlets & social bunny postsfor example, a Sim will get a different moodlet for being fired the first time and for being fire one more time. More impacts to come later 🙂

  • There are social bunny posts, for those who have High School Years (the pack is NOT a requirement for this mod, but if you don’t have it, of course you won’t have the social bunny posts).
  • – on first install, the mod will retroactively add to your sims the milestones / ‘first times’ it can deduct from your Sim’s relationships, etc. It can RETROACTIVELY deduce ONLY CERTAIN STUFF, since a lot of it depends on custom code in the mod itself, so, a lot of it can only be properly acquired after the mod is installed.
    NOTE: WHEN RETROACTIVE, the mod has no idea when each thing happened, so, the retroactive stuff is added in an order that is always the same one. WHEN RETROACTIVE, it also has no idea who was fought with, or kissed / woohoo’d with first. This stuff is only for memories acquired after the mod was installed.
  • There is also a menu under ‘actions’ to cheat-add or cheat-remove memories.
  • There is a Social Interaction to ask other Sims about their memories / milestones. Depending on friendship, you’ll get a displeased answer, a partial answer, or a full answer.
  • If you shift + click on another Sim, you will see a cheat to view their Memory / Milestones Panel.
  • When a Sim woohoo’s for the 1st time in their life, or kisses someone for the fits time, they will have a special additional status with that sim:

List of ‘first Memories / Milestones for v1.5 (+- 80)

NOTE: the wording below is not always the same as the wording in game!!!

Acquired a Business
 Adopted a Pet
 Became a Widow(er)
 Became an Occult
 Became President
 Became a Vampire
 Became a Spellcaster
 Became a Werewolf
 Befriended a Dolphin
 Befriended a Talking Toilet
 Made a Best Friend
 Carried a Baby for Another (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
 Licensed a Song
 Gave Birth
 Got Kicked Out by Parents (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
 Joined a Religion (via my Rambunctious Religions mod)
 Lost Custody of Children (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
 Won Custody of Children (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
 Published a Video Game
 Mastered a Musical Instrument
 Went Scuba Diving
 Summited a Mountain
 Turned a Sim into a Vampire
 Reached the Top of a Career
 Won a Gaming Competition
 Won a Starlight Accolade
 Lost a Best Friend (ie, they died)
 Born in [insert world]
 Came Out (via my lgbtqia mod)
 Cheated on a Partner (Only Woohoo counts)
 Child Taken by Social Services
 Cured of Vampirism
 Death of Child
 Death of Parent
 Death of Pet
Death of Sibling
Died of [death type]
 Degree in [degree]
Graduated High School
 Dropped out of High School
 Dropped Out of University
Found a Fated Mate
 Gave birth to an Alien Baby
 Got a Job
 Got Fired
 Had a Committed Relationship
 Had a Fight
 Had a Permanent Separation
 Had a Wedding Ceremony
 Had an Abortion (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
Had a miscarriage (via my Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul mod)
 Had Children
 Had Grandchildren
 Had great Reputation
 Had terrible reputation
 Hero of Strangerville
 Kissed someone
 Moved to another “world”
 Parents Separated
 Published a book
 Saw a strange creature in space
 Sold a masterpiece
 Took gender-affirming steps (via my lgbtqia mod)
 Took Vacation to Another World
 Visited Sylvan Glade / Forgotten Grotto / Deep Woods
 Was abducted by aliens
 Was cheated on (only Woohoo counts, witnessed, or confessed via my RPO mod)
 Was Spared by the Reaper / Nearly Died
 Was World Famous
 Won the Lottery
 WooHoo’d in Space
 Woohoo’d with someone
Lost a Grandparent
Lost a bf / gf
Witnessed Fire
Learned to Love Again
Was Adopted (via my RPO mod)
Gave child up for Adoption (via my RPO mod)
Got divorced
Got married
Left a Religion
Wrote a Book


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