Miscarriages & Pregnancy Complications – a Sims 4 Mod

RPO Collection, Mod 13

Miscarriages & Pregnancy Complications

  • Chances of miscarriage (statistical and event-triggered) or ectopic pregnancies.
  • Sims who can be pregnant each have a certain risk of issues during pregnancy, to globally translate variations in health and biological configuration (diabetes, unusual uterus shapes, etc etc).
  • If a miscarriage happens, a Sim will remember it for some days and for the next pregnancies. They will also have an urn to represent the child, can name it and mourn, and integrate them to the family tree.
  • Reactions vary based on Sim’s preferences regarding having children. There are interactions to tell about moscarriages and tell about times where the pregnancy was saved as well.
  • Through Statistical chance:
    • – 10% baseline chance, adapted* and then ran for all pregnancies.
      • *This is influenced by various factors to be increased or reduced (age, riskiness of pregnancies, etc etc)
  • Through Trigger Events:
    • – 10% baseline chance, adapted* and then ran upon certain trigger events.
      • *This is influenced by various factors to be increased or reduced (age, riskiness of pregnancies, etc etc)
      • Examples of events include being electrocuted, over-exercising, not sleeping, not eating, being under extreme fear or stress, etc.
  • –> – The miscarriage can happen at any point in pregnancy but is extremely less likely to happen during third trimester, and most likely to happen during the first.
  • Though a Cheat Interaction:
    • – Found under “Pregnancy and Family’ then ‘Status’.
  • A sim will get a moodlet indicating there is an issue, and do a nauseous animation.
  • Sims around will react in panic and get a moodlet.
    They will go to the hospital autonomously.
    The other parent and / or the significant other, if on lot, will join.
  • There is a 1/5 chance that the visit will not result in a miscarriage. In that case, Sims will do a relieved animation, have matching moodlets, and be able to tell to others about this scary event.
  • Otherwise, Sims will lose their baby, have matching moodlets, be able to tell others about it, and be scared upon getting pregnant again. Family members normally also get a moodlet.
  • There is a very slight chance that surgery happening in the context of a pregnancy loss will leave a Sim less fertile due to scarring. If the Sim had an ectopic pregnancy, this chance is 100%.

(Features below are currently in testing and will release before the end of March)

The Sim will have an urn in their inventory labeled for their unborn child. Sims can name the unborn child, mourn, write an epitaph. If you use the option to NOT automatically add unborn children to the family tree, you can also do it manually with an interaction on the urn.

The Sim will appear in the family tree as unborn child if you have the option to automatically add them in. Otherwise, it’s up to you to add them or not with the interaction.

If your Sims decides to name the unborn child, a window appears to type in the name.

Once the child has been named, the family tree will reflect that. The Urn also will reflect the new name, BUT as of now the urn’s text won’t refresh unless you put it in inventory and back out or vice-versa (or it wiould also update on reloading the lot).

  • A sim might die of post-miscarriage complications. Chance is very low and optional.
  • (TO BE ADDED TO THE MOD, not finished just yet)
  • You can make a Sim immune to miscarriages by making their ‘health riskiness of pregnancy’ go to 0 (under ‘family and pregnancy’ then ‘fertility’, choose ‘Set health riskiness of pregnancy for Sim’, and type 0)
    • Note: you will see this setting always if you use module 2 – if you don’t, it will appear on Sims once they have gotten pregnant at least once in their lives.
  • You can trigger a miscarriage instantly (cheat under ‘family and pregnancy’ then ‘status’)
  • If you want integrations, feel free to ask me and explain and I can contact other modders.
  • For now, integrations are:
  • – Factoring in pregancy-related conditions from Adeepindigo’s Healthcare Redux in the risk of miscarriages.

For this to work, sims must discover pregnancy either through a test or through waiting. You can’t start a pregnancy with MCCC and skip it to 1st trimester and expect this (and many other parts of my mods) to work. If you start a pregnancy through MCCC, sims still need to discover pregnancy through test or wait. Make sims woohoo so the pregnancy test option appears, since MCCC forgets to add it.

In case you didn’t know this and it’s already too late for the current pregnancy – go to “pregnancy and family” then “status” then “Load pregnancy Loss possibility”.