Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection

(previously named: WoHoo Wellness)

A COLLECTION of MODS made together to integrate each other, but able to be used independently.

NOTE: This mod gets updated frequently, and descriptions are sometimes a bit behind.


0: Core Library: General Mod Info
Just some basic info about how to use this mod collection (how to access settings, etc)

Mod 1: Pregnancy & Family Preferences
Does your Sim want children right now, is ok with anything, or does not want children? What about their partner? And how will all that play out if they don’t share the same wish? Do your Sim’s kids want siblings? Do their parents want grandchildren? How will everyone react to a new family member?

Mod 2: Fertility and Protection
Individual or Global pregnancy risk, birth control, surgeries, social interactions!

Mod 3 – WooHoo Transmissible Diseases
Diseases, accusations, acceptance or rejection, etc.

Mod 4 – Paternity Testing 
In which Sims can discover who fathered their child, lie, tell the truth, rope another into marriage, reject offspring, and more.

Mod 5 – Teen Pregnancy Stuff
In which Teen Sims can freak out about being pregnant, make their parents freak out, get support or get kicked out…

Mod 6 – Temporary Separations
Take a relationship break and try to figure things out before fully breaking up or reconciling.


Mod 7 – Cheating
A module that changes the sentiment behavior for cheating,tier-ing it depending on the gravity of the fault, and offers added features and possibilities revolving around cheating. See different reactions depending on whether a Sim only flirted with another, kissed, or woohoo’d. Blame, forgive, lie about having ‘only flirted nothing more”, confess to cheating, tell a Sim your Sim slept with their partner… and more!

Mod 8: Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy
A module that offers the possibility for Sims to get artificial inseminations, become surrogate mothers or have another Sim carry a baby for them.

Mod 9: Adoption
Lets your Sims put their children up for adoption, via agencies or into the household of friends or family, after agreeing or fighting. Also, offers a different way to adopt children. Instead of just calling a phone number, leaving and coming back with a child, Sims have to satisfy the criteria of adoption agents. Sims are able to look for their biological parents.

Mod 10: Custody & Permanent Separations 
Decide Custody and send children on Custody Visits – all it requires is for Sims to have had a child together and live in separate homes, Separate Permanently Amicably or Not, And more!

Mod 11 – Termination of Pregnancy
In this (very optional) add-on, Sims can terminate pregnancies, accompany spouses to pregnancy termination, and experience the myriad of emotions that such a difficult decision can bring – differently according to pregnancy preferences as chosen in Mod 1 of course.

Mod 12 – Pregnancy Side Effects
An add-on that brings mood swings, cravings and back pain to Sim’s pregnancies, among other little things!

Mod 13 – Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss
TW Pregnancy Loss. This add-on makes it so that Sims might have miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. Either a global or a different risk level, various factors taken into account. Statistical and event-triggered.
Lost pregnancies can optionally be added to family tree, create an urn in the Sim’s inventory which enables them to name the unborn child and mourn them.


Mod 14 – Pregnancy Tweaks & Special Pregnancies
Settings and tweaks for pregnancy and family life, such as disabling the pregnancy walkstyle, enabing Cryptic Pregnancies, etc.

Mod 15 – Romances & Friendships
Special choices re. dating life, friendship, quick gender preference / orientation controls, etc.

Mod 16: Meet&Mingle Dating App
Customizable, visible dating profiles, relationship goals, blind dates, semi blind dates, picked dates, various filters, preferences, etc

Mod 17: Charm & Chemistry: an attraction System
Personality & Life Factors based and / or style (physique) based.

Mod 18: Expanded WooHoo
Expanded WooHoo (WooHoo Anywhere, WooHoo on any object, Multiple-Partner WooHoo, Swinging, WooHoo Parties)


(UPCOMING) Romantic Trust
An add-on that gives each Sim a new ‘metric’ of sorts, romantic trust.

(UPCOMING) Post-Pregnancy Recovery System
An Add-On that will implement a recovery period after giving birth, getting an abortion or having a miscarriage

(UPCOMING) Social Judgment
An add-on that will add a lot of reactions and social judgment to everything happening in the other modules and things that happen in game as well.

(UPCOMING) The Love Languages
An add-on that will add the effect of the Love Languages to Sim’s relationships.

(UPCOMING) Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomous Drama!
This will be the optional part of the mod that enables other parts to happen autonomously, for players who want more drama! Want your Sim to autonomously ask to put a child for adoption, adopt, or stop using protection? Want Sims to be more often able to ask for breaks in relationships, or full on break-ups or divorce, amicable or not? Want your Sim’s NPC wife to confess to an affair out of the blue? This will be the add-on for you.

(UPCOMING) – ????

Upcoming additions / changes to existing modules: are also planned:

– Additions to: WooHoo Transmissible Diseases, Teen module, Separations module, and others

And likely even more to come!


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