Sim Info Toolbox: View / Modify Sim details / Info – Sims 4 Mod

Demo video:

How this mod came to be and Why

This mod is:

  • in part, a merge and rework of the various cheats I have put in my existing mods (RPO Collection and lgbtqia+);
  • in part, an expansion of loving features that I have made for RPO Collection originally;
  • in part, brand-new stuff inspired by my needs when working on mods and the needs of troubleshooters when helping with mod support.

Used to be, if I wanted to see what traits or relationship statuses were on a particular Sim, I would go under my own cheats to remove those things; this was okay, but sometimes I made mistakes and accidentally clicked on them and ended up removing them.

The other option was using “show Sim info” by Ita, but a. that’s an abandoned mod (Frankk fixes it when it breaks for patches but that’s it) and b. the way it outputs text is hard to read and parse for me and c. It doesn’t really make the separations that I need.
Frankk said he is completely fine with me making my own take of some of those concepts, hence some additions in Sim info toolbox that are a bit reminiscent of Show Sim Info in concept.

MCCC can also do a lot of things that this mod’s “Modify Sim Details” department does. It is just a matter of design and presentation really; I have MCCC in game, I have this in game, I use the game’s own debug cheats, which also overlap with a lot of both of these things – and might even keeps Show Sim Info too! Different needs at different times, and as for users it might be, different needs for different users.

Simplicity and transparency are what I was going forward this one. If you’re afraid of sim-related cheats, file logs, or Sim info logs, you might find it less scary to just view this stuff very clearly and directly in game, and this step might bridge those gaps for you, making you more empowered to take care of your mods folder and your game.

Additionally this has the advantage of being a lightweight tool:

– It does NOT run any processes in the background;
– it does NOT impact or alter any game system;
– it does NOT do anything except when you are using its menus and telling it to do things;
– therefore, it should not be able to conflict with anything; it should also be fairly patch resistant; it won’t slow down your game either or anything like that.



– basic details (age, career, cas gender, orientations, pregnancy abilities, pregnancy status, etc)
– moodlets
– buffs
– trait
– statistics
– commodities
– relationship statuses (to/from target)
– sentiments (to/from target)
– queued and running interactions

The lists are all alphabetized.
When there are hidden and visible elements showing under the same list, they are separated (hidden ones are shown in brackets []).

—— MODIFY SIM DETAILS: change / add / remove ——
– basic details (all aspects of gender, orientations, pregnancy abilities, etc)
– moodlets
– buffs
– trait
– statistics
– commodities
– relationship statuses (to/from target)
– sentiments (to/from target)
– cancel interactions

– log Sim details
– log mod files installed
– view mod files installed in game

File logs will show you duplicate files as well as zip files, if any are in the mods folder.
Logs of Sim details show everything mentioned above under ‘view Sim details’, as well as milestones.

You can choose whether the menu for this mod should appear on the front page menu on Sims, or under the “actions” menu