Expanded WooHoo (WooHoo Anywhere, Multiple-Partner WooHoo, Swinging, WooHoo Parties) and WooHoo Life (WooHoo Drive, WooHoo Roles, decisions / Preferences)- two Sims 4 mods for non-graphic WooHoo additions

(RPO Collection, Mod 18 and 19)

These Mods try to stay as away as possible from explicit wordings etc.
There is NOTHING visually graphic and the wording remains euphemistic as much as possible (the most explicit word in Mod 18 is WooHoo Party’ and in Mod 19, ‘hook up’ and ‘insertive’)


Expanded WooHoo: WooHoo Anywhere, Woohoo On Any Object, Multiple-Partner WooHoo, Swinging, Woohoo Parties

Woohoo options are all under romance – physical intimacy, just like the game ones.

—– WooHoo on Unconventional Surfaces

Have your Sims WooHoo on any object! NOTE that you will not see your Sims, only special-effects

—– WooHoo anywhere

Click on a Sim and select ‘woohoo here’ to woohoo absolutely anywhere! NOTE that you will not see your Sims, only special-effects

—– Couple’s Extended WooHoo Choices

Each of the below extended Woohoo features will not cause jealousy, as it is all stuff that the Sims must agree to beforehand.

The Couple’s Extended Woohoo features are accessible to singles, and to couples who either have either agreed to be open to doing these things, or are in a nonexclusive arrangement.

– The option to agree to participate in expanded Woohoo (swinging or Woohoo parties or multiple partner Woohoo) or to add such an arrangement or under rpo – Woohoo Life.

Temporary limitations

  • – multiple partner Woohoo is limited at 3 Sims for now. Once the mod has had a run and I know  everything works for everyone, I will up it to the intended 5.
  • – multiple partner Woohoo has four locations for now: bed, shower, hot tub, and bushes. Next I will add it to ‘Woohoo here’ and to ‘ Woohoo on unconventional object’. What other locations do you want me to add next?
  • A few more socials are still intended to be added, but not worth delaying release for

Multiple Sim Woohoo:

Have up to three for now (up to Five later) sims participate at once.
(Note that the animations are the usual game ones, showing only two Sims. The others join the location and then will not be visible for the duration.)

Every sim involved gets the typical moodlets, romance gains, etc; and they enter and leave the WooHoo Location at the same time.
WTDs get transmitted across the board, if applicable. Pregnancy risk gets applied once, if applicable.


– The option to start swinging with a Sim is done in two steps: first, Sim asks their partner about swinging with a particular other Sim. If the partner agrees, then the Sim needs to ask the third-party if they would be interested to. If yes, then it’s all done.

* Swinging:

Sims can ask their partners if they would like to swing with another couple. If accepted, the couple then must find another couple to swing with. Swinging does not require and does not grow romance. The couples can terminate this arrangement at any time.

WooHoo Parties

. – Woohoo parties can be started under the phone option for social events, like any other game social event.

If there are Sims in the household that cannot or will not participate in the party, it is recommended to send them somewhere else for the duration. If they are present, they will constantly see shocking things and react to those things. A good time to volunteer or something.

It is also really recommended to have many Woohoo surfaces available for the guests, otherwise they would all constantly be trying to Woohoo in the same location and push each other out of the way.

WooHoo Life: WooHoo Drive, WooHoo Roles, Woohoo Preferences, decisions, and more


Woohoo drive:

* OPTIONAL (setting): each individual sim can have a different level of woohoo drive. Depending on that, they are more or less likely to accept or refuse to engage in Woohoo and to offer it autonomously or not. They also get different reactions.

Sims who are satisfied or not satisfied in long-term relationships in terms of Woohoo acceptance / request frequency react accordingly.

If you also have my open love life mod, there are some integrations. Sims with non-compatible drives are able to ask each other to open up the relationship to solve those differences

* WooHoo location preferences

Sims can have a preferred Woohoo location, and have a special moodlet when they are doing it in said location.
They can also react when both of them have the same location preference.

The list of course depends on what packs you have installed!

* WooHoo personality:

sims can have various styles, roles and likes and dislikes related to Woohoo, which can help them find who to hook up with.

Sims can choose their own WooHoo Style, and the Styles they want / don’t want in an ideal partner.

basically a woohoo hook-up app. Very similar to Meet&Mingle in concept and execution, except it’s about WooHoo Profiles and etc (using the styles mentioned above). Contrary to Meet&Mingle, this one requires that the Sim decide to create an account to appear and isn’t in the phone by default.

* Celibacies: The “decide to be celibate” which was up until now in ‘romances and friendships’ is moving to this mod instead.
It is also augmented with an option to ‘decide to remain celibate until marriage’, which comes in some extra socials and reactions.

* For open relationships or multiple exclusive relationships and approved side partners, see my Open Love Life mod.

—– More later? Maybe!

I’m not ready yet for the suggestion post, but once I am, we’ll see what gets suggested and what I add!