Terms of Use

Terms of use, First Version.

  • Do not re-upload my mods on any other Site, platform, etc. No re-posts or uploads under any circumstances;
  • Do not share or distribute my mod files without my permission;
  • If you want to share my mods, please do so by linking to the original posts or articles featuring download links, or linking to my Patreon, or its Mod Index post;
  • You can edit my Mods for your personal use only, NOT for distribution.
  • If you wish to integrate an element or elements from my mods to a mod of yours which will be shared and not solely for personal use, you MUST contact me first and obtain permission. Only exception: the Mood Pack Mod;
  • Similarly, if you want a mod of yours which will be shared and not just for personal use to ‘read’ or ‘recognize’ an element from my mods and use that to unlock or impact an element of your mod OR my mod, you MUST contact me first and obtain permission. Only exception: the Mood Pack Mod;
  • Where the Mood Pack Mod is concerned: you are allowed to use and call to its elements in your own mods, without asking for permission, as it is granted universally. You are still not allowed to redistribute it, nor are you allowed to modify it except for personal use.


If you are a translator and want to translate my mods:

– You may make your own translations and share them without the mod, ie, the translation by itself as a standalone, on any platform of your choosing;

– You may contact me and I will include your translation directly into the mod download files., as well as give you access to the translator channel of my mod discord server if you wish.

Content Creators

Showing or featuring my mods in videos, articles and other forms of media is allowed, and appreciated!
The only condition is to put a link to either the mod post itself, my Patreon site, or the Mod Index page on my Patreon site.

First Version of Terms of Use, written on November 29, 2020.

—————- END of Terms of Use Section ————–

Examples of applications of these terms of use:

You want to make a mod that uses moods from the mood pack: you do not need to ask for permission or any such thing, you can go ahead and use the tunings provided in the Mood pack Mod.

You want to make an interaction that unlocks if a Sim has a trait from one of my mods, and include that interaction in a released mod: you may NOT do so unless you have contacted me and obtained permission.

You want to do a Let’s Play video and share it on YouTube, and it shows some of my mods. You are more than welcome to go ahead and publish it! Kuddos on being a content creator, a truly difficult activity!