Lumpinou’s LGBTQIA+ Mod (Sims 4):

Orientations, Gender Identities, Gameplay Impact

V1 of This Mod is as below.

There will be next versions with More Gameplay Stuff. Things are already in development. In the meantime, enjoy the base system!
V1 focuses on the base systems, bringing Sims a variety of gender identities, romantic orientations & sexual orientations, and making them react accordingly (unless you turn that off). Future versions will be able to feature more gameplay additions for more natural ‘self-discovery’ and other such things.

The Mod’s Main Menu

Gender Identities, Orientations, & Extra Aspects: Options & Gameplay Impact

Choices: Male, Female (trans or cis); non-binary, agender, genderfluid.

Gameplay impact: by default, gender identities are what is used to determine orientation compatibility. For more info, read the FAQ entry “How (on what basis) does the system determine attractions towards Sims who identify as / are Trans, Non-Binary, Genderfluid or Agender?

Choices for Types: alloromantic, greyromantic, demiromantic, aromantic.

NOTE: IN DEVELOPMENT: Choice Of Personal Attitude towards Romance for Aromantic Sims (see image above)

Choices for Genders: romanticaly attracted to male / female, biromantic, panromantic, questioning

Gameplay impact: romantic orientations determine whether a Sim will react positively or not to another Sim using non-touching romantic interactions with them (flirting, expressions of love, etc).

– Aromantics don’t get romance points. Within queerplatonic relationships, Sims have another relationship metric instead. The Flirty mood is also weaker for them. They can WooHoo regardless of the usual romance requirements that normally apply in the game.
Greyromantics will refuse romance some times and accept it other times. Hoping to develop this aspect more onwards.
Demiromantics won’t welcome romantic interactions unless friendship points are high enough (65+).

Choices for Types: allosexual, gresexual, demisexual, asexual (sex favorable, sex indifferent or sex-averse)

(Never heard of these distinctions? If you are curious, here are some readings:
-1: asexuality and attitudes towards sex- -2: asexuality-)

Choices for Genders: sexually attracted to male / female, bisexual, pansexual, questioning

Gameplay Impact – Asexuals: Asexual Sims will not woohoo autonomously. They have chances of refusing woohoo, which range from systematic to occasional depending on their personal attitude towards woohoo (sex favorable, sex indifferent or sex-averse).
Greysexuals will accept or refuse (hoping to develop this more later to refine criteria for why).
Demisexuals won’t want to engage in woohoo unless friendship points are high enough.

Gameplay Impact – Everything Else: sexual orientation determines whether a Sim will react positively or not to another Sim using touching romantic interactions with them (kissing, woohoo, etc).

  • Won’t Kiss Unless Romantically Matched:
    This trait basically makes it so that hands-on interactions other than woohoo shift to depending upon romantic compatibility instead of sexual compatibility.
    By default, kissing, as a ‘hands-on’ thing, and other ‘hands-on’ interactions, counts as dependent upon Sexual Orientation. Yet, if for example a Demiromantic Sim finds that they wouldn’t want to kiss a Sim whom they’re not feeling romantic attraction for, then this trait would give them that.
  • Closeted: A Closeted Sim will not tell others about their gender identity and orientations, but remain evasive instead. More to come.
  • Queer: just a cosmetic trait, for those who want it.
  • Out and Proud: just a cosmetic trait for now, more to come on this.
  • Intersex: Sim was born with or developed biological sex characteristics that don’t align with either of the traditional, binary definitions of ‘biological male’ or ‘biological female.’
  • Pretending (per patron request): a Sim who knows their orientations but, for reasons of their own, acts in a way that makes it look like their orientations are different from what they truly are (for example, a non-hetero sim pretending to be hetero, perhaps due to not being ready to come out, etc. This is a storytelling tool, will make it so that this sim will accept advances from Sims not compatible)
  • Doesn’t Want Physical Contact: for Sims who just aren’t into any touch-based romantic interactions, even with Sims that fit their romantic orientations. Note that this does not apply to Woohoo. Asexuality and its polarities would, instead.
  • “Sim’s Orientation & Identity”: to assign all: through the main assignment interaction. NOTE: You must go through all the steps.
  • Re-assign only gender identity: if you’ve already assigned in the past and want to change only gender identity, use that.
  • Re-assign only orientations: if you’ve already assigned in the past and want to change only orientations, use that. NOTE: You must go through all the steps
  • “Add extra aspect”: to add Queer, “Doesn’t Kiss Unless Romantically Attracted”, “Closeted”, or “Out and Proud”.

“Re-Shuffle” re-calculates assignments based on your auto-assign settings and percentages.

How to assign to other Sims, and more:

  • You can basically change ANY sim’s orientation / etc by clicking on your own sim and going to the ‘Orientations & Identities’ -> ‘Any Sim’ menu.
  • You can change orientations / etc for a Sim your Sim is clicking on by going under ‘actions’ then ‘orientations & identities’ then ‘Make changes for [Sim]’
  • To change your own Sim’s orientation / etc, it’s under ‘orientations & identities’.

Other Gameplay Elements / Impacts

The “Ask / Tell Pronouns” Mod has been integrated into this one (it still exists as a standalone for people who don’t want the LGBTQIA+ mod, too).

Sims who are auto-assigned non-cis identities by the current mod are likely to also have varieties of pronouns, so, asking them is something that makes sense! 🙂

NOTE: THERE IS AN EA BUG REGARDING RELATIONSHIP STATUSES AND PRONOUNS. It means that for sims not currently in the active household, pronouns in relationship statuses will show those based on the sim’s CAS gender and not custom pronouns. Due to this problem, I am updating those features to not add the pronouns in rel panel unless sims are in the same household. Hopefully EA will solve this soon.

Sims can ask each other about their Orientations & Gender Identities.

Some orientations & identities will show in the Sim profile if you have the relevant setting enabled.

  • For the sake of not overloading game resources, only lgbtqia+ orientations & identities will show. (note that in the trait panel, even so-called ‘normative’ stuff shows, to better erase the concept of normativity and expectations, because the resource concern doesn’t apply there).
Never forget a Sim’s orientations as you can see them at a glance.

– Aromantics can get together in queerplatonic relationships. (in fact, other sims can too, but it was built with Aro in mind). In this context, they can choose to engage in romantic interactions (depending on their personal attitude towards romance)). There’s a metric associated with these relationship types, but as of now it doesn’t do much other than tell you the state of the relationship.

There will be more features added to / around Queerplatonic Relationships!

This is designed for storytelling, for Sims who are still figuring out their orientations (but it does make gameplay impact match, too).

Say you have a Sim who thinks they’re attracted to one gender only… and then someday, they feel something romantic or sexual for a sim who is not that gender, and it opens their awareness of the fact that maybe they’ve felt that before, but didn’t give it attention – that maybe they’re romantically or sexually also attracted to other genders.

The ‘unexpected crush’ feature allows you to model exactly that (it is NOT made to say a Sim is straight / gay just for one other Sim or whatever, it is to express that contact with a specific Sim becomes a turning point in their understanding of their orientations, and that their orientations are broader or different than initially assumed).
Note that if the other Sim isn’t oriented towards your Sim’s gender, then, they won’t accept your Sim’s advances, even though your Sim would welcome theirs!

This feature is manual-only for now (meaning, it happens only when you trigger it).

  • Here’s an example of how it can be used for stories: Simmie thinks she’s attracted to men only, because so far in her life she’s only consciously felt that way for male Sims. Someday, she meets a Sim who changes that understanding. Selene isn’t a man, and Simmie’s got an Unexpected Crush on them. Simmie and Selene get to know each other, and Simmie realizes she’s just totally in love. Simmie’s understanding of her orientations shift from “romantically and woohoo-attracted to male only” to “questioning”. She’s now open to considering that maybe she’s not just straight.

In the future, this will be part of a feature system to help Sims discover themselves and their orientations, mostly before they have any defined. At that moment, there’ll be an option to have unexpected crushes and orientation shifts matching that for Sims who are still considered as ‘discovering their orientations’. Hoping to have systems for self-discovery and revealing those to the Sims in their lives, etc.

Upcoming stuff 🙂
Interactions relevant to and depending on orientations, identities, extra aspect, etc.

Gender Transition / Affirmation Gameplay (IN DEVELOMENT)

See under ‘What’s in Development for This Mod Right Now’ for screenshots and details

Gender Transition / Affirmation Cheats / Quick Options (IN TESTING)

See under ‘What’s in Development for This Mod Right Now’ for screenshots and details

The Manual-Assignment System

You can manually assign and re-assign all aspects at any time.

You can remove, re-shuffle or change any Sim’s assignments at any time.

To change your own sim’s orientation / identity, it’s in the main menu when clicking on your sim from themselves.
To reshuffle or remove, for your Sim or any other, it’s in the ‘any sim’ menu.
To change it for any other Sim, it’s also in the ‘any sim’ menu when clicking on your active Sim, OR under ‘Actions’ then ‘Orientations & Identities’ when clicking on the other Sim.

  • You can basically change ANY sim’s orientation / etc by clicking on your own sim and going to the ‘Orientations & Identities’ -> ‘Any Sim’ menu.
  • You can change orientations / etc for a Sim your Sim is clicking on by going under ‘actions’ then ‘orientations & identities’ then ‘Make changes for [Sim]’
  • To change your own Sim’s orientation / etc, it’s under ‘orientations & identities’.

The Auto-Assignment System & Its Settings

This system can auto-assign orientations & identities to Sim in the world. It is customizable. See below.

  • Auto-assign will NEVER modify what you have manually assigned.
  • Auto-assigns start at Teen.
  • If the auto-assign applies ‘Trans’ to a sim, it will also switch their clothing preference to the gender they identify as.
    If the auto-assign applies non-normative identities to a Sim, it will also likely choose to change their pronouns to match.
  • The game’s gender preference metrics also move when assignments are made. For Sims who are strictly attracted to one gender only, the preferences will also be locked in place.
  • Auto-assign takes into account pre existing marriages and significant others, to create matching orientations. You can still change what it selected, of course.
  • —– On / Off auto assign settings ——
  • Auto-assign for NPCs:
    On or Off. Default: On.
    If ON, gender identities & orientations will be auto-assigned for NPCS. If OFF, you will be expected to give EVERY Sim orientations / identities manually if you want the mod to apply to them. The percentages you set will determine how many sims get what auto-assigned.

  • Auto-Assign for Played Sims:
    On or Off. Default: Off.
    If ON, gender identities & orientations will be auto-assigned for played Sims.
    If OFF, you will be expected to give your played Sim orientations / identities manually as wanted. The percentages you set will determine how many sims get what auto-assigned.

    Note: auto-assign takes into account pre-existing marriages and significant others, to create matching orientations. You can still change what it selected, of course.
  • Auto-Match Romantic & Sexual Attractions:
    On or Off. Default: On
    – If this is ON, auto-assigned romantic and sexual attractions will match each other.
    – If this is set to OFF, Sims might have matched romantic and sexual orientations, or be pan- or bi-sexual while only being hetero- or homo- romantic.
  • Played Sim Feature Auto-Assign Upon AgeUp To Teen:
    On or Off. Default: Off
    – If ON, played Sims who age up to teen will get orientations and identities auto-assigned.
    – If OFF, they won’t and you can manually assign elements to them as you discover them.
  • —- Percentage settings —-
    — For percentage settings, I went with a random default of 10%. Change it to your liking! —-
  • Played Sim Percent of Non-Hetero Sims: default 10%.
  • Played Sim Percent of non-cis Sims: default 10%
  • Played Sim Percent of Sims Identifying with Aromantic Spectrum: default 10%
  • Played Sim Percent of Sims Identifying with Asexual Spectrum: default 10%
  • And the same settings have a NPC version:
    NPC % of Non-Hetero
    NPC % of non-cis
    NPC % of Ace-spec sims
    NPC % of aro-spec. sims

Other Settings

AUTO-ASSIGNMENT SETTINGS: See Previous Section above.


  • Orientations & Identities Have Impact:
    On or Off. Default: On.
    This is what makes it so that this mod has gameplay impact. If you want cosmetic-only features, turn this off.

  • Attractions Based on Orientations & Identities, Not Game CAS Gender System:
    On or Off. Default: On.
    If ON, Sims will react to each other based on their orientations and identities from this mod.
    If OFF, Sims will react to each other based on the game’s cas gender distinction of Male / female only.
    • Examples:
      – Kay is ‘biologically’ born male, identifies as male: both systems will let sims attracted to males accept Kay’s advances / initiate romance towards Kay.
      – Kay is ‘biologically’ born male, identifies as non-binary: with this ON, Sim will let sims attracted to any gender accept Kay’s advances. With this OFF, only Sims attracted to males will accept his advances.
      – Kay is ‘biologically’ born male, identifies as trans female: With this On, Sims attracted to females will accept Kay’s advances. With this Off, sims attracted to males will accept his advances.

  • Allow User-Directed WooHoo for Non-Romantic Relationship Types:
    On or Off. Default: Off.
    If On, ‘woohoo’ interactions will be available (User-Directed only) without romance (so, it would show for Sims in queerplatonic relationships, Sims with no romance points for each other, etc).
    If OFF, normal game criteria for WooHoo apply. NOTE: Sims with compatible sexual orientations but not romantic ones, and aromantic sims, will be able to choose to WooHoo without romance regardless of this setting.

Show LGBTQIA+ Known Info in the Sim Profiles.
On or Off. Default: Off.
If On, once you know a Sim is part of the community, their orientations & identities will be remembered in the Sim Profile. This might be difficult for weak computers. Not sure yet. That’s why it’s off by default.
NOTE: if a Sim’s orientations / identities change, the saved orientation / identity info in Sim profile will be removed because it’s not accurate anymore.
NOTE 2: Pronouns, once asked, will always show in the relationship panel, regardless of this setting

Show Rejection Explanation Notifications:
On or Off. Default: On.
If ON, a notification will show when a Sim refuses romance / WooHoo based on orientation, explaining what aspect is incompatible.
If OFF, these notifications won’t show.


  • In Game, with the dedicated Interaction.
  • (Or through directly editing the config file for those who prefer that.)


  • Just Keep the ‘Lumpinou_LGBTQIA_GlobalSettings.cfg’ file when updating and your settings will survive! NOTE: If the update instructions say to delete it, do so. There may be rare cases that if I make changes to the settings system, the config file would need to go.


  • If you use Wonderful Whims or Wicked Whims:
    TURN OFF their setting ‘Romance Gender Preference Outcome Switch’.
    My Mod ALSO IMPACTS ROMANCE OUTCOME BASED ON ORIENTATIONS, but makes sims accept / refuse romance, physical intimacy and woohoo based on romantic and sexual orientations, respectively. This is the whole point of my system. You can’t have my gameplay impact On AND Turbo’s setting for that on as well. It’s either the one or the other.
    If that setting from Wonderful / Wicked is ON, my system of split attractions and gameplay impact can’t work properly!!!! Turn if OFF or don’t use the gameplay impact from my mod at all.
    Here’s the Wicked / wonderful Whims setting to adjust:
Make sure the setting circled above is OFF / UNCHECKED 🙂
  • First, MAKE SURE you adjusted settings. See above.
  • Second: WW and WonW will take into account my mod’s orientations in determining results for WW and WonW’s sexual attraction system. HOWEVER, WW and WonW see ONLY the CAS gender of Sims. So, it will not look at gender identities.

McWooHoo’s “No string woohoo” breaks the impact of this mod for woohoo. It must be turned off to use this mod.
Note that my setting ‘Show WooHoo for Non-Romantic relationships’ should do essentially the same thing.

  • Your interactions would need to keep the EA scoring as part of determining interaction outcomes, as is done in game interactions, for my mod to automatically impact. In most cases, you’ll have that in your interactions.
    • OTHERWISE: I can give you a scoring tuning that takes solely into account elements from this mod, which you can use instead as part of your outcome tests.
  • If you inject your interactions into the game through injecting into the relevant affordance lists (either the normal ones or the ‘for reference’ ones), then my mod should automatically recognize your interactions and impact them.
    • OTHERWISE: if you give me your interaction IDs, I can manually add support for them.
  • (upcoming info)

Contact me! 🙂
On Discord (fastest way), here in comments, or through the contact form.

Most up to date info is also on the download page.
(Find latest download page on my download index.)

FAQ & Help

That’s up to you, of course! But here are some possible models:

  • NPC auto-assign ON, played-Sim auto-assign OFF, Gameplay Impact ON:
    With this combination, Sims in the world will automatically have their preference and be ready to function with the mod.
    Your Sims will be ‘left alone’ by the mod.
    So, when you have a new Sim, I advise giving them a gender identity to begin with, so that the system knows how other Sims should react to them (this is different if you have ‘orientations based on identities’ turned off).
    Then, you can play your Sim, see where life leads them, see what relationships they strike up – and once you’ve gotten a feel for them, you can give them the assignments that match them!
    You could also do a manual assign right away if you so choose of course.

  • NPC auto-assign ON, Played Sim auto-assign ON, Gameplay Impact ON:
    With this model, all qualifying Sims will have their preferences set up automatically. You can selectively modify any of them, of course – but you are basically giving the game & mod full power to make the initial decisions, and then build your Sim’s lives around those decisions. Help your Sim meet someone compatible, see what happens, change things around if your Sim finds that something has changed, there’s always freedom to adjust! 🙂

  • NPC auto-assign OFF, Played Sim auto-assign OFF, Gameplay Impact ON:
    With this model, you are leaving the game’s own system in power ‘by default’. Then, punctually, for the Sims to whom you assign orientations & identities, you give power to the mod to make sims react to each other according to identities & orientations.

  • Auto-Assign(s) ON, Gameplay Impact OFF:
    Let’s call this ‘high control storytelling mode’. You let the mod give Sims orientations & identities, but you don’t let the mod have gameplay impact.
  • Auto-Assign(s) OFF, Gameplay Impact OFF:
    And that would be ‘total control storytelling mode’. You don’t let the mod assign anything, and don’t let it impact gameplay. You assign orientations & identities when you want and keep them as a cosmetic, storytelling-only aspect.

This mod will save your settings for it in a .cfg file that will be generated in the same folder as the mod. You can open it at any time with a standard text editor (window’s Notepad for example) to see that, indeed, it has nothing in it but the settings the mod needs to work.

The menu appears on the active Sim. If you don’t see it:

  • BY DEFAULT: Agender / Non-Binary / Genderfluid Sims will be considered a fitting subject for all orientations. Trans Sims will be seen as the gender they identify with, not their birth gender.
    Example: a Sim attracted to Females only will also accept romance from trans female, agender, non-binary and genderfluid sims).
  • IF YOU TURN OFF ‘attractions based on identities, not game system’: then, trans / non-binary / genderfluid / agender Sims will be considered fitting for orientations depending on their CAS-assigned biology, ie, on the game’s gender systems instead of this mod’s.
    Example: a Sim was ‘born’ a ‘biological female’, but is / identifies as Non-Binary: with this setting, only Sims who are attracted to Female & bi / pan sims will accept advances from them.

WooHoo and Try for Baby acceptance / refusal are impacted by Sexual Attraction.

Acceptance of Kissing (and all other ‘hands on’ interactions) is influenced by Sexual orientation. This because it’s physical contact. Was not an easy choice to make, but due to that aspect, I put it with the physical stuff.

NOTE: there is a special trait if you would like a Sim to refuse kissing & other hands-on stuff (but not woohoo) as well if they are not romantically attracted. Add it under ‘Add Extra Aspect’

Acceptance of Flirting, sweet talk, and all non-touching romantic interactions are influenced by Romantic orientation.

NOTE: For asexual Sims, it is Romantic orientation that determines acceptance of kissing, which, for them, goes in to the ‘romantic’ category. Acceptance of WooHoo is based on romantic orientation and personal attitude towards woohoo (averse, indifferent or favorable)

The sim in question would then be ignored by the mod. The game system will apply, letting the Sim romance and be romanced ‘freely’. You absolutely can leave it that way until you have a feel for your Sim’s orientations and then assign, etc! However: Your Sim needs to have a gender identity for other Sims to react to them according to their orientations (unless you have “orientations based on identities” turned off).

  • If you want other Sims to react to your Sim logically to the Other Sims’ orientation: Give your Sim a Gender Identity (unless you have “orientations based on identities” turned off).
    You can give your sim a gender identity even without giving them orientations at all, through the dedicated interaction. You could also give them the ‘questioning’ orientation.
  • If you want your Sim to react to other Sims logically based on your Sim’s orientation: Give your Sim Orientations.

    If you want to have sims have a default ‘normative’ assignment and give LGBTQIA+ assignments to sims manually only, you can have auto-assign on and everything at 0%. It will do exactly that.

This is safest to use when having the mod as only a cosmetic thing (ie, when turning off Gameplay Impact).

Otherwise, you can use it but it may confuse the system (for example, not choosing a gender identity will make it difficult for the system to know what Sims may be attracted to your Sim).

In this mod, Bi and Pan work about the same except they are phrased different. This because it would be difficult here to show the difference between ‘ attracted to multiple genders’ versus ‘attracted to sims regardless of gender’. It would require making things such as ‘attracted to non-binary’, etc, which, in essence, can be a thing, at least in romantic attraction, but it is a concept that could reinforce fetishization and other issues, and we don’t want that.

I would love to hear it. Please contact me and explain your point of view clearly. I am always willing to listen and consider; nothing is set in stone here 😀
This mod is to maintain a community aspect and I care to hear your feedback if you think something is done wring or causing misrepresentation.

The text for the labels and descriptions of LGBTQIA+ orientations and identities used in this mod was designed through collaborative effort. Total consensus is impossible, but we tried to get a realistic level of consensus anyways.

This is how that process went:
– First, I made a text draft based on research and readings.
– Then, I submitted that draft to the community, so that they would make suggestions to replace or modify my draft. For each suggestion, users explained their choice of wording.
– From the suggestions collected, a voting poll was made. The community voted on the final wordings to be used. Those wordings are the ones you see in the mod.

This process means that the resulting labels and descriptions of LGBTQIA+ orientations and identities are the product of two levels of community selection. Of course, we absolutely have the right to disagree with this final text / feel not properly represented by it / etc. Once again, labels are universalisms to encompass individualities – it’s never going to be a perfect fit for everyone, neither the label itself nor the wordings associated with it.

In respect to the community for their thoughtful writings for and votes on the labels and definitions for this mod, I will not change that part of the text unless it appears that the consensus has changed (ie, if many many people seem to say it should change, and there is a consensus in the community on that, then I will quite gladly change it).

If you believe this process or choice is misguided, please feel free to contact me and offer your point of view. I am always willing to listen and consider.

Yes, absolutely! 🙂

BONUS: What’s in development for this Mod Right Now?

  • ‘Refuses Non-WooHoo Romantic Intimacy’ – DONE & Uploaded
  • ‘Intersex’ – DONE & Uploaded
  • ‘Pretending’ – DONE & Uploaded
  • Romance favorable / indifferent / averse: personal attitudes towards romance, for aromantics – In Progress (Testing)
  • Transition systems (gameplay) – In Progress
  • Transition systems (cheats) – DONE (also has a ‘change name’ option which isn’t showing on the screenshot below – also will add a cheat for toilet use and walkstlyes)
  • Including the transition systems to auto-assigns, so that Trans sims in the world can be either pre-transition / not transitioning, mid-transition, or post-transition – In Progress

Find most recent version on my Mod Index Post

Find most recent version on my Mod Index Post

25 thoughts on “Lumpinou’s LGBTQIA+ Mod (Sims 4):

  1. Hi, do you think you could please add an option to move your menus (Relationship Wellness, Pregnancy & Family, LGBTQIA+) to the Actions menu, or even behind a shift-click?

    1. Hi, all my settings-only menus are already under actions. The ones that aren’t are gameplay menus 🙂
      For lgbtqia, that’s an exception, but for all other mods, that holds true

      1. So I think my best option would be to try and edit it to put the menus in the back of the Sim pie then. For my personal use I tend to try and hide settings menus after I config them the first time. Thanks for the reply, I really love your mods =)

      2. I totally understand as I hate menu clogging as well!!! Well, my mods already hide settings menus under ‘actions’, in fact I was about the first modder to use the actions menu for that purpose widely haha. I do wish more settings were hidden. The LGBTQIA menu is a bit of a hybrid but it’s still not just settings, it’s also got the stuff to assign things to your own sim or others as they go about living their lives. You’ll still notice that when clicking on other sims than your own, the menu for this mod is already under ‘actions’, as it is for RPO etc etc.
        If I move the one on the active Sim to Actions eventually, it’ll only be because there’ll be another menu taking its place with more strictly gameplay stuff, so, in the end, there’ll always be a menu there haha.

  2. I know there’s already some features like this in PimpMySims mod but it hasn’t updated for a while. Can we get interactions and events like Coming Out Party, protests , holiday traditions, maybe an LGBTQ lot trait for like maybe a help center or place for sims to interact?? It doesn’t have to be exact but I miss those interaction from the mod.

    1. Hi! You can keep PimpMySim’s mod to use its social events, alongside my mod. they don’t conflict.
      My mod is going to get a lot of gameplay stuff, but social events aren’t really what I plan to do -especially since the aforementioned mod has them. 🙂

  3. Afternoon! After installing the mod turns out my current main Sims sibling is trans. When I went in to update her pronouns and name I saw she is still defaulted to a masculine clothing preference. I was curious if that’s a variable element with your mod (i.e. she could have flipped to a feminine clothing preference but happened not to).

    Obviously wearing clothing considered “traditional” for the gender you identify with is totally optional so I figured it was likely you baked it in and if so I plan to leave it alone. If not I will probably flip a coin to see she stays with that preference or I change it.

    Anyway, sorry if you already answered this question, I feel like I saw something about it previously but can’t find it anymore. Thanks!

    1. Hi!

      First, in case you didn’t know, you can change pronouns without going to CAS through my mod (unless you’re looking for a pronoun option my shortcuts don’t have of course, then).

      Second, I make it switch gender clothing preference when sims get auto-assigned trans, and it’s worked for me prior, but there might be an issue with it so I will re-check it. Normally it would indeed switch.

      Thanks for letting me know and I hope you’ll enjoy the mod!!

      1. It was auto assigned but I was introducing a friends kid to the game this weekend so I had all my gameplay mods removed for the “vanilla” experience. Maybe something with taking all the mods out and putting them back in like that?

        Anyway, this totally tells me what I need to do so thank you! I’ll make sure Misty isn’t currently closeted (didn’t think of THAT till later) and then I’ll update her clothing preference and get her some new duds! I always have fulleditmode on so its not a huge deal for me how I change the pronouns but good to know!

        Appreciate you, as always!!

      2. If you take out mods and save while they’re out, all their data gets ‘erased’ so to speak, so that could have had something to do with it. I will still check it up.

        Sounds good! Thanks for the enthusiasm! 🙂

  4. OMG! It’s great! The romantic and sexual orientations are separated, AND it has aro/ace options, AND queerplatonic relationships, AND all of this impacts the gameplay? I love it! Thank you so much, this is probably the best LGBT mod I’ve ever seen. I could finally make my sim-self and give her my actual identity! It totally made my day

  5. So as a gay male i love that you have this mod but would it interfere with the othe Lgbtq mod by pimpmysims4

  6. Hi! I just downloaded your mod and am super excited to use it! I have a question regarding compatibility with Wonderful Whims though. I turned off the “Romance Gender Preference Outcome Switch” as instructed, but there is also a feature called “Gender Preference Distribution Weights” where you can set percentages for “likes neither”, hetero, homo, and bi gender preferences for newly generated sims. This seems similar to the auto-assignment percentage settings in your mod, so I’m wondering if there’ll be any conflict between them? And if so, what I should do about it…

      1. There’s no way to turn it off as far as I know… But I found this description of the setting: “This is a base game mechanic, and the values you see below are the default distribution weight values. Attractiveness uses this mechanic to figure out Sim’s preference for a particular gender. Normally there’s no way to affect this, but altering the distribution weights is safe to do and will be compatible with other mods you have.” Maybe just leaving the values at their default would be fine then since they’re in the base game anyway..? (I don’t know how this stuff works heh 😅)

      2. Default sounds like the best solution. I imagine it will be fine regardless, I’d have to check, but I think it’s fine in any case 🙂

  7. This is awesome! You have no idea how long I have wanted a mod that allows for queerplatonic relationships! Can’t wait until we get more info on those!

  8. Sounds OTT but seeing the aro representation in this literally made me tear up with happiness. Thank you it means so much to have it in the game 😀

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