WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, Module #7

Description of the Cheating Module

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The Cheating module: what is it?

It is, in part, completely new stuff, and in part a big re-design of my old Cheating Module from Contextual Social Interactions (that Cheating Module was the very first mod I ever made). It will work hand in hand with another module, the Romantic Trust System.

A. Replacing the Game Sentiment System for Cheating

The Four Cheating Sentiments, and Explanations

In vanilla game, a Sim witnessing flirting will get the exact same sentiment as a Sim witnessing WooHoo. There are two possible ones the game will choose from in any of those cases, “Betrayed by Cheating” or “Furious about Cheating”.
Would it not make more sense if the reaction depended on what was seen?

So, I changed the system. Now, those two game sentiments will be given exclusively when WooHoo has been witnessed or confessed to (through this mod). The rest of the time, custom sentiments fitting the situation are given,see them below:

More Changes to Jealousy Sentiment Reactions

Now, I have further developed this system, as I have found more things in the game that in my opinion needed tweaking. Details below.

 A. Expanding Sentiment situations. The vanilla game does not give cheating sentiments to Sims if the Sim cheating is doing it with a boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse, because of the technical conundrum that is the jealousy system of the game. It took me till now to figure that out since I was doing all my tests between married couples. The mod now changes the vanilla game behavior, so if a Sim has two girlfriends in secret and one catches him with the other, they’ll be able to get the cheating sentiments – and the cheating-related interactions.

B. Expanding who can get a sentiment from witnessing kissing and flirting – therefore expanding who gets interactions from the cheating module. 

In the vanilla game, Sims who are Soulmates but NOT gf / bf / spouse seeing their soulmate flirt / kiss another will not get a sentiment. Now they will get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

In the vanilla game, Sims who are under the Soulmate level but have a positive romance bar, and are not married, may get no sentiment from witnessing flirting. Now they can get a minor, short cheating sentiment.

Sims between 30 and 50 romance still have a good chance of not getting a cheating sentiment upon witnessing flirting as they just don’t care enough for that.

C. Changed duration of cheating sentiments. I left the game ones alone – but shortened the ‘flirting’ one from my cheating module, as well as the ‘kissing’ one (longer that the ‘flirting’ one still). Both of those are shorter than the game’s cheating sentiments. This makes sense to me because the faults are different levels of betrayal.

B. Interactions and Other Features

When Flirting / Kissing Is Witnessed

Here is a video showing what happens when it’s flirting that has occurred.Screenshots below if you’re short on time.

When WooHoo is Witnessed or Confessed To

Here is a video about what happens when WooHoo occured as cheating. Screenshots below if you’re short on time.


And What Else?: Confessions, choices and Pop-Ups

Sims can also always “Confess to Loving Another” (if love exists but WooHoo did not happen) and “Confess  to Having Cheated With” (if WooHoo occurred, with or without love). This leads to Pop-Up windows where Sims need to decide to stay or leave (unless you turn off the pop up window, which you can!)

Confessions impact the Sim who cheated, the Sim they cheated with, and the Sim confessed to, in terms of friendship / romance bars and of sentiments.

Sims can also decide to end affairs via text by themselves, and partners may ask them to do that after learning of cheating.

NOTE: SIMS CAN LIE when another expresses suspicions about closeness with someone, OR can admit to cheating right there.

Note about Optional Choice Pop-Up Windows

Those are Optional, meaning, you can turn them off for specific Sims or Households, and then the outcome will be chosen by chance. This is also true of the window that pops up when a teen announces a pregnancy to their parents.

Note about Separating Cheating Module & Trust System

At first, I was going to put Cheating and Trust System together. But I decided it is better if they can work independently, and this way both can be completely optional. They will impact each other, but not require each other to be used in game. The Romantic Trust system is still upcoming but is getting closer and closer to being ready.


The Cheating Module has no known ompatibility concerns with any mod.

23 thoughts on “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, Module #7

      1. Is this available, whenever I click on the Module 7 – Cheating link it keeps redirecting back to another page

    1. Not for now, but at the end of the mod I’m adding an optional module for all sorts of things of this mod to be performed autonomously

  1. Thank you so much for your well thought out and in depth mods Lumpinou! I know there’s no known compatibility issues but I just wanted to check if it could work with Wonderful Whims and IR Cheating installed since those mods have interactions with the game’s jealousy system? Sorry if this question has been asked before 😅

  2. Love the detail on this. Wondering if Sims will get specific sentiments if their partner is a serial cheater? Or will that come later with the trust system? Are there reactions to a broken promise or repeating the same excuses? I’m excited to download and have a play

  3. Is there a way to undo a partner finding out about cheating? Somehow the husband found out the wife was pregnant when she woke up and realized it herself. She’s not showing, he never caught her cheating, and I’d like to continue on as though he never learned of the pregnancy.

    1. That’s strange! You could remove the cheating relationship status by clicking him from her and going to ‘actions’ then ‘Woohoo Wellness mod’ then ‘remove relationship bit’. Then do the same the other way around

      1. why some options can not be selected and what are the requirements for unlocking them?

        the following options can not be selected:

        “cheated for revenge”

        “wanted to sleep with someone else once in life”

        “question her woohoo orientation”[

        “wants to be pregnant but (partner) is infertile”

        what are the requirements for unlocking these options?

      2. They can be selected if it makes sense with what actually happened; for example they won’t be able to use infertility as an excuse unless there is actual infertility

  4. Hello, hello! First off, your First Impressions mod is one of my favorites! Thank you soo much for your work. I know you said that this has no known compatibility issues, but I just wanted to ask if it’ll be okay with the Realistic Reactions mod by scaldwellhu?

  5. 1) Can you comment further on how NPC’s function/react? Do they gossip among themselves or with playable sims? If your sim cheats, can an NPC rat you out to another playable sim or another NPC? Can NPC’s cheat and gossip among themselves?
    2) If a cheater doesnt confess nor gets caught in the act by their partner, is there any other way they can get caught?
    Great work & THANK YOU!!!

  6. Hi ! I just discovered all the mods you create and you make an amazing job.
    I have a question about this one though. My sim walks in the room while her husband was having woo hoo with someone else and no reaction from her, as before. She gets jealous when she saw them listing though, but I still had to make the husband confess because all I had as options for the wife was saying she was suspiscious. Is that normal ? Don’t bother if not cause your mod is still amazing.

    I also wanted to thank you for including aromantic, asexual and their grey areas in your LGBT+ mod. It’s so warming to not be forgotten for once.

    1. Hi! Where they doing the game’s woohoo or something else from a mod? Did she walk in when they were pertty much done?
      Normally they very much react haha.

      And you are more than welcome, representing those aspects was very important to me and I was hyped to do it

  7. Hello, I would just like to suggest an update (or two actually) for this module!

    So, my sim shared her suspicions with her husband about his closeness with another sim, and I believe that there should be 2 options if the sim is cheating with that other sim. 1 being a lie (no, I am faithful to you) and 2 being the truth (yes, you are right to be suspicious because I cheated on you with this sim).

    And if two sims break up (or get divorced) if the sims have kids, they should get a moodlet talking about the breaking up (or divorce) of their parents. I just think that that is a part of life that is greatly missed in the Sims 4 and this mod should show because of this module which showcases that kind of stuff, but it hardy does anything with the children.

  8. Hi! Maybe a weird question. If two Sims who don’t have the ability to impregnate are in a relationship and one of them cheats and gets pregnant, would their partner be suspicious?

    I’m playing without any mods and it weirds me out a little that one of my Sims got “miraclously” pregnant and her wife is just chilling around

    1. Hi, yes, through the paternity module – if they don’t have the ‘can impregnate’ trait, they will know that their partner must have slept around

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