Charm & Chemistry – a Sims 4 Attraction Mod where Personality counts

RPO Collection, Mod 17
Loosely inspired by Sims 2, this system features
Personality & Life Factors based and / or style (physique) based Chemistry.


personality& Life Factors based and / or style (physique) based.
For life factors, various things are looked at, not just one: personality traits, preferences, skills, etc.

5 levels of possible unilateral chemistry: neutral, rather charming, very charming, rather charmless, thoroughly charmless. Unilateral means each sim has an independent chemistry reaction to the other, it’s not the same for both.

triggers either when meeting or when using ‘get to know’, depending on your settings.

– chemistry status is visible in relationship panel.

– know what your sim thinks of others instantly by watching them react with a thought balloon and short animation.If it’s a very strong reaction, a notification will also show.

Additionally, after trigger and for the first two sim hours ONLY, the romance menu will show chemistry icons to indicate chemistry level if any, to give you time to assimilate who your sim reacted to.

– various chat-triggered moodlets possible depending on both sim’s chemistry about each other.
To not spam constant moodlets about this, they are set to happen only sometimes.

– Chemistry influences autonomy, relationship gain and loss, interaction success or failure, etc.

– Sim can ask others about turn-ons (shows an answer), ask them their opinion of Sim (gives the freshest chemistry level from the other sim to the asking sim) – under ‘friendly’.

Customizable with settings: choose whether each type of turn-on counts or not, when chemistry triggers, and if it should only affect single Sims or all.

Compatibility & Integration

*If you use physical attractiveness mods by Turbodriver, the Style (appearence) TurnOns / TurnOffs will not be available, leaving the room for Turbo’s work instead! Personality & Life TurnOns and TurnOffs will be available and functional to work alongside that if you so choose.

*If you use my First Impressions mod: this has been carefully made to work hand in hand with first impressions.
For Sims who can’t be romantic with each other (age or incompatible orientations), this system doesn’t apply and first impressions triggers instead.
If Sims can be romantic (correct age and orientation), the chemistry system will trigger. If it finds a neutral connection, first impressions will then trigger.
If unilaterally one sim could be romantic with the other, but the other sim couldn’t (mismatched orientations), one will trigger a first impression, the other will trigger chemistry.
In other words, both mods will have their turns depending on relevant context.
IMPORTANT: At the moment if you use First Impressions ‘IntroTypeMatters’ optional add-on, you must keep the Chemistry system as triggering on Introductions, NOT “get to know”.
I’m going to have to edit First Impressions to allow things to not overlap when using the ‘get to know’ trigger option and will do that next week.

*If you use personality traits by Chingyu, and /or by KiaraSims4, a good portion of them can be read by this mod and be taken into account!

*If you want personality traits, preferences, skills, etc, from other mods to be taken into account,please say so to the modder and to me, so they reach out, as it’s totally feasible and not a problem.