Rambunctious Religions

4 whimsical, made-up religions for your Sims to join! Will your Sim join the Congregation of non-Believers, the Cult of the Cowplant, the Worship of the Watcher, or the Treaders of the Occult? Are they more of a nerd, a hippy, a creative and morally elevated person, or a misfit? ***NOTE: this is NOT about putting real religions in the Sims.Continue reading “Rambunctious Religions”

Contextual Social Interactions

Have you ever been bugged by the following?-A Sim walks home triumphantly after getting a big promotion… perhaps they are itching to tell their loved ones about it, but – they can’t! There is no social interaction for that. So the Sim is doomed to keep the good news secret. And the good news won’tContinue reading “Contextual Social Interactions”