Life Notes / Personal Bios: Sim-by-Sim custom notes / bios – Sims 4

Creating and editing the life story: Sims can start their Personal Bio / life Notes at any time from the Actions menu or Inventory. They can edit it from the memory panel or from the Actions menu or inventory. Only the Sim who created the bio / note can edit it, but any Sim can…

Romances & Friendships – a Sims 4 Mod

RPO Collection Mod 15 – Romances & FriendshipsSpecial choices re. dating life, friendship, quick gender preference / orientation controls, etc. ________________________________ In it Sims can choose to be:- celibate: will refuse WooHoo- always faithful: will not cheat and will refuse romantic advances.- non-romantic with specific Sims (block romantic interactions)- not develop romance with specific Sims…

Pregnancy Tweaks & Special Pregnancies – a Sims 4 Mod

Mod 14 of the RPO Collection – Pregnancy Tweaks & SpecialSettings and tweaks for pregnancy, such as disabling the pregnancy walkstyle, the idle animation, etc, enabling cryptic pregnancies, etc. Text info to be written.

Temporary Separations – a Sims 4 Mod

RPO Collection Mod 6 – Temporary SeparationsHave your Sims take a relationship break and try to figure things out before fully breaking up or reconciling.


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