Law and Disorder

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Law and Disorder: Mod Description

Sims go about doing all sorts of illegal or misdemeanor-like things without anything happening in consequence and it is time for that to change! With this mod, Sims will have reasons to think twice about doing whatever they’re planning to do. Watch your Sims get in trouble for bribing and blackmailing, running around naked, stealing, setting others on fire, public indecency, and more! Criminal records, nonsense trials and justice systems, all the while trying to keep the tone of the Sim games.

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The Mod Download and Stuff First, here is the MOD ITSELF What it does: makes it so that Fated Mates chance runs only Once per sim flirted with instead of running again every time you flirt, even with the same sim Makes the chance lower (from 50 to 15) How it’s done: it’s a dumbContinue reading “Mod – make fated mates less easy! And Tutorial: Adjust the werewolves ‘Fated Mate’ feature to what you want, easily!”


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