MOD USERS: Scroll down to the spreadsheet for links to translations.

1. Create a Retable account (takes 1 minute. Give them your mod related email and a user name, and you’re done! (don’t put your real names as they might be visible to others who can edit the sheet))
– 2. Send me your email address used for your Retable account and I can send you the invite to edit the sheet.
– 3. Upload your translation files to whichever platform you prefer. Do not include any mod files in your translation file.
4. Once I’ve added you as editor of the sheet:
Add a row for yourself, for example ‘Spanish by LuckySim’, and under the matching mods, link to your translation. Insert new rows / add languages if you need to, do not delete or write into the rows of other people. It’s okay if there are several people for each language, in that case they should just make sure to make a row for themselves (1 row = 1 translator)


You can also open the sheet in full screen, here.

I do not check translations and do not make them myself.