WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #2

Pregnancy Risk, Protection & Fertility – related features ———————– Risk ———————– WooHoo Risk Explained WooHoo has a 25% chance of causing pregnancy if unprotected.If using the WTD module, WooHoo also has risk of transmitting diseases. “Try for Baby” is left unimpacted by this mod, and I am leaving it for cases where you just wantContinue reading “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #2”

WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1

Pregnancy Preferences and Pregnancy Interactions ———————— Pregnancy Preferences ————————– Assignment of Pregnancy Preferences All Sims age young adult – adult are automatically given pregnancy preferences (wants children, neutral, does not want children). Preferences can be changed at any time, for the played Sim in the WooHoo Wellness menu, for any other Sim, by clicking onContinue reading “WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul, module #1”

Open Love Life

A Mod in which Sims have Relationship Preferences (exclusive, non-exclusive, either) and can try to live their best love live – provided their partner(s) have the same preference, otherwise tears may be on the menu… Relationship Preferences Sims now have preferences regarding relationships and exclusivity. They can ask each other to be non-exclusive, which mayContinue reading “Open Love Life”

Road to Romance

A mod to expand the romance system! With a skill, a new mood, and much more. FEATURES:– The Romance Skill, which brings new interactions and moodlets.– Sims can go on Rabbit Hole dates with their partners– Counselling: for couples and singles– Online Dates (very basic, because the mod “SimDa Dating App” by LittleMissSam exists 😉Continue reading “Road to Romance”

Rambunctious Religions

4 whimsical, made-up religions for your Sims to join! Will your Sim join the Congregation of non-Believers, the Cult of the Cowplant, the Worship of the Watcher, or the Treaders of the Occult? Are they more of a nerd, a hippy, a creative and morally elevated person, or a misfit? ***NOTE: this is NOT about putting real religions in the Sims.Continue reading “Rambunctious Religions”

Contextual Social Interactions

Have you ever been bugged by the following?-A Sim walks home triumphantly after getting a big promotion… perhaps they are itching to tell their loved ones about it, but – they can’t! There is no social interaction for that. So the Sim is doomed to keep the good news secret. And the good news won’tContinue reading “Contextual Social Interactions”